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  1. Thanks John! I hate to disappoint you, but the engine has been painted Hemi Orange instead of Chrysler Turquoise. The 383 engine is a high performance engine and we all know that those would most likely be painted Hemi Orange. This car would be a rebuilt car with parts coming from other Chrysler automobiles and from Chrysler themselves. It's going to be different, that's for sure!
  2. Thanks Dann! I painted the Barracuda this afternoon with Model Master Bright Calypso Metallic Lacquer. I have to admit that the color looks pretty good! This is almost a perfect match to my '65 Coronet convertible that I plant on building someday. More Barracuda to come...
  3. The Story The following day finds McNally checking the fields to make sure that the harvest has been picked and he sees a man walking through the eastern field. He calls out to the man and the man takes off running and McNally follows him in the Land Rover Series III LWB to the end of the road and the edge of the property. The man jumps the fence and he runs away into the forest. McNally tried to follow him and he lost the man in the forest. He returns to the SUV and he turns the Land Rover around and he starts to drive back to the main road of the fields and a glint caught his eye and he stops and backs up to the glint. The glint turns out to be a knife with a nearby scabbard and the knife has blood around the hilt of the handle and it was in the area of where the man was walking. He pulls out his cellphone and he calls PC Dunbarton to come out and look at his discovery. The PC picks up the knife and scabbard with gloved hands and he carefully places them in evidence bags and he will get them dusted for fingerprints and blood type. The Build I cleacoated the Land Rover with two coats of Testors Semi Gloss Clear. I wanted a Semi Gloss instead of a full gloss on the body. I have spent part of the morning masking the various parts of the Land Rover for Tamiya TS-29 Semi Gloss Black. I still have other parts to paint which is a little frustating to me since I like to paint all of my parts with one color and move on to the next color. Many of these parts have multiple colors on them. More Land Rover to come...
  4. This looks great Tony! If I didn't know better, I would say that you had borrowed some of my ideas from me. Like how to lower these Mustangs and changing the tires. But, that's okay!
  5. I like what you have done with the Series III LWB and the Shorty Landy! I have built the Shorty Landy and the LWB is under consruction.
  6. Good job! I like it! I built one myself last year.
  7. Thanks Carl! It is close, but not 100% accurate. I do happen to like the color!
  8. The Story McNally stops at the Police Station to talk with PC Dunbarton and he sees Agent Barchans talking to him. Barchans sees McNally walk into the Station and immediately questions why he is there and accuses him of interference in his case. McNally claims that he is only there to say hi and chat with the PC, but Barchans says no and for him to leave. McNally stands his ground and Barchans gets pissed at him while PC Dunbarton says that McNally will stay. Barchans is told to leave so Dunbarton can get some work done. The Build The Land Rover got a coat of Model Master Acryl Pale Green this morning. The first coat was mixed with some Acryl Thinner. The second coat was mixed with a little cheap Lacquer Thinner since I thought I was done with the color and I was going to clean the airbrush. More Land Rover to come...
  9. Another coat of primer on the Challenger body to check my work. Looks like I need to do more sanding. These lines still doesn't look right. More NCIS to come...
  10. I went back and used watered down Elmers Glue and the embossing powder stuck to it better than Mod Podge. I primered the body and body parts this afternoon and I found that I need to do more sanding and filling on the nose piece. I was anxious to see some paint on the Barracuda and I painted and detailed the taillight piece. Not bad! More Barracuda to come...
  11. Thank you Tony! It's not perfect (just like me), but it is done and I'm happy with it.
  12. This looks great, Jr! A nice and clean build!
  13. As I said in a previous post, I can't afford to go out and buy another kit just for the chassis. To me, that is just ridiculous and a total waste of time, money and effort. I am using the kit chassis and it is assembled and looking decent. Thanks Bill! I have always liked the '68 Barracuda more than the '69 Barracuda. I never cared for the peaked hood and grille panel.
  14. The chassis is perhaps the biggest letdown of this kit! Molded all wrong with the rear axle and the exhaust system and soft features. I can understand why other builders are using the AMT '71 Duster chassis or the Revell '68 Dart chassis instead. As an experiment, I used Mod Podge instead of waterdown Elmers glue to hold my embossing powder. Didn't work. I removed the embossing powder when I lightly rub my finger on it. I guess I should have used the Elmers instead. More Barracuda to come...
  15. Thanks Carl and Bill! I am very much aware of Hart's Parts and I have ordered from them before. He has some really nice stuff and he does have a nice conversion kit for the '69 'Cuda. I choose to do most of this conversion on my own with just the resin hood from Modelhaas. Thanks for your interest!
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