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  1. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409

    Well, just for the heck of it, I checked on the Impala body and guess what? It is still tacky to the touch. I just don't get it. It should be dry by now, but something is still keeping the paint tacky. It is lacquer paint and it doesn't smell like it is gassing out anymore, so technically it should be dry, but it isn't. It is back in the box and sitting on the shelf until I can come up with a solution.
  2. Aston Martin DB4

    I gave the Aston what maybe its final coat of primer before paint. The paint will be Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf. The last picture is of the hood, trunk lid, front and rear valances. More to come...
  3. I finished the interior this morning with decals and paint detailing. I took an 0.3 Mechanical Pencil and traced the pleats on the seats. More to come...
  4. Thanks Curtis and Dan! This is a different kind of kit for me to build. I am finding that many curbside kits have an aweful lot of detail in areas we wouldn't expect to find a lot. A different kind of challenge for me.
  5. I painted the dash and steering wheel for the Range Rover and got the body into a coat of Tamiya white primer. The interior has been partially assembled. I need to detail the dash and steering wheel. This is the resin two-way radio that was given to me by streetrod aka Mr. Prestigous aka Barry Fadden. I added the handset cord, power and antenna cables. Now I'll remove the wires and paint the radio. More to come...
  6. Thanks Gary! For me, it was adifferent kind of kit to build. Especially when I discovered that it was a curbside.
  7. A little more work done this afternoon after a visit from my step-daughter and the grandkids! I got the floorpan permanently mounted and then I got the rest of the suspension painted and mounted. More to come...
  8. I started on the Range Rover Police yesterday with chassis assembly and painting the floor pan. I still need to detail paint the floor pan. I painted the interior seats and side panels and the base of the light bar. I didn't paint the dash since there is a large sink hole in the center of the instument pod and I didn't have any filler with me yesterday. I'll fill those sink holes today with some Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty. More to come...
  9. I stand corrected! Thank you Geoff!
  10. A slightly used and abused Land Rover Series 90.
  11. Thank you Dominik and Daniel! I'm rather happy with the way this Escalade turned out! From the grille to the wheels and the dual exhaust-I'm happy!
  12. Aston Martin DB4

    I spent a little time this afternoon working on the DB4. I didn't like the way the exhaust tips splayed out , so I carefully moved the right inwards towards the left and broke the tip off completely. A little model glue and and little pressure and the tip is back on the silencer (British for muffler) and it looks better to my eye. Due to the way the hood scoop was molded open on the hood, I added a piece of styrene to the opening to mimic how the hood should actually be on the outside looking at the front of the scoop. One of the things I don't like about opening doors is the way they can sag and stay open when you don't want them to. I added a couple of rare earth magnets to each side of the Aston to help keep the doors closed. More to come...
  13. Thank you Mattias! Sometimes a subject will come along and the boxart will have the right color that just appeals to you. The Escalade boxart appealed to me and I just had to paint it that color.