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  1. Thank you James! Those seats are from the Revell '30 Model A Coupe. They are not in the Revell '29 Model A Roadster
  2. Thank you guys! This started out as a spare parts build and a member of my Model Club gave me the kit minus a few parts that he needed for a Club Build-Off. I used everything else and made this '29 Model A Roadster.
  3. Thanks James! This was originally for a Christmas Build-Off elsewhere and we all ran out of time with unfinished projects. I'm trying to push this project along, but life keeps getting in the way!
  4. The Story McNally had gotten the ‘Cuda running again and he spent a considerable amount of time during the afternoon trying to fine tune the engine by ear as best as he can. He parks the car in the garage and locks the garage doors. In the house, he starts his dinner by placing a TV dinner in the microwave and heating it. After he eats, he sits down in his easy chair and watches TV with a cold beer in his hand. While he is watching TV, the doorbell rings and he gets up to answer it. A large, well-dressed man is standing in the doorway. “Can I help you,” asks the Boston PI. The man says, “I’m Damian Rockler. Mr. Cannon would like a word with you.” “Sure,” replies the Boston PI. McNally walks out of the house and off the porch to a white Mercedes-Benz S-Class Limo parked at the curb. Mr. Rockler opens the door and McNally gets into the car. Inside the car is Alexander Cannon reading the Wall St. Journal and smoking a cigar. He puts the paper down and says, “McNally, Mr. Virden is no longer working for me. Mr. Rockler is my new assistant to call if you ever need anything from me.” “Ok, Mr. Cannon. Thank you for the update.” “Good night McNally.” “Good night sir.” McNally gets out of the Limo and Mr. Rockler gets into the car and the Limo drives away down the street. The Build The body and the chassis are now one. I have been adding emergency lights to the grille and on the rear package shelf behind the rear headrests. McNally will return...
  5. My '29 Ford Model A Roadster Lowboy is complete and posted in Under Glass. I would like to thank everyone who has viewed and commented on my WIP.
  6. This is my '29 Ford Model A Roadster Lowboy. It is painted with Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue. The model features a wired small block Chevy with three deuces with an automatic transmission, chrome mag wheels with tri-bar knockoffs. It also has a '32 front grille and scratch-built radiator supports.
  7. Thanks Bil! The instructions skip around worse than I do sometimes. A little accuracy goes a long way!
  8. I have this kit in the stash and I am hoping to build it sometime this year. I think I will follow along and watch this build and look for tips and tricks to building this fine kit!
  9. Yeah, I kinda figured that was the answer. Somehow the '29 without the spreader bar doesn't look right to me. I'll add the spreader bar to enhance the look. There are issues with the instructions!
  10. So, I was staring at the box art and I noticed something is wrong. I verified what I saw by looking at my '29 Ford Lowboy Roadster...there is no spreader bar on the front of the frame! But, I do remember putting one on my previous '29 Ford Highboy Roadster with a piece of sprue that I had on the bench. I checked the instructions and there is no spreader bar mentioned anywhere. It shows up on step 4 and disappears on step 5 and shows up again on step 6. I guess I'm making one, but this time it will be chromed! More Model A to come...
  11. Getting the headlights to look the same requires trial and error. The idea here is to look at your headlights from the front to make sure they are level and then from the top or above your model to be sure that they are facing in the right direction. And, you got to do it before your glue sets up. I'm sorry if I didn't take your comment as a joke. When it comes to model building, I have a tendency to take it a little bit too seriously. Now that I look at it, it is a little bit funny.
  12. You are correct! I haven't mounted the headlights or the windshield since I have been trying to adjust several other items on the Model A. Mounting the headlights and the windshield will come shortly.
  13. Thanks Dann! I need to get back to this build soon. So much left to do on it!
  14. The seats were found in the Revell '30 Ford Model A Coupe. I used the extra dashboard from the AMT '32 Ford Phaeton for this build. I detailed the center of the dash, installed it after cutting it down and then I added the steering wheel. I added the taillights and the license plate holder. This mess is the windshield which was slightly warped. I hope this helps or I will have to figure another way to add the windshield. More Model A to come...
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