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  1. Dodge 4x4 truck

    Cool project Dan....I like the camper touch too. We need more campers and motorhome kits to add to our collections of builds...I know I do anyway.
  2. Joe's Backyard Paradise

    Nice..! Love them..!
  3. Dodge 4x4 truck

    Dan...The hard part is trying to find those old Dodge long beds or parts for them sadly....I have a few family owned replicas I want to build of them someday. Id love to see them bring back the old early Dodge long beds with the 2wd or 4x4 options...there is no doubt they would sell well.
  4. new for 2018

    My brother owned a 72 Mercury Montego GT once...Id love to build a replica of it. Thanks for the kit updates gents...any word from Round2 yet..???
  5. Dodge 4x4 truck

    Very cool Dan...! I wish they would re-issue the old MPC long bed series kits of these trucks...preferably with the early grilles.
  6. AMT White Western Star

    Very nice for your first one....I love the Western Star kit...its a good one.
  7. New kid on the block ?

    I agree with you Steve....I think it looks cool but factory stock would be very cool and one can always make it a Nascar if they want to from it.
  8. 68` Pontiac Firebird 400

    Very nice..! I am a 60s-70s Pontiac fan grew up with them in the family...wish someone had a 75 I could get my hands on someday.
  9. new from UK

    Welcome Mark from another Mark..LOL.. Were glad to have you with us all.
  10. Happy birthday Doc Kerry!!

    Happy birthday buddy...!!!
  11. 2018 announcements

    Dave..that would be cool too even though I have a old Honest Engine build up missing a few parts....love these things there wild and fun to build.
  12. Scratchbuilt 1982 Aussie Ford Falcon

    Stunning work..!
  13. Hello from Michigan

    Welcome Greg...! I am a huge fan of the 60s to mid 70s body styles myself. I also want to make replicas of family owned vehicles...some are not easy to find but there rewarding to build.
  14. Broke Back

    I know that feeling well Randy. Elvin...I hope you have a speedy well recovery my friend. I had a broken lower back and neck..sternum etc. from my car accident in 96....hang in there.