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  1. I started on the engine this afternoon. I glued the engine halves together and started some detail painting. I'll leave the transmission unpainted since I'll be handling the engine. I drilled the cylinder heads for plug wires and what I think is the distributor on the side of the engine. More Lotus to come...
  2. I wasn't issuing a challenge, unless you actually need one to finish your Riviera.
  3. Thank you Jim and Gene! The '65s and the boat tail Rivieras are my favorites as well! The styling says it all!
  4. Great looking build, Jonathan! I wasn't aware that this kit was released already.
  5. Looking good so far! I built the Land Rover a few months ago using everything in the box and wiring the engine. I wish Revell would reissue this kit to go with their soon to be released long wheelbase Land Rover.
  6. Thank you Sam and Leroy! Leroy, in order to do that, you must finish your Riviera!
  7. Thank you Christopher and Trendsetta68!
  8. Lotus Europas were not very roomy to begin with. Must be the price you pay for having light weight and fast acceleration from a small motor!
  9. Thanks Jeremy! If you are going to do a stock build, be mindful of the texture to the kit grille. I had a P/E grille that matched the kit grille, so it was just a matter of cutting the shape that I needed.
  10. Ahhh, yes! Mrs. Peel and her infamous catsuits! Such memories...
  11. Thank you guys! It's been a while since I built an AMT kit with the last one being the '56 Ford Victoria.
  12. Thanks Keith! The parts are drying as we speak. Maybe primer later today followed by paint late today or tomorrow.
  13. So very true! Linda Thorson was a decent actress, but she wasn't Diana Rigg! I have changed my mind on the paint color. I will use Tamiya TS-52 Candy Lime Green instead of Model Master Citrus Green Metallic. The parts are heading for a bath tomorrow morning. More Lotus to come...
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