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  1. christian added a post in a topic kenworth w900 done and help!   

  2. christian added a post in a topic kenworth w900 done and help!   

    Finally got the final parts for my truck, thanks to P.GILL who give me the missing parts
  3. christian added a post in a topic kenworth w900 done and help!   

    Thanks guys really appreciate the comments, but i'm still not able to find those parts, if someone have them sent me a message and tell me how you want for them
  4. christian added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    kenworth w900 done and help!
    i just found this kenworth w900 at hobby lobby last Friday, and i brought it for $3.23 that is so cheap looks complete to me but when i finished notice the have missing 3 wheels and the 2 spacer and 2 inner wheels, and the decals ( which doesn't matter if i find them), i'm not an expert making this type of trucks because is the first one, so what do you think.

    the questions is where i can find those wheels and it components?

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  5. christian added a topic in Under Glass   

    Dodge viper gts
    i assemble this car about 7 years ago, it was the first car that i made, and i lost it about 5 years ago and found it last week, i know its broken but i wanted to share it before it get lost it again

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  6. christian added a post in a topic Dale Jr's 2008 Bud Shootout Winner   

    how did you guys find the COT cars???