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  1. Might be worth trying more microsol and a hairdryer, but they do look pretty thick.
  2. The problems would never have happened if Charlie Whiting was still around as race director, and yes Jim they are making it a show rather than a race. Charlie was tough but fair, this new chap needs to go.
  3. Great start, love the pipes coming out of the front wings.
  4. The RS 4 spoke alloys look fantastic, can you give us a link to the site please?
  5. Still shows as not in stock Stuart, of course they'll post them to the UK, but you'll probably have to pay extra taxes now because of the Brexit stupidity. If they actually won't, let me know, and I'll get one for you and post it across when they become available
  6. Well Revell is a German company now, so they appear in Europe first I suppose. Just nice to see it back.
  7. Luc, I'll put my car on the ferry to Cherbourg and drive up to you if you can find another one! lol
  8. It's not on revell.de as far as I can see. How are you guys getting them? Nothing on the English or Irish sites either
  9. Welcome from Dublin Andy. Nice to see another car builder near-ish to me.
  10. Nice, I have one, it's a Eunos V-Special for what it's worth. Is the paint Tamiya TS 9? I only ask cos I tried some on my car and it's actually not dark enough. Must get some HU paint mixed up. Revell have repopped the full detail kit, but I've never seen a built up one that doesn't look like it has a Jeep chassis under it, the ride height is far too high.
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