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  1. The RS 4 spoke alloys look fantastic, can you give us a link to the site please?
  2. Still shows as not in stock Stuart, of course they'll post them to the UK, but you'll probably have to pay extra taxes now because of the Brexit stupidity. If they actually won't, let me know, and I'll get one for you and post it across when they become available
  3. Well Revell is a German company now, so they appear in Europe first I suppose. Just nice to see it back.
  4. Luc, I'll put my car on the ferry to Cherbourg and drive up to you if you can find another one! lol
  5. It's not on revell.de as far as I can see. How are you guys getting them? Nothing on the English or Irish sites either
  6. Welcome from Dublin Andy. Nice to see another car builder near-ish to me.
  7. Nice, I have one, it's a Eunos V-Special for what it's worth. Is the paint Tamiya TS 9? I only ask cos I tried some on my car and it's actually not dark enough. Must get some HU paint mixed up. Revell have repopped the full detail kit, but I've never seen a built up one that doesn't look like it has a Jeep chassis under it, the ride height is far too high.
  8. New version of the Bread Van, nice. https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/a19477854/jump-inside-the-ferrari-breadvan-at-full-tilt/
  9. That's nicely done, the kit looks a bit old, what kit is it?
  10. Yep, the Escort Cossie was a Sierra underneath Les. The amt Capri kits are almost impossible to get now.
  11. Just be happy you can get a Sierra Sapphire Cosworth model guys.
  12. Marlboro did something similar, but it wasn't as good! lol
  13. Very nice Bruce, I'm an Eddy Jordon fan. The Buzzin Hornets motif was because they wee banned from advertising Benson & Hedges cigarettes at the time.
  14. Nice work. That would be called an ST 170 this side of the Pond.
  15. I see where you made the mods to make it like a Mk1 Capri.
  16. It's sort of our Mustang over here in Europe Michelle. I have a couple in the stash, they came from the US and Canada funnily enough. You never see these built up, nice result from parts kits.
  17. Very nice. A friend of mine had a late GTL version when we were in College, It was a fun car to drive.
  18. They were so fast they actually banned them from racing as far as I remember.
  19. Haven't seen this one for a while Al, it's lovely. Are you going to detail the V 12Matra to the same extent?
  20. Lovely model, never knew they fried to sell LHD versions in Mainland Europe.
  21. Every day is a school day! Thanks for the info gentlemen.
  22. Could be Dan, but it looks odd. I'm sure JC will explain it.
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