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  1. I agree it's a better show JC, but it's a much newer programme that has a much higher budget, no Fiat Panda 4x4s or worn out Jensen Interceptors with holes in the floor. You can't really compare them, some of the original episodes must be getting on for 20 years ago.
  2. And you tell me you can't paint! lol Fabulous patina/wear on that paint JC.
  3. Good to see a bit of trading going on this side of the Pond.
  4. It costs 24 bucks to post a 1/24th car kit from the US to Ireland or the UK with normal postage, no insurance , no anything. They always arrive. He's riding you Dave. I won't get into any arguments over that price, just had two over to Dublin recently, 24 bucks each.
  5. How do you make one lower than the other without suspension and wheels JC? We need to be told....lol
  6. I'd need to go out for a few beers before using that translator JC, but sadly the pubs have been shut in Ireland since last week....lol
  7. Nice video JC, I have a bit of French, but sadly no Italian either, but "multo bene" I do understand as being very good. lol
  8. Pipe work looks great JC, Is that a double wishbone rear end? I'm not very genned up on the 131s to be honest.
  9. Bet you'd like to be back up in Shirley for a week of normality Geoff. lol
  10. Never seen twin pipes all the way down the same system going through two silencers before JC. I can only assume it's accurate knowing you. Anything was possible in 1970's Italy. lol
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