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  1. Yes, I finished the Camaro last year.........Here's a couple pics of it completed.
  2. I used those 'craft jewels' for the lights on this one as well.......I once found a pack of the clear smooth style but haven't seen them for a while...most of the craft store gems have the 'diamond cut textures' however.
  3. Started back on getting this one a bit further along as I wait for some other stuff in the paint booth to dry... AMT merc custom...
  4. Thanks everyone, also working on the AMT '64 Marauder kit and should have some pics of that soon..
  5. A couple more.....[I'll grab rear shots after it's finished]
  6. Here's some of the final body fitment and prep before off to the paint booth....May go with a metallic or metal flake emerald green, also have modified decals for the standard Bel-Air side trim....Gonna try and keep it clean and not cluttered with sponsor stickers everywhere.....Maybe a few minimal ones here and there, but not overbearing....
  7. yeah, it's me..LOL...been back at the bench trying to finish up a bunch of projects I've had sitting around...I hope to get a few more done before the year turns over...
  8. Mild pro street project based on the AMT kit......
  9. Been working on this one recently, chassis work so far, more to do but coming along fairly well...
  10. Thanks everyone, great to be back building again. Been a few years since I finished anything and still have some to 'half-builts' to get done, so looking forward to completing more in the coming months.
  11. thanks guys, I'll post some updates as soon as I have some more progress on this thing...Haven't worked on a single model in well over a year..
  12. hey jeff i found you on fb!!!

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