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  1. mrmike added a post in a topic Moebius ' 65 Satellite box art build. . . . with a twist. Update 05/08   

    I am enjoying the story SFD!  Looking forward to more story and build!
  2. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    Thanks Jeremy!  I've seen many Broncos with the rear fenders cutout for bigger tires and I suppose that's ok for those who want a bigger wheel and tire.  I seem to prefer the stock fenders and i knkew there had to be a way to keep the fenders stock and the wheel and tire under it.  I need to paint the body parts and since I am using enamel, I am a bit relunctant to move ahead since it does take enamel paint a very long time to dry.  I should ask my friend Paul if I could use his dehydrator.
  3. mrmike added a post in a topic 1969 Chevy Nova COPO   

    That is one sharp looking Nova COPO!!!  Great job Jeremy!
  4. mrmike added a post in a topic 71 Satellite   

    Check out Hart's Parts Resin.  They have a resin hood that should fit the Monogram '71 Satellite.
  5. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    The Story
    McNally slips his cellphone back up his sleeve and looks around the cell for a hiding spot when he hears footsteps coming.  The cop and another older cop unlock the door and walk in with the older cop saying, "He looks like he could take a beating," and hits him hard across the face with his fist.  In a voice reminiscent of James Cagney, McNally says, "I ain't tellin' you nuthin' coppa!"  The older cop is the Police Chief and he unloads a barrage of punches onto the Boston PI until he is knocked out and lying on the cell floor.  The chief and the other cop leave the cell, locking the door behind them.
    The Build
    My work on the wheels was a success!  A mockup shows that the wheels all fit within the fender lines of the body.

    McNally will return...
  6. mrmike added a post in a topic Suggestions on making first spray booth   

    The link I am supplying is from a model railroad site and goes back to 2003.  I used these plans to build my own paintbooth and it works great.  It's very sturdy and and quite efficient.  I made a variation to the plans so I could use a 16 x 20 inch furnace filter.  For your consideration and remember...safety first!
    For my paintbooth, I used a range hood fan that I found at a swap shop and had all the other electrical items at home.  I made sure that all connections where sealed and that the fan was a non-armature type of fan.  I vent the paint fumes out with a dryer vent hose kit that I bought from Home Depot  
  7. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    The Story
    When the cop and McNally arrive at the Police Station, he is roughly pulled from the cruiser and brought into the station to the front desk.  He is searched again, relieved of his wallet, keys, cellphone, change, and his belt.  When he asks about his phone call, he is punched in the stomach and thrown against the counter where he palms his cellphone and tucks it up his sleeve.  The jail seems reminiscent of a jail from an old western movie and McNally is placed in one of the jail cells.  When he is alone, he pulls out the cellphone and texts a message to his attorney Charlotte "Charlie" Rothmann telling her he is in trouble and for her to contact his friend Sgt. Alex Lockland of the NH State Police.
    The Build
    I used my Dremel and a grinding bit and reduced the height of the mounting boss for the brakes inside the Moebius wheels.

    The brake is where I want it.  This should give me the room I need under the front and rear fenders.

    McNally will return...
  8. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    Oh, I will Jeremy!  I just wished that I had noticed the mounting boss depth sooner, but it is what it is.
  9. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    The Story
    Robert invites McNally into his home and is introduced to his wife Claire.  They sit in the living room and talk about the Tate's missing son, Jason.  Jason had walked down to the auto and farm store to pick up a couple of supplies like he usually does...he walks everywhere since Robert needs the truck on the farm.  When he didn't come back, Robert got into the old Chevy pickup and went looking for his missing son, only he couldn't find him anywhere.  That's when he called the Police to report him missing.  
    After two days, he called Browning, Cole Investigations since he thought that the Bolton's Pride Police wasn't doing anything to find his missing son.  McNally concludes his visit by saying that he will do what he can to find their missing son and leaves the Tate's house.  He drives back towards the town center to inquire at the Police Station only to be followed by a Bolton's Pride Police Cruiser.  Driving at the speed limit, the cruisers lights come on and McNally is pulled over.  The cop demands to know why McNally is talking to the Tate's and he refuses since it is really none of the cop's business.  McNally is pulled out of his Ford Bronco, searched, and arrested for obstruction of justice.
    The Build
    I painted many parts and started assembly of the chassis and the engine.

    A mockup of the Bronco showed that the rear tires where cambered at the top by the fenders.  I started sanding the rear axle ends, but that didn't seem to be enough for the clearance needed.  I took the disc brakes and placed them in the kit wheel and the Moebius wheels and noticed a big different.  The disc brake sat higher on the Moebius wheel than the kit wheel.  I need to shorten the wheel hub on the inside of the Moebius wheels to get the wheel/tire assembly to fit within the front and rear fenders.  This can be accomplished with a Dremel tool and a ball grinding bit.

    McNally will return...
  10. mrmike added a post in a topic Revell 1969 Nova COPO -- Finished 5/20/17   

    Looking good Jeremy! I like the little touches that you are putting on this to make it your own!  I built this kit several years ago in Tamiya Metallic Green.

  11. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    Thanks Jeremy!  This Bronco is a great kit, even with the small wheels.  I highly recomend this kit to anyone...including you!  lol  Stay tuned, there will be more Bronco and McNally!
  12. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    I don't mind doing this little bit of kit bashing if it corrects something like this.  As an experienced modeler, I like fixing the little errors that others may overlook or not want to bother with.  In this world, nobody's perfect.
  13. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    Curtis, I've seen several of these Broncos built at a couple of shows that I have attended this year.  They are out there and are being built!  
    The Story
    McNally follows the main drag out of the town center on Route 35 and then takes a left turn onto Rollins Road.  2 miles down the road he pulls into the unpaved driveway of the Tate Farm.  The old homestead has been here since the early 1900s and is showing its age.  The front door has a boarded up window made of plywood and painted to match the door itself.  McNally gets out of the Bronco and notices several junk cars, a couple of pickups and an old tractor in the yard as he walks up to the front door and knocks on it.  The door opens with Robert Tate standing there and McNally introducing himself and holding his PI license for viewing.
    The Build
    I painted the wheels this morning and inserted them into the tires later this afternoon.  What a job getting those wheels into the kit tires!

    I paint detailed the wheel covers with Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black paint and my Molotow Liquid Chrome pen.  Then I inserted the 4-wheel drive hubs into the wheel covers.

    The completed wheels and tires.

    McNally will return...
  14. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    Thanks Lane and David!  I am correcting the small wheel issue of the Revell kit with the Moebius wheels.  I don't want to use the Revell wheel covers with the Moebius wheels since they are too small and the Moebius wheel covers fit the rims perfectly.  A little paint detailing and they will look great!  And, you've gotta have the detailed hubs to complete the entire package!
  15. mrmike added a post in a topic McNally's 1973 Ford Bronco   

    Thanks guys!  
    The Story
    Several hours after his meet with Sgt. Lockland, McNally arrives in Bolton's Pride.  The houses are spread apart with the neighbors not close to each other.  As he drives through the town center, he notices that the Bronco would fit in amoungst the other vehicles in this town which also consists of a grocer, auto and farm parts store, a clothing store, and the town hall with a Police Dept. on one side and the Fire Dept. on the other.  It was like stepping back in time.
    The Build
    I got the wheels and wheel covers from the '72 Ford Sport Custom kit.  Taking the kit wheels, I removed the hubs since they have the locking detail on them.

    I plan on using the '72 Sport Custom's wheel covers since I recall seeing them used on a 4-wheel drive F100 many years ago.  I figure that someone, somewhere may have put a set  on a Bronco at one point in the vehicle's life.  The mod for this was easy, just drill a hole in the center of the wheel cover large enough for the hub to stick through.

    The Moebius wheelcover with the hole drilled.

    The wheel cover with the hub inserted.

    The completed wheel covers.

    McNally will return...