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  1. Aston Martin DB4

    Thanks Gary, Tom, and David! David, I searched theough 5 pages of Dann Tier's forum postings and I didn't see his WIP. I may try to find it later. I seem to recall someone building a DB4 or DB5 some time ago on this forum and they were making all kinds of modifications to the kit. I don't recall who the builder was or if the project was ever finished.
  2. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409

    I decided to work on the Impala yesterday. I painted the seats of the Impala with Tamiya X-7 Red which a very close match to the Model Master Flame Red that I'll be using for the body and hood. But, the paint seeped under the tape I had used so those will need some cleanup. This afternoon was spent assembliing the chassis which is almost complete. More to come...
  3. Aston Martin DB4

    I decided to post three pictures of the DB4 (white) and the DB5 (grey) side-by-side. You can see the obvious differences between the two cars. Both models will require bodywork to get them ready for primer and paint, but the DB5 will not be assembled. I decided a while ago NOT to build the 007 DB5 due to its value. Some discussion between myself and several model builders in my Club have resulted in some interesting reasons for and against building the 007 DB5 kit. I have decided to hold onto the DB5 kit for now and not build it. Maybe I'll build it later. We shall see. More to come...
  4. Aston Martin DB4

    I have been wanting to start this long before I had came into possession of this kit. This is the Revell/Monogram Aston Martin DB4. I have been long since been looking for a full-detail DB5 and this is a s close as I have been able to get to. The only difference between the DB4 and the DB5 is the engine size and a slightly long rear deck. This kit is from 1979 according to the molding on the inside of the body. There is some flash and significant moldlines on the body. This may take a while to clean up. My research has been ongoing for a little while now. Plus, I want to see how many unsuspecting people I can fool into thinking that this is the James Bond 007 DB5. Let's see what I can do with this kit. More to come...
  5. 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Drag Racer

    Thanks Ron, but this is not box stock. It may look box stock, but the devil is in the details!
  6. 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Drag Racer

    Thanks Ron and Keith! I use Walthers Solvaset as my setting solution. I've had the same bottle fo about 15 years and it's only half empty.
  7. '32 Ford 3-Window Street Rod

    Thank you Jeremy! The more I keep this car sitting on the bench, the more little details I keep adding to it. Somebody stop me!!!
  8. '32 Ford 3-Window Street Rod

    Thank you Alan! I changed the look of this '32 by going to the Hallibrands. Those wheels give it a more of a dragster look instead of a cruiser.
  9. 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Drag Racer

    It's the scale equivalent to a bass boat paint! LOL Testors Icy Blue Lacquer! The Story Later that night, McNally is sound asleep in bed when his phone starts ringing. He answers the phone and it's Adam calling him. "I just got a Police Bulletin and Artie Jacobsen escaped from the Hospital. A nurse was changing some bandages, realized that she needed some additinal supplies and left Artie uncuffed. He escaped about 20 minutes ago. Keep an eye out for him as he may be coming back to your house." McNally thanks Adam for calling and he gets up and gets dressed. He grabs his Walther PPKs from its hiding spot next to his bed and a flashlight when he hears a noise downstairs. He walks down the stairs and then he feels a draft coming from the kitchen sliding door. "Come out with your hands up." Then a dark clothed figure comes running at him with his Louisville Slugger in his hand and McNally fires the Walther three times and the figure falls to the floor. He turns the living room light on and goes over to the figure and feels for a pulse. Nothing. He turns the figure over and its Artie Jacobsen. He takes the telephone from the kitchen and calls 9-1-1 then he calls Adam at home. The Build I got the Mustang decaled. There are some decals for the nose of the Mustang, but I didn't use them since I like them this way. I may add the rest of the decals later if I change my mind. The interior and the chassis are almost complete. I need to find two 5-point harnesses for the seats. McNally will return...
  10. 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Drag Racer

    Thank you Jeremy and Ron!
  11. '32 Ford 3-Window Street Rod

    Thank you Chris!
  12. '32 Ford 3-Window Street Rod

    Thanks guys! The Halibrand style of wheel gives the '32 a different appearance.
  13. '32 Ford 3-Window Street Rod

    I built this model 3-4 years ago from the Revell '32 Ford 3-Window Street Rod kit. It is painted with Testors Flaming Orange Lacquer with a light tan interior, wired 302 Ford small block with an automatic transmission, taillights from my parts box, headlights from the Revell '30 Ford Street Rod, and the wheels and tires from the '32 Ford Highboy Roadster. I had originally used the American Racing wheels and tires on this car, but I needed the fronts for my Bullitt '68 Mustang GT. I had the Halibrand style wheels and tri-bar knockoffs lying on the bench and used them for this kit. I fixed up and polished the model to what is presented here.
  14. 1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0 Drag Racer

    The Story McNally pulls into his driveway and stops the Challenger and he and Calvin get out. Calvin thanks McNally for breakfast and heads over to his house to let his dog, Max out. Meanwhile, Artie is arraigned from his hospital bed that he is handcuffed to. His bail is revoked and his Mustang has been impounded pending the outcome of his trial. Once he is better, he will be transported to the County Jail. The Build I polished the paint on the hood and body of the Mustang, then I masked and painted the trim with Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black paint. McNally will return...
  15. 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

    I finished the interior. What I found odd was that the front bucket seats did not fit into the slots on the chassis per the instructions. The seats fitted outside the notches. I also corrected the leaning console. A view of the chassis. More to come...