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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone might have the AMT Aquarod Chevy van and drag boat kit, and if they would be willing to send me a scan of the decals. Thanks, Chris.
  2. rssschris

    USA-1 decals

    Looking for a good set of decals for AMT`s USA-1 monster truck. If you have a set that you are not using, please send me a PM and I`m sure we can work something out. Thanks, Chris
  3. Might be better to pm me your address or email address, these could be a very large files to post on here
  4. I was hoping to find a copy of the instructions for the Jolly Roger kit online, but no luck. I will scan and post the parts you might be able to use in the morning. The JR kit has the same kind of sails and about 15 pages of instructions on rigging the sails. I am sure there is something there you can use.
  5. Wonder if the rigging lines would be close to the Jolly Roger kit. It has some instructions on the rigging. I read somewhere that a guy should only work in 1/2 hr blocks, to keep from getting burnt out on the rigging. I also picked up the Jolly Roger kit, if you need some rigging ideas.
  6. OK, progress is good. May have to trim the rat lines on mine. It should be in the mail today.
  7. I just bought this kit today, it will be my first ship. What technic did you use to wood grain the decks?
  8. This is great! Good inspiration, been wondering what to do with one of the T bodies I have stashed. Also like the car club name on the rear. Chris
  9. Did anyone ever do a review on the Testors reefer trailer? It is a 1/28th scale kit. Wondering how far off it would be for the Revell Kenworth & Peterbilt snap kits. I did a search on here but came up empty. Thanks, Chris
  10. I have bought from Hart`s Parts several times and have always been pleased. Chris.
  11. I really like the paint on the silver 64.
  12. I just ordered one, said 2 - 5 weeks lead time. But I heard their castings were worth waiting for.
  13. MCW has the resin 65 hardtop awb .
  14. Very interesting, I will be watching this.
  15. No apology necessary. I did not mean to come off as condescending. I just am getting frustrated with myself, I know I have this issue, and have been trying to go though the thousands of magazines I have tucked away. I just can`t seem to locate it. I thank you for the clear pictures & have down loaded them, in case I don`t find my issue. Thanks, Chris
  16. Yes Google is a great resource. I have seen that picture .You can not tell what issue it is. The tape measure at the bottom covers the month & year. Therefor, does not answer my question. Thanks, Chris.
  17. Does anyone remember n issue of Hot Rod that had an article named ENCORE? It featured the Mooneyham & Sharp 34 coupe & Ohio George 67 Malco Mustang. I am wanting to know what issue it was. I have it, but don`t know what tote it is stored in. If I new what issue it was, maybe what's on the front cover, I could it. Thanks, Chris.
  18. I agree with GTX6970 - the hemi cars had the 2 headlight grills, max wedge cars had the 4 headlight grills.
  19. Thanks, I actually just bought that Ramchargers book. Jimmy Flintstone used to make a resin 64 dodge altered wheelbase body, now he makes one that goes on a fuel altered chassis. Not to interested in it.
  20. Is there anywhere a guy can get tips on how to make an altered wheelbase car out of these?
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