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  1. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    Thanks Carl brother..! Cool...!
  2. California Ain't What It Used To Be

    Robert.... Unfortunately in time everything changes...sometimes not for the better. I some way everyone just wants to be left alone to live their lives as they wish to or like they would like it to be. For the most part I think the old phase of living the American dream is out the window in some way these days but we just have to see if we can make the best of it as we can..its still the best country to be in. I have to deal with a lot where Im at...some things are just stupid but its life.
  3. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    Carl my brother... You have that one right and the situation has no improved here ether at all....much worse. I feel for anyone having to live on what we end up with. Is he on the site here..??? I really dig the resin 80s Chevy crew cab long bed too...looks very nicely done to me.
  4. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    Thank you Mike.... Id love to find the old original grilles and turn signal bars for them if possible...plating condition not important ether. If I have to go resin Ill try to get some somehow. The flat hoods would be great as well like the early ones had..?
  5. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    For me my mid life crisis seems to be when I got in my very bad car accident.(wish was not my fault they had no insurance)...everything changed for me and had to make many other changes due to it. Being disabled with many issues like 24/7 pain..etc.....loosing our house...and my business...the depression...no money....huge medical bills....having to sell off my 1 to 1 toys I loved...not being able to work anymore...etc. I immersed myself in my life long love of building and restoring models and promos of the 60s and 70s body styles...there my escape from everything now. If it were not for being able to keep busy building..etc. id go crazy with it all.
  6. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    MAD..??? being on a extremely small budget I am off the grid when it comes to the aftermarket goodies..etc. To me its important to make replicas of the families old vehicles if i can..? I have waited decades for these kits to come back for us all...and others. I have a very long way to go on the collection of them.
  7. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    Oh..! That is nice..!
  8. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    The ones my family owned were that body style years...Id love to make replicas of them someday.
  9. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    Alan..I agree on the Dodge with you...the older grille and with the body trim restored for us please......they need the older grille and body trim back on them.
  10. I have no clue on where the colors went to. I got a can of Red super flake spray paint from our local auto zone store the Im tempted to try out on a old 60s 1/25th scale boat body i have though...looks like the real sparkling paint used on the bass boats to me..?
  11. '66 Falcon B/FX

    id LOVE to have that but sadly I cant afford it even with out asking the price...bummer..!
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Nice Impala HT Snake...! I have that one but its in need of hard to find parts for it...body and glass are shot...bummer.
  13. '66 Falcon B/FX

    Id love to build a replica of our old 70 or 71 ? Maverick grabber we once owned...fast little car...LOL..
  14. 1965 Dodge D700 Dick Landy race car hauler

    Like it..??? I love it...very nice..!!!
  15. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Awesome work Steve...!