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  1. Very nice..! My family owned a few real ones a 64,69,70,71,85....so far I have the 69,70 to restore once I find what they will need. Cool build and save..!!!
  2. Those extras will be must haves for my diorama projects..nice going Round2..!
  3. I have the 55 Pontiac..no interior came with it. Mine is also missing the chromed parts sadly..the AMT 55 Chevy kit can offer the interior and chassis with a little work I did one that way once. The one i have right now missing the chromed parts I plan to make a 55 Safari wagon from if I can find the chromed parts to. Ill use the AMT 55 Nomad kit for parts .
  4. A big thank you to Al Rich..Thats4you on a great smooth trade deal....great trader guys..!
  5. I love that one..! been wanting to do a all wheel drive one with aggressive tires on it for some time now myself....awesome job on it..!!!
  6. #1 I build because I love it. #2 it keeps me active and occupied being disabled. #3 I have been building all my life since the age of around 6 or 7 years old...now its in my blood. #4 building lets one have vehicles in scale they could never have in 1 to 1 and or replicas of ones the family had owned over the years which is one of my passions.
  7. I had them all when they were out back in the day....wouldn't mind having them again if I could find enough of them...what are you guys looking for on them..?...send me a PM maybe we can work something out..?
  8. Cool wagon Tom.... My family had a 59,63,64,68,69,70,72 Bonneville/Safari wagons over the years.
  9. I checked i do have some for the die-cast tractors and maybe some wheels too....let me know if nothing works out for you think these look about 1/25th scale to me..? BTW.... Im a big Pontiac fan myself too.
  10. Cool project...! Im a huge fan of the 60s through mid 70s Pontiacs...owned many of them in our family. I have a different issue with a 68 and others...I want to restore the ones i have but have to find what they need on a very small budget. Big Pontiacs were classy cars with power. Hope you can get your conversion built.
  11. How about some from a Ertl die-cast tractor..??? There pretty much the same size etc. I might have some of those...how many do you need..???
  12. Nice score on the rig kits..!
  13. Thanks for the information...Ill have to put one on my wish list to the wife for Christmas and hope..LOL..
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