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  1. Thank you Larry! Other than the hood, this 'Vette was a pleasure to build!
  2. Thanks Rob! I had to modify the chassis a lot to get this stance.
  3. I love a good mockup! It gives me a chance to see where my project is going. More Split Window to come...
  4. I primered and painted the '63 Vette this afternoon and it looks so much better. No trash in the paint, which is a good sign! I used the same paint-Dupli-Color Emerald Green Metallic. More Split Window to come...
  5. Thank you for the tip, Jim! I keep it in mind the next time I have to add to a hood.
  6. I washed the Corvette body and now it is drying in my paintbooth. I made a set of rear wheel tubs for the Vette. Since I never made anything like these before, this took me a while before I came up with a plan to make them. Now, to paint them with Tamiya TS-29 Semi Gloss Black. More Split Window to come...
  7. Thank you, Jim and Jim D! I think it might have been the result of adding a wider strip of styrene under the hood and some sort of reaction with the glue I used or contamination on the AMT plastic . If I had the Revell '69 Corvette hood, this wouldn't have been a problem, but I did have the AMT '71 Corvette hood that was gifted to me and was just a little too short and I choose to add to the length of the hood.
  8. Thank you Rusty, Jeremy and Lee!
  9. I have the 'Vette posted over in Under Glass!
  10. Thank you, David R., David E., Mario and Carl!
  11. You are probaby wondering, "What the heck did he do?" I started to find flaw after flaw in the paint and instead of repairing each and every single flaw individually, I sanded the whole thing and will give it another paint job! Gotta wash the body first! More Corvette to come...
  12. Thank you, guys! I was originally going to paint this 'Vette Mulsanne Blue, but then I start imagining this 'Vette in a dark green. I was almost out of Dupli-Color Forest Green Pearl and I went out and bought some more. Good thing I got more since I did run out and had to use the second can for touchups.
  13. My '68 Corvette is complete and posted in Under Glass. I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to view and to comment on my WIP.
  14. This is my '68 Vette L89 painted with Dupli-Color Forest Green Pearl with a Tamiya TS-29 Semi-Gloss Black interior. I converted the Convertible L88 to a lesser L89 Convertible using some of the extra unlisted parts in the kit. I added the AMT Pad Printed White Letter Tires instead of the tires in the box and a hood from the '71 Corvette donated to me by the late Barry Fadden aka streetrod.
  15. Sounds like a good project, Bob! I'm glad to be an inspiration for you!
  16. I painted the 'Vette this morning with Dupli-Color Emerald Green Metallic and it looks great! Now to let this dry and give it a coating of Tamiya TS-13 Gloss Clear. I've been thinking about adding a set of sidepipes to the car. This should look great with the Pegasus Chrome T's. More Corvette to come...
  17. According to the instructions, I used a grey primer first, followed by the yellow basecoat. This will be followed by the mid-coat of metallic/pearl and when that is dry, a clearcoat to help seal all of that and to give it some gloss.
  18. I noticed a missing piece in the right side vent window and I made a piece to fill in the gap. The Corvette body has been washed and will dry for a coating of Tamiya White Fine Surface Primer. I have a couple of metallic greens in mind for this Corvette, but I need to find the right one. More Corvette to come...
  19. Thanks, Curtis! My only setback was the hood and getting the correct one. I decided to go with the hood that was originally given to me.
  20. Thanks, Carl! Why should I just blow through a build and end up having it look like garbage? I work on my projects when I have some time and never work on it in a rush!
  21. Thanks, Carl and Adam! I wanted to do this build before I had forgotten about Stumptown which was cancelled in 2020. We will never get to see what Dex's mother looks like.
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