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  1. I started work on the 6 cylinder engine that is in this kit. I drilled out the heads and distributor for plug wires.
  2. The Chrysler 440s were Chrysler Engine Turqouise, not Chrysler Engine Blue or Hemi Orange. https://www.turbinecar.com/misc/enginecolor.htm
  3. Thanks John! If you have a question about my '68 Charger, feel free to ask!
  4. The body, interior and chassis are now one piece! I inserted the dome light, windows, and interior rear view mirror and joined them all together. I am getting to the point that I just want this one off the bench! More Charger R/T to come...
  5. I started on basic engine assembly and paint detailed the parts to go with it. I have drilled out the distributor for plug wires. I've completed the 289 CI engine and I have painted the wheels and have assembled them with whitewall tires from the Moebius '65 Satellite. More Fairlane to come...
  6. Force, I appreciate the information you have passed on, but this is my build. I am free to build it my way. Ford has named their Fairlane the Sports Coupe. Mine is the Sport Coupe and while it is not 100% correct, it is still my build and I would like it very much if you wouldn't tell me how to build or name my model.
  7. To me, this is a Sport Coupe and to look at the two cars side by side, it is a little difficult to tell the difference. I went and changed the thread title a couple of times and now I am going to leave it as "Sport Coupe". This is what I believe and desire to have this kit built as.
  8. The Magnum 500s were both argent or black.
  9. No. It only comes with a 427 big block engine. It seems that at one time there was a problem with the windshield fitment. I have not encountered that issue in any of these kits that I have built.
  10. Thanks guys! I built one over twenty years ago as a street/drag car. I never had an issue with the windshield at all. The windshield was a perfect fit for me.
  11. This afternoon, I was looking around Facebook and I saw a name I haven't seen in a long while. His name is Erik. I investigated the name and it was the friend I had lost contact with many years ago. I had bought this kit off of him years ago and he was going to build it as a 289 CI powered Sport Coupe. His plan was to paint it Wimbleton White with a red interior and I liked the plan. But, I made a few changes to that plan. Instead of steel wheels and hubcaps, I'm going with a set of Ford Styled Steel Wheels and whitewall tires. I filled the cutouts for the drag slicks on the rear fenders. I will use a dual exhaust system from the AMT '62 Thunderbird. Let's see what I can do with this kit... More Fairlane to come...
  12. Thanks for the tip! I have heard of that trick some time ago. I prefer to paint my interiors with Semi Gloss paints and paint over the floors with flat black. If I use embossing powder for carpet, I use clear or black embossing powder (depending upon what color interior I want) and paint over it with flat black paint. This Rustoleum Semi Gloss Black paint is a tad bit glossy. This Boss 302 was originally for the Classic Plastic Model Club Exhibition 'Club Challenge' and I shelved it in favor of another model. I am building it now to get it off the bench.
  13. One of the things that I hate doing on model cars is painting Magnum 500 wheels since I usually make a mess out of them. Using my magnifier and a steady hand, the wheels were painted, decaled and installed on the chassis. While I was doing this, the engine popped out of the chassis and I had to reinstall it. More Boss 302 to come...
  14. Thanks Tom! My next work on the Boss 302 is to paint the Magnum 500 wheels. Something I hate doing, getting into those small slots. I have to get out my magnifier, so I can try to do a decent job on them.
  15. The word of the day is decals! Decals for the dash, gauges, interior and air cleaner. More Boss 302 to come...
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