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  1. Revell Miata Mk1

    I had to look at my real one, the brake servo/master cylinder is where the washer bottle is on the kit, but then my one is RHD, so it makes sense they were changed over for left hand drive. Looking good Jim.
  2. Ford Escort RS1800 - '79 RAC Rally

    Well done JC!
  3. Revell Miata Mk1

    Any use?
  4. '66 Falcon B/FX

    It really looks a bit like a Mk2 Lotus Cortina from that side pic JC!
  5. Revell Miata Mk1

    That is looking good Jim.
  6. Revel Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

    That rear end looks like a Mk3 Cortina.... Nice start Geoff. White stripes. Go on go on. lol!
  7. Revel Chevrolet Chevelle SS396

    That's a nice colour Geoff, can you show the box art?
  8. Revell Miata Mk1

    I have and old one, but it's a recent repop. yellow paint with black stripes on the box art I think Dann.
  9. Revell Miata Mk1

    The rear lights on the revell are just clear red, see if you can find the clear versions on the Tamiya from somewhere, also the wheels and tyres are much better, but the Revell is the only game in town for a full detail MX-5. My one is British racing green, can't find any pics.
  10. Slambo Countach - NeoRetro Style Curbside

    Excellent! You'd have trouble going to the store to get milk though lol.
  11. Revell Miata Mk1

    The other thing is people think both the bonnet and boot lid are aluminium, but it's just the bonnet. My one is well travelled, it's actually a Eunos Roadster. Sehond hand Jap imports (right hand drive which works here) were popular back in the late 90's. Looking forward to more Jim! I have the Revell kit, the body shell is nowhere as nice as the Tamiya, but they are both exactly the same size, making the revell kit 1/24 not 1/25 as the box says.
  12. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Nice stance JC.
  13. Revell Miata Mk1

    No stainless, it helped the cat warm up faster was the reason I think. Goes out to the garage to look at my NA.....lol
  14. Revell Miata Mk1

    the exhaust manifold is made from stainless steel if that helps.
  15. Triumph TR4A, Airfix, 1/32

    Great job on an old kit, love the Surrey top.