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  1. What Do I Do?

    I couldn't agree with you more Patrick....I have had a couple here help me out before and it made a world of difference to me...nothing is easy these days and I know there is others in my leaking boat here and Im glad to help if I can.
  2. Has anyone ever see these kits?

    I use to have them all once....I like some movie related kits use to have those and Bionic Man ones...Jaws ones...etc.
  3. What Do I Do?

    Very cool thing to happen Steve....there is still some great kind people out there that can think of others too. As you know in 2011 I lost 75% of my stuff in the tornado and many of the rest got damaged and will need hard to find parts before I can save/restore what is left of them. I use to have some really nice old Mopar kits and promos between me and my dads old stuff....nice to hear a good positive thing happening in this world today.
  4. Atlantis Model & The Ex-Monogram/Revell/Aurora/Renwal Molds

    I have a resin kit of this one.
  5. Atlantis Model & The Ex-Monogram/Revell/Aurora/Renwal Molds

    Me too....2 of them are my grails of that series.
  6. STUNNING....Love the wagon and trailer...!!!
  7. The straight 6 is back

    Id like to see some 60s/70s kits with Ford...Chevy...AMC straight 6cyl engines for an option . A buddy of mine owns a early 70s Plymouth Gold Duster in 1 to 1 he drives it has a straight 6cyl with a turbo.
  8. Your welcome buddy.... I have one I want to make like our truck...a 84 Chevy 4x4 long bed with 33 x 12.50 x 15 Mickey Thompson tires on it.
  9. Looks cool Al....I like it.
  10. Need some help.....

    Still looking no luck yet
  11. Building Ideas

    Like you I am on a almost no budget...one has to get creative when they are. Good places to find supplies and parts cheap are... any extra parts from models or damaged ones Old radios for wiring supplies some toys have parts that can be used on builds Plastic scratch building stock is a great idea if one has or can acquire it I have built many from just junkers before...did a 69 Plymouth 4 door wagon from a pile of extra parts and a couple of busted up glue bombs.
  12. Nice...! I always had a soft spot for the 71-76 Dodge long bed pickups and van kits.
  13. A Couple of Zingers !

    Xs 2..!!!
  14. 60 Chevy El Camino conversion

    You have a soft spot for Elcaminos....I have one for the wagons..love your 60s wagon...I have a old AMT 60 Elcamino.
  15. I can't believe it.

    its sad but true there will always be the black sheep that will do things like that...in every field. I think that must be why my Revell Mercedes Benz Unimog snow plow truck kit was sealed but still found it was missing the tires and wheels to the kit. They wont take kits back that have been opened so Im stuck till I can find replacements for it.