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  1. Haven't seen this one for a while Al, it's lovely. Are you going to detail the V 12Matra to the same extent?
  2. Lovely model, never knew they fried to sell LHD versions in Mainland Europe.
  3. Every day is a school day! Thanks for the info gentlemen.
  4. Could be Dan, but it looks odd. I'm sure JC will explain it.
  5. I don't understand the different diameter exhaust pipes, can you enlighten me please?
  6. Is that both turbo and supercharged like the 037 JC?
  7. Well, we're separated by a common language as they say JC.
  8. True Paul, that's how I'd pronounce it too but some of the cockney rhyming slang is funny. I'd be afraid to put a link up! lol
  9. Mike Brewer is a cockney, a type of London accent JC, they can't pronounce anything properly.
  10. Yep that's me ! Al's fine Sam, but John Johnson has sadly passed away in case you didn't hear. Falcon is looking good mate!
  11. Looking good Sam! How's tricks? long time no talk.
  12. They are very close though... I'm sure you know what it is too!!
  13. You're right Don, the wheelnuts are in the wrong position for the specific Manufacturer I was thinking of. Shay.
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