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  1. Thanks Brad! I'm glad you are enjoying my McNally story. Just a little something extra to encourage me to build a kit.
  2. Thanks Curtis! You'd be surpeised by just how many Jags were painted red. That's how I remember them...red!
  3. The Story Lt. Det. Adam Troy is sitting in his office doing paperwork when he hears a knock on his door. He sees attorney Charlotte Rothmann standing outside the door and he waves her into his office. She asks if there is a need for her to intervene since McNally was harrassed at a crime scene by Det. Steven Darvell. This is news to Lt. Troy and he says that it is a situation that will be handled "in-house" by him. The detective will be spoken to and offered an ultimatum if he wants to keep his job. Charlie replies that if Det. Darvell stops his harrassment, she will not intervene. Otherwise, she will bring up charges against Det. Darvell with the Internal Affairs Bureau. She also says that enough is enough! The Build I have been adding more bits and pieces to the chassis of the Jag XK-E including the front suspension. I also did a mockup with the engine to check the fit. I added the headlight reflectors to the hood. More Jaguar to come...
  4. Thank you Ben and Curtis! So far, I'm loving this kit!
  5. I got the Mustang GT4 into four coats (two mist and two heavy) of Tamiya TS-4 German Grey and two mist coats of Tamiya TS-13 Gloss Clear. More Gloss Clearcoats are coming shortly. More Mustang to come...
  6. The Story McNally drives out to Concord, MA to talk to Ritchie and he sees red and blue flashing lights at Ritchie's house. He parks his car out of the way of the ambulance and patrol cars in front of the house and he goes up to the cop standing outside and he shows his ID and asks what happened. Ritchie apparently suffered a heart attack when his aide, Charles Dennett found him lying on the floor. Set up with an IV and O2 mask, the ambulance attendants load Ritchie into the ambulance and drive him to Emerson Hospital. McNally walks up to Dennett and he asks what had happened and Dennett waves him off and runs out of the house, most likely heading to the Hospital to be with Ritchie. The Build I got the body pieces into a couple of coats of Tamiya TS-86 Pure Red, the headlight tunnels into a coat of Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf and the rear deck into a coat of Tamiya TS-29 Semi-Gloss Black. McNally will return...
  7. I finally got the Mustang GT4 into primer. I'll let this dry for a bit and inspect the body and then on to Tamiya TS-4 German Grey and Tamiya TS-13 Gloss Clear. More Mustang to come...
  8. Looking good, Geoff! I think I would have paint the hubs and lugnuts with semi gloss black instead of flat black. But then, maybe they were flat black after a while in the elements...
  9. Nice Jeep! Nicely detailed, too! I have the earlier release of that kit with the custom wheels and tires and I may build it sooner than later inspired by yours.
  10. Ken, if happens from time to time and it is up to us modelers to correct these flaws if it is within our skillset. I knew I could do it with a little scratch building and some 11/32 tubing. So far, it looks pretty good. Noel, I have not thought of replacing the wheels with PE wheels, nor will I. I will stick with the plastic ones as I have already pointed out earlier in this thread.
  11. I started following Ant on a show called For The Love Of Cars with him and Philip Glenister. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_the_Love_of_Cars
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