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  1. The Story McNally leaves Westby Hospital and hails a cab who'll drive him out to the farm in Alston-at-Harkness. At the farm, he pays the cabbie with a decent tip and them he pulls his luggage along with his large Army bag slung over his shoulder on the dirt driveway which is rutted with rocks and holes, some holes filled with muddy water. He reaches the farm house which is dark and he finds the front door key hidden inside a rock outside the front door, which was unlocked anyway. He opens the door, turns on the lights and steps inside the old house and he finds the keys for the Land Rover hanging on a hook with a couple of jackets and a hat next to them on a wall rack. The house is as he expected it to be, lived in with a newspaper next to a chair in the living room, a couple of dirty dishes in the sink in the kitchen and a light coating of dust on the furniture. Tomorrow, he'll meet up with the field managers and discuss where they are at with the harvest in their fields and see what they need for equipment and supplies. He goes outside and finds the Land Rover Series III LWB parked next to the side of the house and it is unlocked and he locks the doors on the SUV and the barn as well. The Build After staring at the engine last night, I didn't like the color of the engine. I repainted it this morning with Model Master Gunmetal Metalizer and the fan got a coating of Model Master Daytona Yellow. McNally will return...
  2. The Story McNally gets off the plane in Liverpool and he catches a cab to Westby Hospital to visit with Angus. Angus is happy to see him and he tell McNally where everything is at the farm, including the keys to the Land Rover Series III LWB which is parked on the side of the house. McNally tells Angus that he will do his best with the harvest and for him to not to worry about anything and to get better. Angus tell him that he glad that McNally made the trip across the pond and he will try to get better. Then a nurse comes into the room and throws McNally out. The Build The 2.6 L straight six engine is nearing completion. I have wired it, but in the process, I destroyed the distributor, sending me looking for another distributor cap which I found in the parts box. McNally will return...
  3. I always make it a practice to read the instructions prior to assembly. That way, I can figure out different ways to assemble the model if needed. I don't always catch an issue with assembly, but I do try to make it worth my time to read the instructions prior.
  4. We all make mistakes and find ways to correct them. This is one of them and I am sure we can and will find others on other kits as well.
  5. mrmike

    Vega$ '57 T-Bird

    Thank you, Carl and Cliff!
  6. Thank you, David! Thank you, Gareth!
  7. There ya go! Isn't it amazing just how much stuff we have in our stashes that we don't remember we have!
  8. mrmike

    Vega$ '57 T-Bird

    Thank you Gary, Ray, Eric and Larry!
  9. The grille and the taillights came with the car. This is a die-cast model that is no longer made. It is 1/24 scale.
  10. This is my 2011 Crown Vic Police Interceptor rebuilt as a reclaimed passenger car for the public. It is painted with Testors One Coat Lacquer Icy Blue with most of the Police Equipment removed. A center console from a Revell 1990 Mustang LX was added.
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