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  1. The Story McNally and Lt. Det. Troy stop at Boston Sports Cars LLC and inquire about an orange sports car that was recently return. They talk to a saleswoman by the name of Amanda who is dressed in a low cut top, a very short skirt with stiletto heels and a surgically enhanced body and they ask her about a sports car that may have been returned recently. She tells them of an orange Dodge Charger R/T with a black side stripe that was returned in that morning by a Donald Bishall and they need to see the car. The car is in the service bay and not serviced yet and has two bullet holes in the left rear C pillar from Det. Darvell's Glock. McNally inspects the trunk and he finds a Colt .45 automatic wrapped in a dark blue jacket in the spare tire well. Lt. Det. Troy calls for a tow truck from Headquarters and then he goes to his car for evidence bags for the gun and the jacket. The car is marked as evidence by Lt. Det. Troy and he writes out a receipt for the car. The Build I started assembling the Impala SS this afternoon. I need to fix the front of the hood where I messed up the paint. McNally will return...
  2. Thanks guys! I painted the Regal T-Type today with Tamiya TS-18 Metallic Red and chromed the bumpers with Alclad II Chrome paint. More Buick to come...
  3. Thanks Daniel and David! David, there is a sway bar on both the GN and the GNX models. There is a slot for the track bar and the Panhard bar has spots for it on the rear axle on the Grand National. I know that General Motors had a penchant for changing parts without proper paperwork. I once read of a fellow who bought a full size Oldsmobile and he discovered the the engine was a Chevy 350 and not an Olds 350. Same size engines, different designs and parts.
  4. Thanks David, Michael and Dominik! I found it interesting that you would mention the hood had touched "something". I test fitted the hood on my first Chevrolet Impala SS that I built years ago and it fit perfectly. Then I fitted the hood to the body that I am building and it was perfectly fine. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Thanks David! I've been working at the T-Type for a few days. I finished the interior. The chassis is partially complete. It got me to wondering about certain mounting points on the rear suspension. I compared the T-Type with my GNX and the GNX has a Panhard bar and a rear axle stablizer and the T-Type doesn't have any. Which came first the Grand National or the GNX? The front and rear bumpers were seperated from the grille and rear panels, cleaned up and are ready for some Alclad II Chrome paint. ore Buick to come...
  6. The Story McNally is making breakfast for himself when he hears the doorbell ringing and he answers the door to Lt. Det. Adam Troy. Adam needs to spend some time on the street investigating and McNally's case would be good for him to work on. McNally finishes his breakfast and places the empty dishes in the dishwasher and he puts on the shoulder harness for the large Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50 cal pistol. Adam asks about the gun and McNally just smiles at him and they walk out of the house with Adam never asking about the huge gun aagain and they get into Adam's Dodge Charger PPV. Their first stop was at sports cars dealers that rent out sports cars. The Build I started detailing the Impala SS with my Sharpies and some Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. More Impala to come...
  7. Thanks guys! The Regal and parts are drying having been bathed. More Buick to come...
  8. I am trying to get myself out of a rut with this build. I haven't done anything with my builds for at least a month and maybe this will get me back on track again. This is a '87 Buick Grand National that has been sitting on the shelf for many years untouched and unloved. My plans are to paint it Tamiya TS-18 Metallic Red with the current gray and black interior. Plans call for the engine to be wired, chrome bumpers, some repainting and touchups. It will be known as a Buick Regal T-Type since I have removed all of the GN decals, but the car will be a Grand National underneath. First stop, the kitchen sink for a bath! More Buick to come...
  9. Thank you guys! Inspite of the fact that these are old Monogram kits in 1/24 scale, they do have good crisp moldings. I think the '70 GTX was converted to the '70 Roadrunner by Revellogram at some point and I have a couple of those built on the shelf. I have been a bit leary of the molded in color scheme especially if the color is metallic. Those usually have a lot of swirls in the plastic and sometimes the metallic can be a little too large for scale. This particular build has good metallic in it.
  10. I built this GTX many, many years ago. I built it box stock and recently rebuilt and polished it. I left it as is, but if I was to do rebuild it again, I would wire the engine and use Bare Metal Foil for the trim and moldings.
  11. Nice Reatta! Great job, Lee! I never liked the Reatta since it looks like it is pushing its nose into the ground.
  12. Looks great John! You did a great job on this!
  13. Thanks John! I hope you like the technique. BTW, there should be only one ignition wire running along the top of the intake manifold on the passenger side of the engine. That is for the rear cylinder. The other three run from the front of the engine. Just one of the many things I learned from Fury3.
  14. Thanks Larry! Jim and Ed, I remember a time when stock car racing was just that...a stock car that goes fast. I'm not talking about the cars of today with their plastic bumpers and tiny little engines, but cars that were built 30 years ago with chrome bumpers and V8 engines. 25 years ago, I was just starting to loose interest in NASCAR. February, 2001 sealed the deal with Dale Earnhardt passing away. I don't know how these drivers died or what caused their deaths. Yes, racing is dangerous...very dangerous! Today, they have cars with plastic Mustang or Camaro noses on them and they still don't look like a stock car should. With Detroit moving away from cars in favor or trucks and SUVs, will the so-called "stock cars" still be around? Will the "stock cars" be replaced with an SUV? I still wish for the 'good ol' days', but those days are long gone!
  15. Great looking engine, Joe! I wouldn't worry about the fan belt too much. You just happen to be focused on it, so it does stand out to you.
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