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  1. They were called Lada Samera's here and in the UK. Fabulous result, what kit is it?
  2. I had no idea that car was even offered for sale there.
  3. I'd love one with a bored out 1700 Crossflow with 130 bhp. Should be fast!
  4. Nice to see a good effort with a 105e.
  5. Very nice build. those things were seriously fast back in the day.
  6. Is the Airtrax resin kit still around JC?http://www.rocketfin.com/resin_product.cfm?id=4714
  7. Fabulous result. It is a very old kit though to be fair.
  8. If you need the spare parts soon Geoff, I can post them, I won't be over until sometime next month.
  9. Does it need a UV light to set?
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