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  1. Looking good! I built this kit and found out that the metal side moldings didn't want to stick. I ended up using thin strips of Bare Metal Foil instead.
  2. Yes, it was a shocker for sure! I surely miss them both and I am moving forward with the knowledge they have both passed on to me. But, Barry sure can build a street rod and nobody can match Del when building engines!
  3. Tom, I'm just glad that Revell is still around and producing product! It may not be as it was before the bankruptcy, but they do seem to be on the right path. I rarely build a street rod and the late Barry Fadden was a very big help in getting me started building one with his much valued advise. I built the Monogram '30 Ford Model A Touring Street Rod and it is a reminder of Barry's generous help and advise.
  4. If I had to hazzard a guess, I would say that Phaetons are not that common and many builders prefer a 2-door vehicle. As individuals, some of us like what is considered an odd vehicle, ie Phaetons, 4-doors or even mainliners, but as a whole, the model companies need to make money to stay in business and they produce what the marketplace would support. Revell might have wanted to produce a '32 Phaeton to go with their 3 and 5 Window coupes and the Tudor Sedan, but they probably couldn't come up with a business plan that would support a Phaeton. Like I said, I'm guessing here...
  5. I fired up the paintbooth this afternoon to paint the bumper, grille and the roof of the '60 Chevy Fleetside. More Fleetside to come...
  6. I had the paintbooth fired up to paint some parts for my '60 Chevy Fleetside, so I dug out the Testors Mystic Emerald and painted the wheels, grille and dashboard. I would have painted the body as well, but I am still doing bodywork on it. More '32 Phaeton to come...
  7. Thank you Carl! The go-cart still needs a bunch of work and touchups.
  8. My wife would call that a "whattayacallit"!
  9. I have finished the chassis and the interior of the '60 Fleetside pickup by adding the wheels and tires. The go-cart has been receiving some touchups. More Fleetside to come...
  10. Thanks Carl! The sink mark is prevelent on several builds that I have seen. I haven't decided on how to repair that sink mark.
  11. Thank you Chris and Carl!
  12. I got the interior completed and the chassis is nearly done. I made a clear lens for the dash gauges. The go-cart is nearly done, but I noticed a sink mark in the top of the right exhaust pipe. More Fleetside to come...
  13. Thank you Lee! Good luck with yours! You are correct. I do have the privilege to build my model, my way. Your reaction didn't help matters, either. I am very much aware that my naming my model a "Sport Coupe" might ruffle the feathers of those who take the subject very seriously. I am also aware that the Revell '64 Fairlane is a sedan and not a coupe as you think it is. I have been told over the years to "lighten up". I could say the same about you, but I won't.
  14. Thank you everyone! Yeah, those who have complained are more concerned about rivet counting than anything else. They can't see beyond their noses. I accomplished my goal and my friend's goal of building a 289 CI Fairlane and so what if I called it a Sport Coupe! It's amazing just how many coupes were produced from the factory by many manufacturers over the years that were actually a sedan underneath.
  15. I have been playing around with the '65 Chevy hood and I am really starting to hate it. I doesn't matter how much I sand from whatever side, it just doesn't want to fit. The right side character line is just too high. I assembled the '60 Chevy hood and, of course, it fits a whole lot better. Nice and flush and character lines all line up. I think I am going with the '60 Chevy hood instead. More Fleetside to come...
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