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  1. Morgan 4/4 Is Done!

    I have finished my Tamiya Morgan 4/4 and it is posted in Under Glass. I would like to thank all those who took the time to view and to comment on my WIP.
  2. Morgan 4/4

    This is my Tamiya Morgan 4/4 painted with Tamiya TS-9 British Green with Model Master Dark Red seats and Tamiya TS-29 Semi-Gloss Black interior.
  3. Morgan 4/4 Is Done!

    Since my last post, I have been working away on the Morgan 4/4. The body has been joined with the chassis and I have added the grille and center hood support. The spare tire was added to the rear along with the rear valance panel and license plate frame. With a little bit of masking, I used my Molotow Liquid Chrome pen and painted the raised strip on the running board. More to come...
  4. Jaguar Mk. II Saloon

    Thank you Jeremy and David! I'm starting to like the Jag Mk. II better than the X-KE!
  5. Morgan 4/4 Is Done!

    Well Atin, one thing I seem to be getting better at is repainting a body part, but I am far from being perfect! I am working on getting better the first time around. Some progress on my Morgan 4/4. I've been detailing the body off and on the last several days. I installed the dash, steering wheel and column, coil and brake booster, and painted the underside of the body with Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. Then I installed the interior onto the chassis. I couldn't seat the interior all the way down onto the chassis without a little persuasion and now it fits perfectly. I still don't know why it didn't go on all the way. More to come...
  6. '84 Hurst Olds

    I know I said this elsewhere but, WOW!!! That looks great! I had planned on doing the same with my Hurst Olds. I went out and bought the PE set from Model Car Garage so I can build mine and I have a McNally story to go along with it. Did I say WOW yet? Oh yes...I did!!!
  7. Jaguar Mk. II Saloon

    Thank you David! No special method...just apply the decals and you are done! Those are decals provided in the kit by Tamiya and they are awesome! I did see a technique on TV's Bitchin' Rides for creating burled wood with paint on a 1:1 car and I wonder if it can be applied to a model car.
  8. '32 Ford 5-Window Coupe

    That is something to ponder...if you are doing a period correct hot rod. If I was to relocate the starter to the right (passenger) side of the engine, I would have to relocate the oil filter on my 392 CI Hemi. I think I'll just leave things where they are. Thanks for the pondering!
  9. PhotoBucket's Back?

    It could be a temporary thing to get back some customers and then they'll slap a fee on them again. I deleted my PB accounts and found another hosting site and I'm not going back!
  10. '32 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster

    Thank you Carl, Patrick, and David! Sometimes I can crank out a couple or three almost simultaneously and then I don't feel the need or have the desire to work on any at all for a week. I got a few more going on the bench and I have to be outside working around the house instead. What's a guy to do?
  11. CBP: Radwood 2018 - AMG Mercedes 500SL

    I built a M-B 500SL like yours in a dark metallic blue many years ago. Nice kit! BTW, the link you supplied does not work and after a little research, the correct address is https://www.radwood.co/
  12. Morgan 4/4 Is Done!

    Thank you Patrick and thank you for the pictures from the factory. A traditional British sports car being built in the traditional British style with a wood ash frame!
  13. Morgan 4/4 Is Done!

    Well, it had to happen. My bad painting luck is still with me and I'll shake it at some point. After spraying the hood, doors, and nose piece, I noticed some spots that didn't look fully covered to me. So out came the spray can a day later and I sprayed them with another coat of paint and left them in the booth for the next several days and didn't look at them. A few days ago, I brought them out of the booth and they all had bubbles and trash on them. I tossed them into a small container with 91% alcohol to remove the paint. I will start again with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer and Tamiya TS-9 British Green. I have tossed these pieces back into a clean container of 91% alcohol with the hopes of removing more primer and paint from the nooks and crannies. More to come...
  14. '32 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster

    Thanks guys! TooOld, I added another coat of black wash to the grille and it looks a little bit better. I don't want to add too much or I'll black out the grille altogether. Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. '32 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster

    I originally built this '32 Ford 12 years ago and I decided this morning to update it. I partially disassembled the '32, cleaned it and reassembled it with new wheels and tires that I bought at NNL East last month. The paint was polished and the chrome was touched up with my Molotow Liquid Chrome pens. The first picture is how the model looked when I finished it 12 years ago.