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  1. i have't seen some of ur new work

  2. Hey Matt, I think the theme is separate. If you have a car in the theme category it's not eligible for the typical "class" category. I think it's because of the time needed to go back and forth from the theme to the classes to judge the entries. Since there could theoretically could be 1 car from each class in the theme.
  3. I haven't missed one in 20+ years! I may only have one entry (for the "Vipers & Vettes" theme) but I've been to every one that's been held at the SE Nats, going way back to the SMCC (Suncoast Model Car Club) days. See you guys there.
  4. 23rd Annual Southeast Nationals Sat, 10/09/2010 - Sun, 10/10/2010 Location Florida State Fairgrounds Exit 6&7--- (I-4) Tampa, FL 33601 Registration, Saturday 9am-4pm; Awards, Sunday 2pm Admission Fees: State Fairgrounds Parking $5, Show $14, Model Contest $7 (unlimited entries) Juniors FREE Entrants to model contest will receive gate pass to re enter fairgrounds on Sunday. ONE PASS PER MODELER!! 16 Classes, Master Awards, Specialty Awards THEME: "Vipers & Vettes" Contact Information David Knight (727) 443-4709 Pat Parnell (813) 597-3642
  5. Steve, When you are on Jimmy's homepage, look to the left under the menu. Click where it says "Don't forget about Dr. Flintbone" and follow the links. That's where his figures are listed. "DDD" is listed in that section.
  6. Coy's makes some very nice wheels. You can see their lineup here: http://www.coyswheel.com/index2.html And here's a pic of the C-55: And I'm sorry.......Not sure what kit(s) would include something similar.
  7. This was actually built here locally at a new shop that just opened around Christmas called "Slicks Garage" - and where I am doing some sub-contractor airbrush work for as well. It was neat to watch him drive that Hummer into the shop and then watch it get hacked up. The artist, Jeremy, is a very nice guy and it's just one of those "artist statements" that either people love, or hate - there is no middle ground. And yes, it will be pulled by two horses through Times Square (thus the name "Hummer 2H" instead of H2). Slick is also building a 32 Coupe for Capt. Andy Hillstrand of the crab boat "Time Bandit" from the show Deadliest Catch. While not for everyone, it still makes you look.
  8. Here's an AMT Chevy 454SS I built for a client a few years ago. Lots of scratchbuilt stuff (bed cover, bed cover hinges, under hood tanks and details, window vent shades, seat risers, headers, etc.) opening doors, lowered ride height, etc.
  9. That truly is a very cool "set"! Love the detail on the Wagonmaster. One question: EXACTLY where does one find the "Kiwi Jack" resin stuff?
  10. Thanks Noel. The tires/wheels are simply the ones from the Alternomad Caprice wagon kit with the center spoked painted using Tamiya gun metal. I kind of like the darker look myself intead of all chromed..
  11. Here's another of the Jimmy Flintstone/Testors resin slammer kits I did for the Tampa show a couple of weeks ago. It's the "Triclopz" custom '48(?) Tucker. HoK True Blue Pearl over a black base and airbrushed white/light blue true fire flames. The wheels are from Aoshima with MCG aluminum discs added as a "center cap".
  12. Thanks Clay! It was great to finally meet you at the Tampa show and to see your stuff in person as well. Hopefully I'll have more stuff next year!
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