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  1. That is horrible news....hope they catch the vandals that did it and they see their punishment for their actions. I always enjoyed seeing your great builds...hopefully they can be repaired.
  2. very nicely done...very clean bodywork.
  3. Just beautiful....! I have the same one to restore someday. Id like to find a 72 promo or model to have a replica of my first real car for my collection someday.
  4. I love it...! way too cool looking. That is some real craftsmanship.
  5. Ben.... Yes we loved our Pontiacs...my 75 TA was a built up beast it liked to killed me to have to sell her off to pay bills after my accident in 96 when I was driving the 83 TA. My 75 T had been restored 100% had a Pontiac .30 over 400ci Pontiac with ram air heads and exhaust manifolds...472 lift x 512 duration cam...functional shaker scoop...373 posi...automatic...I loved that car with all my heart. Many of our old Ponchos were factory beasts too...I always loved the classy looks and performance they had.
  6. Jim.... I am so sorry for your loss buddy...shes in good hands though. If you need an ear or want to chat just PM me my friend.
  7. Very nice luck there..! I see many great memories of my childhood in there.
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