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  1. I had used some old white lettered Goodyear decals and they had turned brown on the tires. I peeled them off and found a partial sheet of Shabo Graphics transfers in the decal drawer that I had forgotten about. I used these and then added a coat of Model Master Acryl Semi Gloss Clear over the transfers. I may clear over these with Model Master Acryl Flat Clear instead as these are a bit too glossy. This is where I am at with the chassis. It is minus the 440 CID 4-bbl. engine and 4-speed transmission and the driveshaft. I need to finish the engine before installing it into the chassis. I couldn't resist a mockup with the Cragar SS wheels and Goodyear tires. More Charger R/T to come...
  2. Mopar engine colors vary with the engine size and model year. Try this...http://www.mymopar.com/enginecolors.htm
  3. Well, I goofed up again! I used black embossing powder for carpet and then painted the floor pan with Tamiya TS-54 Light Metallic Blue. The blue did not cover the black. What was I thinking?!!! So, I spent about an hour scraping the black embossing powder and glue from the floor pan and I will start over with white embossing powder. I have never used this brace since it can't be seen. The first time I tried to use it, the instructions didn't indicate how this was suppose to be positioned. This time I figured it out and installed the brace that the back seat will cover completely. More Charger R/T to come...
  4. I wanted to lower the front suspension and the only sensible way seems to be to raise the king pins on the on the backing plates. When this dries, I'll paint them with Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. I have this PE set left over from the '69 Charger SE R/T I built years ago and I didn't use all the pieces. I superglued the fan blades onto the fan center and will use this on the 440 CI engine. The chassis is in progress. The suspensions are only in mockup and the exhaust has been glued in. More Charger R/T to come...
  5. Looks great! I've built two over the years and they both have Keith Marks decals on them.
  6. I started playing some Airwolf music on Youtube and went to work on the ADF Pod. I drilled holes in the Pod front and rear for more realism and detail painted the Pod. More Airwolf to come...
  7. Nice build! Too bad they don't make this in plastic!
  8. Yes, there are 7 seats in that cockpit! I tried to create the console that Dominic Santini used years ago and this time I eliminated it since it can't be seen anyway. Once the interior is in and the back area will be dark and no one can see inside, so why bother with the detail. I use to make my own decals years ago with my inkjet printer and they were decent, but nowhere near the quality of something from an Alps printer.
  9. Watching your build Jeff! I recently acquired the Series III LWB and it is a massive kit at 184 pieces! I had to compare the body of the Monogram Land Rover Series III with the LWB since I thought the LWB was narrower and it is not. Can't wait to get started on it!
  10. The flight deck of Airwolf has been painted and reassmbled. Have a look... More Airwolf to come...
  11. The disassembly continues. I broke the cyclic handle on the right last night and I glued the two pieces back together be fore I turned in for the night. As I was preparing the flight deck for paint, I removed the piece from the center console and it disappeared on me. Not sure what that part was for, but I'll either fill the hole or scratch build a component to replace it with. More Airwolf to come...
  12. Gosh! I had the TJ Hooker Dodge Monaco way back when! The Santini Air Jeep CJ-7 is definitely doable, but nobody has the decals and I don't have the nerve to want to try and create that paint scheme.
  13. Thank you guys! Tom, the Lotus will be at NNL East 2020 in April!
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