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  1. If you need the spare parts soon Geoff, I can post them, I won't be over until sometime next month.
  2. Does it need a UV light to set?
  3. Reversing lights Geoff, honestly....lol What's UV resin, that thing that sounds like a dental product. Bondic or something?
  4. Nice start! It's a Pinto based OHC 2.3 straight four engine though.
  5. Nice work Jim I saw a gorgeous red one today with a hardtop. Looked like new. I must get my BRG one going again.
  6. George is a friend of mine, we talk on Skype Steven, there's been all sorts of kit and bits posted between Detroit and Dublin over the last ten years. I can't reach him, even by dog and bone. Someone elsewhere got a recent message from him,so he seems to be recuperating.
  7. George had a shoulder replacement that went wrong, he's just had a second one, so that's the story there.
  8. Finally got here by long range Helicopter with twin tanks Jim! Still looks a bit high?
  9. Some pics missing, at least over here Jim. lol
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