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  1. Ma's Resin

    Tires are on the way Tonio.........please let me know when they arrive.
  2. Does anybody make one? If not........any interest in one? Thanks in advance!!
  3. Ma's Resin

    I'm here guys!!!! I've answered all the emails I've received so not sure why some would get returned?? 3 options to get me are: cnaind@ptd.net or idsaw57@ptd.net or call me at 610-573-9219. Be sure you use .net instead of .com on the email. I don't have time to get on the boards lately so please don't use PM or post if it's important. Yes, the real job has been very busy this year(which is a good thing) but I hope to have alot more time in the near future as I'm trying to sell off my company & "retire". I've been running my own company since 1988 & travel world-wide but even that gets old. Then I can cast most of the time instead of whenever there's time. I enjoy the challenge of mastering & casting and plan to keep it going as long as possible. Many thanks to all customers.........past, present & future
  4. "Colored Tires"

    Hankook makes orange tires?!? And I just bought a set of Firestone w/w s Bugger!! Anyone else remember Metzler Blue Blizzards?? A hydrophilic tire with bright blue tread!
  5. How Far Would You Travel To A Show?

    Utah from central NJ is the farthest I"ve gone. Since I travel a lot for work I check for shows and fellow modellers near my destination. Sometimes I even buy them dinner....... Also..................I run the club table(T-shirts, buttons are back!!) at NNL East every year, so here's an open invite to all board members to stop by & say "Hi".
  6. Ma's Resin

    Yes, all of the off-road tires are still available Thanks for all the kind words guys! I'll am working on the Grand Am/GTO along with some modular wheels for Off-road tires(Thanks Jeff) & a Dodge Ram Cummins engine(finally!).
  7. What Do You Want To See Next?

    Doesn't somebody already make the Cheetah in resin?
  8. Ma's Resin

    The Facel Vega has a ways to go yet. I think the Grand Am/GTO is going to be out first as I need to master some suspension components for the Amphicar which will bump it to #2 on the release list. The Norseman looks like # 3(or it could be #2), the Mormon Meteor III is #4 the Facel Vega #5 with the Mormon Meteor I #6. I'm thinking about adding a '60s GMC fishbowl bus & a '60s schoolbus if there's enuff interest.
  9. Ma's Resin

    Poncho is getting closer.......still working on the interiors........Norseman interior almost ready. Amphicar is 99% done...will go into production soon.
  10. Any interest in a new cheater?

    Soon Georg-e-o.....just have to finish the interior. Finished up the Amphicar interior today so looks like that will be the first one out the door. Fill up the bathtub & drag race against your rubber ducky
  11. Dodge and Plymouth concept cars?

    Coming soon Jason........need to finish the interior http://public.fotki.com/cnaind/norseman-kit/
  12. Resin offroad tires

    Thanks Jeff! I don't have anything like the first tire but is the second one the same as the Power wagon or Jeep tire? I'm making the wheels & tires from the Italeri Mil jeep now & they are a slightly smaller version of the PW tire.
  13. Ma's Resin

    Thanx Cuzzin Georg-e-o Yes Bill........the Chrysler at the bottom of the ocean
  14. Ma's Resin

    Grand Am - need to finish the interior, everything else done Amphicar - interior almost ready, everything else done. Mormon Meteor I - need to finish engine parts, everything else done Mormon Meteor III - need to master the engine, everything else done. Norseman - need to finish interior, everything else done. New additions - 51 GMC pick up, 60 Holden FB, 63 Dodge Travco I'll post pics as things get closer.