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  1. mrmike


    Thanks Christopher! The parts fix is rather good considering that this kit is from 1981. The instructions are fairly good with a couple of things a rather bit vague. Thanks Tom! I have seen the MG-TC go for upwards to $50.00 a kit. I can't complain as this kit was given to me for free. Now that the bug has bitten you, go out a get an MG-TC kit and build it!
  2. Thanks John! There was no paint, just an enamel clearcoat over the blue plastic that was starting to yellow. I used a medium grit sandpaper to help rough up the surface, primer then paint.
  3. I'm sure they will! Thanks again!!! I painted the Superbird this afternoon. Model Master Hemi Orange aka Mopar Tor-Red. More Superbird to come...
  4. mrmike


    There are some wire wheels being produced, but you have to lace them like a real full-size wire wheel. Some work done on the MG-TC today. Dash installed along with some chrome pieces. More MG-TC to come...
  5. I finally got my decals today from KWT. Thanks KWT!!! I've been picking away at the interior. Still more detail to add. The 440 6-Barrel is nearly done. I painted the air cleaner with Testors Competition Orange enamel paint and it is in the dehydrator until tomorrow. It should be dry by then. More Superbird to come...
  6. mrmike


    Thanks Randy! My only wish for the MG would be for it to have similarily molded wire wheels like the Morgan and the Jaguar Mk II from Tamiya.
  7. I roughed up the surface with some sandpaper, washed and dried the body, primer and then paint. What you are looking at is the colored plastic with an enamel clearcoat over it and the clearcoat yellowed over the years. I sat down this evening with my Dremel Motor Tool and started grinding the excess plastic from the exhaust pipes to get them round and generally the same size. Then I mocked them up and applied a little more glue to help solidify the joints. Tomorrow, I'll repaint the exhaust system. The 440 6-Barrel has been painted and wired. I'll detail the carbs and install the air filter when I have finished detailing that. I wanted white letter tire markings, but I didn't have any. I remembered these yellow tire letters from my trips to NNL East and I cut them out, dipped them in water and applied them to the tires. Tomorrow, I'll coat them with flat clearcoat. More Superbird to come...
  8. Thanks for the link, John! I looked at it some. Nice models! I removed the exhaust from the rear axle and of course, I broke them in two. Using the chassis as a jig, I clamped the exhaust onto the chassis and glued the exhaust back together. When they have dried, I'll remove them and clean up and paint the glue joint. I repainted the front suspension and added it to the chassis. I cleaned up the rear axle and repianted it. I need to make a set of rear shocks and mounts since this kit doesn't include them. More Superbird to come...
  9. Maybe not the clearest picture, but you can see the round styrene I added under the rear wing supports. When I removed them as part of deconstruction, I broke the pins. This is to replace them. I drilled the cylinder heads for plug wires and them I painted the engine with Mopar Street Hemi Orange Engine Paint. I know, I usually do this procedure the other way around, so maybe there hope for me yet? More Superbird to come...
  10. It's okay Alan! Many people post before looking at all the previous comments. Thank you!
  11. An opportunity to work on the Land Rover for a bit yesterday at my Play Date at Barry's house. I started off with gluing the engine block halves together and painting the engine with St. Lawrence Blue by Polly Scale. This will get a coating of Model Master Acryl Semi Gloss Clear to give it a slight gloss. Next, I moved to installing the front cowl and the upper bed sides to the body. My goal was to paint the body British Green and the top with white, but Barry, Paul and Pat are trying to get me to paint the body with another color. I'm thinking about it, but I may stay with the green. We shall see... More Land Rover to come...
  12. mrmike


    A Play Date yesterday at streetrod's house with Paul, Pat, and myself gave me a chance to use streetrod's excellent paintbooth and put another two coats of Tamiya TS-9 British Green on the MG. I was able to cover all the thin spots that the paint had drained away from and to deepen the color. I'll let this dry for a day or two before I polish the paint. At this point I think I'll avoid using any clearcoat since the paint has a nice gloss and the clearcoat will make the MG-TC too shiny! More MG-TC to come...
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