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  1. Man now ain't that something , I just bought one of those kits last night.Nice green color.Looks like the motor has some nice features as well.
  2. Man that kinda gets your heart started don't it! Like wow! Got to have one of those.What donner kit will you be using if any & where did you get the white wall tires.I bought Ed's 33 Willy truck kit & you are right the Quality is awesome.
  3. Man thats unusual .Don`t see kits like that to often .Nice work.
  4. That good stuff excellent detailed work .awesome.
  5. Looks like a winner Jon.Keep up the good work.
  6. Very nice ,I Like the color, Looks like a clean build.Welcome to the MCM site you will do just find here.
  7. Yea I got my meat thermometer from Wally World for smoking meats.I have had it for a long time ,it works great & I calibrated it with a heavy duty professional temp gauge that I bought for a more permanent gauge for my smoker.The meat thermometer from Wally World was not expensive.
  8. Thanks a ton Syder & Mikemc for the info.Syder I 'm going to try that switch idea.You are wright about the lid looking like Swiss cheese.I have managed to bring my temp down to 123 degrees but have run out of places to drill holes.It looks like you wired the dimer switch to the the receptacle & then to the power supply ,right?
  9. I do not have a clue about the right temp for drying plastic but I'm hopeful that someone with working knowledge chimes in .I read your post on the Drastic plastic web site & was inspired to run out to Wally world & pick one up LOL :lol:For my spoon test I spray painted a spoon with krylon paint heavily & let it dehydrate for one hour & it was dry to the touch .No finger prints. The temp was 145 degrees.I have not read any info on dry time periods or temps.
  10. I bought one of these at Wally world today ($40.00) & as I was going down the isle I spotted a plastic cake plate with a large dome like cover & the little brain started clicking. So I thought self, instead of hoging out the trays to accommodate width & height, the cake lid would allow for lots of height & still maintain the integrity of the unit. I ran a temp comparison with both lids using a digital thermometer & they came out with a 5 to 8 degree difference. There is no other switch on this unit but the on & off switch. I tested a plastic spoon by painting it with a rattle can so we'll see. My main concern is the temp & how long should one leave it in the dehydrator and what temperature does plastic melt anyways?
  11. Love the color,are those the kit decals?Looks great ,nice job.
  12. Man that one nice ride Jeff,The color combo works beautifully together nice clean look .I love the wheels , good job .
  13. Thanks for all the kind thoughts. This is a great hobby & this forum & the people who frequent it make it special.My next project coming under the glass soon will be this 1965.5 Shelby Mustang. Thanks once again for checking out my Willy.
  14. That's one nice Merc.The color is sweet.My next built I`M going to shoot Burgundy Metallic over Gold with a aluminum plate primer.I`m also going to test it on a spoon first.I like your model Thanks for sharing.Gary Thomason
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