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  1. I kept looking at the taillights wondering what was missing and they needed backup lights! Out came my jar of Tamiya XF-2 Flat White paint and a thin brush and now I have backup lights! Dex Parios will return...
  2. Thanks Dirk and Carl! I happen to love Mustangs! Some of my favorite actors drive Mustangs in the well known TV shows and movies.
  3. Believe it or not, but I found a set in my parts box! I won't be needing yours. Thank you for offering!
  4. I have the Mustang Lowrider kit (same as your Monkee kit) that I got free of charge and I dug it out and found out that I don't have any taillights! I will have to find something in my parts box to replace them with. A clear part will only save you time if you don't have to paint it at all. It depends on the molding process and the design of the part. Good luck!
  5. Be sure to remove the struts on the driving lights and glue the lights directly to the front bumper!
  6. One step at a time. Take a brush with chrome silver paint and brush it on the taillights and let it set up for a few minutes. Take an alcohol wipe and remove the paint from the raised surfaces and let it dry completely. Take some clear red and brush it over the taillights and let it set up and wipe off the raised surfaces with an alcohol wipe and you are done. It shouldn't take you that long to do. Thanks Garry!
  7. It has been over 2 1/2 weeks since I paid any attention to the Stumptown Mustang GT. I applied the Tamiya X-27 Clear Red over the Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver and after it had set up for a few minutes, I used an alcohol swab on the taillights and removed the extra Clear Red. Worked pretty good! Dex Parios will return...
  8. I was inspired to add a hood scoop to the Pace Car, but the hood scoop is white plastic and the body and hood of the Pace Car is red plastic. Should I pre-paint the hood scoop red and then add it to the Pace Car hood and then paint the whole kit and kaboodle red? I know that the red color of the plastic with leak through. I want to paint the Pace Car a matching red to hide the swirl marks and join line of the red plastic.
  9. Here are some pictures of my '94 Mustang GT Coupe. They appear to be the same ride height and assembly procedures. More Pace Car to come...
  10. Thanks Jeremy! The 1:1 Spenser For Hire Mustang GT was t-boned in an accident while filming for a Ford commercial. The remains were crushed.
  11. Thanks Michael! The styling was to be influenced by Japanese cars, but still have an American flavor to them. At least that is what I had read somewhere back then.
  12. Thanks Dirk! This Mustang Pace Car is a neat looking vehicle. I have the Revell '99 Cobra in the stash and I added the shaker hood scoop to the kit. I have seen a couple of 2003-2004 Mustang Mach 1 over the years and the hood scoop looks interesting.
  13. I had a little time this afternoon before the thunderstorms hit the area and I assembled the 5.0 Liter engine. I even had time to drill the cylinder heads for plug wires. Now for some grey paint even if the instructions call for flat black. The dog had to go out and when the thunder clapped, he came running back into the house! More Pace Car to come...
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