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  1. cnaind added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    Tires are on the way Tonio.........please let me know when they arrive.
  2. cnaind added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    76-77 Olds Cutlass/442
    Does anybody make one? If not........any interest in one?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. cnaind added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    I'm here guys!!!! I've answered all the emails I've received so not sure why some would get returned?? 3 options to get me are:

    cnaind@ptd.net or idsaw57@ptd.net or call me at 610-573-9219. Be sure you use .net instead of .com on the email. I don't have time to get on the boards lately so please don't use PM or post if it's important.

    Yes, the real job has been very busy this year(which is a good thing) but I hope to have alot more time in the near future as I'm trying to sell off my company & "retire". I've been running my own company since 1988 & travel world-wide but even that gets old.

    Then I can cast most of the time instead of whenever there's time. I enjoy the challenge of mastering & casting and plan to keep it going as long as possible.

    Many thanks to all customers.........past, present & future
  4. cnaind added a post in a topic "Colored Tires"   

    Hankook makes orange tires?!? And I just bought a set of Firestone w/w s Bugger!!

    Anyone else remember Metzler Blue Blizzards?? A hydrophilic tire with bright blue tread!
  5. cnaind added a post in a topic How Far Would You Travel To A Show?   

    Utah from central NJ is the farthest I"ve gone. Since I travel a lot for work I check for shows and fellow modellers near my destination. Sometimes I even buy them dinner.......

    Also..................I run the club table(T-shirts, buttons are back!!) at NNL East every year, so here's an open invite to all board members to stop by & say "Hi".
  6. cnaind added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    Yes, all of the off-road tires are still available

    Thanks for all the kind words guys! I'll am working on the Grand Am/GTO along with some modular wheels for Off-road tires(Thanks Jeff) & a Dodge Ram Cummins engine(finally!).
  7. cnaind added a post in a topic What Do You Want To See Next?   

    Doesn't somebody already make the Cheetah in resin?
  8. cnaind added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    The Facel Vega has a ways to go yet. I think the Grand Am/GTO is going to be out first as I need to master some suspension components for the Amphicar which will bump it to #2 on the release list. The Norseman looks like # 3(or it could be #2), the Mormon Meteor III is #4 the Facel Vega #5 with the Mormon Meteor I #6. I'm thinking about adding a '60s GMC fishbowl bus & a '60s schoolbus if there's enuff interest.
  9. cnaind added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    Poncho is getting closer.......still working on the interiors........Norseman interior almost ready.

    Amphicar is 99% done...will go into production soon.
  10. cnaind added a post in a topic Any interest in a new cheater?   

    Soon Georg-e-o.....just have to finish the interior. Finished up the Amphicar interior today so looks like that will be the first one out the door. Fill up the bathtub & drag race against your rubber ducky
  11. cnaind added a post in a topic Any interest in a new cheater?   

    PM sent Jeremy.
  12. cnaind added a post in a topic Dodge and Plymouth concept cars?   

    Coming soon Jason........need to finish the interior http://public.fotki.com/cnaind/norseman-kit/
  13. cnaind added a post in a topic Resin offroad tires   

    Thanks Jeff!

    I don't have anything like the first tire but is the second one the same as the Power wagon or Jeep tire? I'm making the wheels & tires from the Italeri Mil jeep now & they are a slightly smaller version of the PW tire.
  14. cnaind added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    Thanx Cuzzin Georg-e-o

    Yes Bill........the Chrysler at the bottom of the ocean
  15. cnaind added a post in a topic Ma's Resin   

    Grand Am - need to finish the interior, everything else done

    Amphicar - interior almost ready, everything else done.

    Mormon Meteor I - need to finish engine parts, everything else done

    Mormon Meteor III - need to master the engine, everything else done.

    Norseman - need to finish interior, everything else done.

    New additions - 51 GMC pick up, 60 Holden FB, 63 Dodge Travco

    I'll post pics as things get closer.