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  1. If they were customer savvy, they would have replaced your model and looked at the rest of their stock of that car for faults and taken it up with the manufacturer.
  2. Missed this completly JC. Excellent work, Stefan Roser was a lunatic! lol
  3. I thought you might like it! What goes around comes around my friend. The chicken wasn't too bad either! lol
  4. No worries mate, It will still be here in Dublin if your windscreen making activities don't work out, but I'm sure they will be fine. Good on you for having a go at it!
  5. I have glass for that would you believe! There's a slight crack, but you can't see it when it's fitted into the bodyshell. Yours if you want it. Ill be over in the UK on Boxing Day. If you're near Coventry you can pick it up, or I can post it from there.
  6. A lot of Links courses here, not a game I play but I'll meet you at the 19th hole! I'm sure I can find a bed in a spare room for you....lol
  7. Don't know how I missed this one, excellent result!
  8. Cheers Geoff. I must give it a try on some old bits and pieces.
  9. Never heard of this trick, does anyone else use it?
  10. They were called Lada Samera's here and in the UK. Fabulous result, what kit is it?
  11. I had no idea that car was even offered for sale there.
  12. I'd love one with a bored out 1700 Crossflow with 130 bhp. Should be fast!
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