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  1. I use a 16X20 fan filter from Home Depot for my home built paintbooth. They come in a 3-pack and cost under $10.
  2. I like this and it is looking good! I have this kit and built it as the British Transport Police Range Rover and added a resin 2-way radio and a couple of antennas. It was also shown in the latest issue of Contest Cars.
  3. Ohhh! I'm liking this and I want one! I was promised one for Christmas 2019 and I got the convertible with the coupe to be paid for by my wife. I am definitely getting one!
  4. The Story Jesse pays McNally his $1 and he leaves the Animal Shelter and he heads for the Hospital to visit with his wife. McNally finishes grooming the dog and he puts the dog back in his pen and he stops at the front desk and he says that he'll pay the adoption fee if Jesse and Rhonda adopt the dog. They just have to call him for the adoption fee payment. The attendant writes the information down on a post-it note and puts it in the file. He then heads for home in Charlestown to update his file. The Build I tried to polish the paint and went through the paint. Another masking and it is back into the paintbooth for another respray. After that was done, I detailed the grille using my Sharpie markers, Tamiya Flat Black paint and Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color. McNally will return...
  5. Excellent builds Joe!
  6. Thanks David! I think I may have to strip and repaint the body. Way too much orange peel and a lot of the paint is coming off as I polish the orange. I really don't like this enamel paint and I may try to find something close to that shade.
  7. Thanks Curtis! The Story The next morning, Jesse finds McNally at the Animal Shelter where the abandoned dog was taken to. He finds McNally clipping the dog's nails and he wonders why McNally was there. It is something he likes to do every once in a while and so he came in to give the dog a bath and some grooming. Jesse asks McNally how much he owes him for finding his wife and the Boston PI asks for $1 and nothing else. Jesse was willing to pay him more, but McNally wants only $1 for finding Jesse's wife, Rhonda. The Build Last night I took a chance and did something I have never done. I put a lacquer over enamel paint and there was no bubbling or crazing! Now for those who don't know...you never put a lacquer paint over enamel paint, but it can be done if you put lacquer paint down first and then add an enamel paint afterwards. I figured that with the enamel paint has been drying for 2 weeks, it would accept the lacquer paint without a problem since it was dry and not tacky to the touch. This morning, I detailed the side panels and assembled the interior. McNally will return...
  8. Thanks David! My wife doesn't like orange paint like I do. She would rather see is some other color.
  9. The Story Rhonda is transported to the Hospital and McNally calls Jesse that he found her and he would be over to his house to take him to the Hospital. In the Hospital ER, Jesse is allowed to see Rhonda for a moment after the doctors and nurses tend to Rhonda's wounds. Jesse wants to stay with Rhonda, but the ER doctor says it would be best that he leave, get some rest at home and return tomorrow. McNally returns Jesse home to get some rest and he can go to the Hospital in the morning. The Build I am allowing the painted body to gas out before doing anymore work to it. I had to do a mockup to see what it would look like. The engine compartment needs to be painted black. I started painting the interior in prep for assembly. McNally will return...
  10. This is my '78 Dodge Adventurer D100 Lil Red Express paint with Testors Chrysler Engine Red with a Tamiya Semi Gloss Black interior, a 440 turned into a 360 wired engine with air hoses, Cragar SS mags and modified mirrors.
  11. This is my '72 Ford F100 Sport Custom painted with Dupli-Color Forest Green Pearl with Tamiya Light Gun Metal, Pegasus Hella's and Holli's wheels and tires, wired engine with a custom air cleaner.
  12. That is what I do now. If I use my airbrush (I have three), then it is enamel paint mixed with lacquer thinner. I prefer to use a spray can if at all possible. My friend Barry Fadden never used an airbrush. His philosophy is to shake, spray and throw away!
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