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  1. Bill, I have the instructions to the Revell '90 Mustang Police interceptor/Stock LX 5.0. Send me your address via PM and I'll ship them out to you ASAP.
  2. Thanks Michael! I have seen this paint in the sunshine and it is striking! Unfortunately, I have no pictures. I have no pictures of the other models I have used this paint on either.
  3. More progress on the Foose Coronet! Foiling is done! Have a look... More Foose Coronet to come...
  4. Thanks Tom and Atin! With all the changes I have made, this is starting to look more like the car I have seen on TV.
  5. Well, much has changed since my last posting. I have finished a different model for the Classic Plastic Model Club Exhibition "Club Challenge". So, the Boss 302 will be built with plug wires and other details. What's this? Why it's the distributor to the Boss 302. I drilled a little too far and the shaft fell out. I replaced it with a piece of round styrene. I drilled out the cylinder heads for plugs wires. More Boss 302 to come...
  6. With all the masking done, I went and painted the roof of the Coronet with Tamiya TS-14 Gloss Black. Three coats of paint and it looks great! I'll let this dry and clearcoat the entire body with Tamiya TS-13 Gloss Clear. More Foose Coronet to come...
  7. Looks good! I built the same model last year with some changes to the wheels and side vents on the front fenders.
  8. Michigan State Police cruisers were a blue close to what you have used here. They have a 100th Anniversary paint scheme that was black with gold graphics.
  9. Thank you Joe! The re-finished Range Rover is posted in Under Glass.
  10. I made a bit of progress at yesterday's Play Date. I finished the interior, mounted the wheels and tires and got the primary coat of paint on the Coronet. Yes, the paint is thin on top of the roof. It will be painted with Tamiya TS-14 Gloss Black. I rubbed out the body with a terry cloth towel to remove the blushing due to the high humidity yesterday. More Foose Coronet to come...
  11. I have finished my Range Rover Police...again! I have decided to add a short back story to this model since it fought me tooth and nail to the finish! The windows went back in from the inside like it should. I was going to install them from the outside, but I decided to clean up to openings and the windows too. I clearcoated the body with Tamiya TS-13 Gloss Clear and after I found all kinds of tiny dark spots in the clear. I tried to touchup the decals that chipped with orange paint which didn't match 100%, but was kind of close. I added another antenna to the roof in front of the lightbar which is bent on one side and the 2-way radio was moved higher on the dash so it could be seen better. The front license plate is bent due to a front end collision from an attempted PIT maneuver. The back story...this Range Rover is a Police vehicle that has reached the end of its service life and soon will be replace by another Police vehicle.
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