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  1. Painted the body and engine accents matte white today.
  2. So i got into an accident in my car, And while it is waiitng to be repaired i pulled something out of my box of models to work on. The Fast and Furious Evo from Tokyo Drift was appealing as i work with Evos on a daily basis. in the process of getting rid of the ugly body pieces.
  3. what do you guys use as plaster for platic models/resin id like to make a custom hood. also where can i pick it up can i get stuff like this at home depot or should i go to my local hobby store?
  4. CustomFerrari

    Revell Enzo

    I received the Tamiya as a gift i have started the engine and so far its great quality.
  5. yyou gonna paint it all pretty
  6. Long time no post's pretty much a dead thread for now just figured i'd say im about to restore a 1979 camaro model.
  7. Amazing turnout where'd you get the kit iv ebeen looking for a dino 246 gts (the convertible version for those of you who dont know your ferrari).
  8. nice i've been in a few nice cars myself probably the one ride i'll never forget was 120+ in a 1985 tesarossa euro version.
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