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  1. A1nogoslo added a topic in Drag Racing Models   


    Come join the Action !!!

    Get ready for next years race season it starts in Feb 2010... you all are invited to compete...

    I know all of you like to build these little cars... but did you ever wonder if you could ever race them when your done glueing them together ????

    Here is your opportunity to do so... Just build a chassis to roll on Pinewood Derby wheels and axles

    and pick your favorite 1/24th or 1/25th scale plastic model body style and attach it to your chassis and come and race'em...

    Awesome heads up Drag Racing

    There called *** DOOR SLAMMR'S ***

    Mail them in or come live !!!
    Live Stream Broadcast Race Day Coverage
    Live Results
    Tech Talk
    How to's
    Ask the Pro's
    Track Records
    Speed Parts and supplies
    plus a whole lot more...
    register and login on forum to post

    Visit ---------> www.p-d-d-r.com Check out the Door Slammr's

    Check out these video's
    Charger Shootout
    Hemified vs Shockwave (Charger Fest)
    Mustang Shootout
    Shoebox Shootout 55-57 Chevys

    See you there

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