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  1. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    I just saw the "Berlin Buick" on Velocity's Bitchin' Rides. Dave Kindig had talked with the owner at Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada who described the car in some detail to Dave and Kevin. Keep up the good work, John!
  2. 65 Malibu & 2006 Dodge Magnum.

    I would like to make a suggestion, when you post a WIP, it would help greatly if you would describe what you are doing. Describe the look you are going for, the colors you want to use, the parts you plan on using, etc. Just posting a bunch of pictures and saying that you suck at taking pictures doesn't help your cause. Also, post one WIP at a time. Two WIPs in one thread crowds thread. I hope my suggestions help! BTW, your projects look good!
  3. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    I added a final coat of paint to the '69 Road Runner. Next, I'll mask of the fenders and hood for the Performance Hood Treatment. The taillights have been assembled. More to come...
  4. I primered the Foose Ford with the DupliColor Primer and does this primer spray on nice! Thin coats and very controllable. Far cheaper than a can of Tamiya primer when you compare size and total cost. Let's see what happens when I paint over it. I found a few spots that need extra attention on the passenger side rear fender. More to come...
  5. I spent a lot of time discussing my paint issues with some members of my model club Saturday at our meeting. I have come to the conclusion that the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer has had a formula change and it is not a good as it use to be. The hot hobby Testors One Coat Lacquer had mixed with the Tamiya primer instead of lying on top of it like it should. I was advised to get some DupliColor primer and use that instead. Since I have go out and run some errands today, I'll stop by the auto parts store and pick up some DupliColor primer.
  6. What would YOU like to see as a model

    Here's my wish list. 1. Jensen Interceptor - I have always lusted after this car since I first saw it on TV in the early ‘70s. British styling with classic American V-8 power! 2. Any British car with an V-8 - What can I say…I love them and they are unique! 3. Monteverdi Hai 450 SS - Swiss-made mid-engine sports car with a Chrysler 426 Hemi. Only 2 ever made in 1970 with 2 more produced in the 1990’s from spare parts and are considered replicas. Both are in the official Monteverdi Museum in Basel-Binningen, Switzerland. 4. Morgan Aero8 - Sexy British bodywork with a BMW V-8. I love the styling! Another British car with a V-8! 5. 1972 Ford Torino Sport GT- I know there are NASCAR versions out there, but I would like a stock version with the 351 4-bbl. Cobra Jet. How about it Revell! 6. Mid ‘60s Dodge Pickup Truck - They are different from the Ford or Chevy pickups. A big block V-8 or modern Hemi, lowered suspension, dual exhaust, or with a Power Wagon option! Tough looking! 7. Aston Martin DB5 – A new tool, full detail version of this car would be great! Maybe with the option of the most famous car in the world, 007’s DB5, but that could be a licensing nightmare! 8. Wayne Carini’s Moal Roadster – The Speedway Special of Chasing Classic Cars TV host built by Steve Moal. 9. 2017 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor – Can be built stock or with the Police Interceptor option. They are everywhere!
  7. Thank you David and Jeremy! Jeremy, I appreciate the kind words, but I consider myself a hack like anybody else! I'm just trying to build a better model car! But, if what I do and how I do it inspires you to purchase and build a specific model car or truck, then I do thank you and I hope that your build is just as good as mine or even better!
  8. Thanks Jeremy! The engine installation is complete with the upper radiator hose detailed and installed. I had almost forgotten the coil-over shocks for the front suspension. More to come...
  9. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    Yesterday, I wet-sanded the body in prep for another coat of paint. The chassis is nearly finished. I installed the wheels and tires and the rest of the exhaust system. More to come...
  10. I wet-sanded the body to get rid of the trash and unevenness in the paint. My goal was to prep the body for another coat of paint. The 427 R Roush engine is now wired and installed in the chassis. And, the interior is complete. More to come...
  11. Thank you Mike! I need to get to wet-sanding the body, finishing the engine, and the rest of the kit. Any issues I have had with this kit has been mostly of my doing like body work. I'm hoping to be able to get this build to 90-95% done this week.
  12. I applied the decals to the air cleaner and valve covers this morning. I'll let these dry awhile, then spray some gloss clear over them. I applied some decals to the engine and installed the MAD distributor. Once the valve covers are on, I'll run the wires to the heads. The wheels and disc brakes are all glued on so this FD100 is not going to roll off the table and hit the floor. I did a mockup to check the stance and I like it! More to come...
  13. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    I went fishing in the parts box this morning looking for a tachometer and I found that plus a set of under dash gauges. I detailed them and added some Tamiya X-22 Clear over the gauges for lenses. More to come...
  14. I got the wheels painted with Tamiya TS-42 Light Gun Metal and trimmed with rim edge with my Molotow Liquid Chrome Pen. I painted the side panels and dash with Tamiya TS-48 German Grey. Not shown is the seat which was painted with the same paint. The exhaust and the radiator where painted with Model Master Aluminium Plate Metalizer and then coated with Testors Semi Gloss Clear. More to come...
  15. On the engine sides are two small "blades" about 3/8ths inch back from the front of the engine block and those sit in a groove on the chassis. Those are your front engine mounts. The transmission mount should sit on the transmission mount slot.