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  1. My attention span must be getting shorter than usual. I have finished the front and rear window frames. I still have to do the side window frames. More GTX to come...
  2. Thanks Jeremy! The foil work could be better, but I am trying!
  3. I foiled the side moldings this afternoon. I have to use Metal Foil Adhesive which is another step for me. Maybe it is time I broke down and got some new foil. More GTX to come...
  4. Go for it, Don! Otherwise, it'll never get built.
  5. Now that the chrome has been removed from some of the engine parts, I can move ahead with assembly of the engine like the front engine cover and the oil pan and then paint. I glued the carbs to the superchargers and I drilled out the air inlets for the carbs and will detail them later. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. will return...
  6. Looks great, John! Excellent detailing and a smooth finish!
  7. I tried to wire the engine by drilling out the plug holes, but there is a small hump that had to be removed first before I could drill my plug wire hole. Once the hump was removed, I could drill my plug wire holes. Drilling out the distributor was a lot easier! I got the basic engine assembled, but stripping the chrome from the many parts for the engine has slowed my progress substantially. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. will return...
  8. Thanks Don! Please do follow along! I'm sorry that the janitor threw your model away.
  9. Thanks Rich! I appreciate the offer! I am going to try the hinges made with 5/32" styrene. I may have to go out and purchase another can of Tamiya TS-58 Pearl Light Blue since a different can may have a slight variation in color or metallic content and the current can may not have enough in it for the entire model.
  10. Thanks for the offer EMRE! At this point I will not need the pictures from the book. I will look at the post image of the decals and determine if I need them or not. I knew this would be a challenge to build and part of me understands why someone would want to build an old AMT kit. By building this kit, I have accepted the challenge. Thanks Carl!
  11. I added the Air Induction for the GTX even though I don't have the proper hood for it. The dash has been detailed and is ready for the rest of the interior. I started foiling the sides of the GTX. So far I have the front clip completed. More GTX to come...
  12. It appears that you have a different issue of the same kit that I have, therefore you have more items in it. I have no decals in my kit nor am I getting the PE set from Paragrafix. I appreciate the information that you have provided. Thanks! One of the things I have discovered is that this tooling is very old and there is a lot of flash and parts fit is very poor. If AMT is to reissue this kit, then they need to update the molds before reissuing this kit! Updating the molds would remove half of the fit problems this kit has already.
  13. Thanks everyone! Decals? There are no decals in my kit. The car was featured in a few episodes between both shows. It wasn't used after that.
  14. Thanks Jeremy! I want to eliminate the rear squat and I searched my many parts boxes to find the raisers for a '68 Dodge that I had to modified. I can't remember if it is for a Charger or a Dart.
  15. My new project is The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Car also known as the Super Spy Car by AMT. I read that AMT reissued this kit minus the licensing from MGM and the box art didn't have any Man From UNCLE pictures or graphics on it. The car will be painted with Tamiya TS-58 Pearl Light Blue with black seats and woodgrain on the dash and side steps. I built this kit many years ago as a teen and now is my chance to paint it and build it again and do a better job on it.
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