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  1. Painted the body and engine accents matte white today.
  2. So i got into an accident in my car, And while it is waiitng to be repaired i pulled something out of my box of models to work on. The Fast and Furious Evo from Tokyo Drift was appealing as i work with Evos on a daily basis. in the process of getting rid of the ugly body pieces.
  3. what do you guys use as plaster for platic models/resin id like to make a custom hood. also where can i pick it up can i get stuff like this at home depot or should i go to my local hobby store?
  4. I received the Tamiya as a gift i have started the engine and so far its great quality.
  5. Instructions AKA Destructions are not my thing
  6. yyou gonna paint it all pretty
  7. Long time no post's pretty much a dead thread for now just figured i'd say im about to restore a 1979 camaro model.
  8. Amazing turnout where'd you get the kit iv ebeen looking for a dino 246 gts (the convertible version for those of you who dont know your ferrari).
  9. nice i've been in a few nice cars myself probably the one ride i'll never forget was 120+ in a 1985 tesarossa euro version.
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