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  1. Thanks Carl and David! Actually there is only one mirror on the Gibbs Challenger. I painted the rear spoiler flat black. I added the front bumper from the Revell '70 'Cuda but it is wider than the AMT Challenger bumper and the shape on the ends are different. I guess I'm going back the AMT Challenger bumper and I have to rechrome it. The rear bumper and taillight panel have been installed. More NCIS to come...
  2. Yes, it has been a while since I worked on Gibbs Challenger R/T. Last night I started assembly of the Challenger and I must say this is a challenge for me. Everything I touch on this model goes bad for me! I got the body, interior and chassis installed as one. The Revell 426 Hemi has been installed and fits the chassis perfectly. I am trying to find out if the Challenger had dual chrome side mirrors or just one and I need to paint the rear spoiler flat black. More NCIS to come...
  3. I remember watching that episode and how fast the car was. You did a great job on this one, Bill!
  4. Thanks Bob! I have assembled many, many model car kits over the years and every single one of them in full detail has the transmission connected to the engine except this one and its variants. The other Dodge Chargers I have assembled over the years, I have left the trans seperate from the engine, but no more as I have joined them together.
  5. The Story Lt. Det. Troy pulls out his cellphone and he calls McNally and asks that he come down to the parking lot near Fenway Park to identify the corpse. Det. Darvell walks over to update the Lieutenant and he sees McNally's card in Shawn Whittaker's wallet and asks if Lt. Det. Troy had called him. Adam is getting upset with Det. Darvell's poor attitude towards McNally and tells him he should show more gratitude towards someone who has helped solve a few cases when Darvell couldn't. Darvell says that McNally has messed up a few cases which is not the truth and then Adam yells at him and he apologizes and he waddles away from the Lieutenant looking for more clues and he doesn't find any. A short while later and McNally arrives on the scene and he is ushered in. The Build One of the things I don't like about this kit and it varients is the transmission and the engine are two different items and they are mounted in the chassis that way. I added a piece of .020 inch thick styrene between the two and glued them together and place them in the chassis. A perfect fit! McNally will return...
  6. I'm not judging... Thanks Anton! I had high hopes for this build and as my paint job went bad, my hopes went down the drain. It should have been finished months ago, but like everything else, life got in the way as well.
  7. The Story Lt. Det. Troy drives out to the parking lot across from Fenway Park and he gets out of the car and he inspects that there are plenty of detectives, the coroner and her assistant, the Crime Scene truck and crew. He hears a siren coming and he sees Det. Steven Darvell racing to a stop and getting out of his Detectives Car with his 32 ounce coffee travel mug, taking a drink out of it and then throwing the travel mug back into his car. No wonder this guy is a slob! One of the night detectives comes over with a wallet and hands it to the Lieutenant. lt. Det. Troy looks through it and he finds $32 in cash, two credit and one ATM card and a business card for someone he knows...McNally, Boston PI The Build I assembled the engine, transmission and painted a few other parts. Once I clean out the paint booth, I will start painting some of these parts with spray cans. McNally will return...
  8. Either I screwed up or the instructions are wrong. I had the wrong wheels in the wrong places on this build and I don't remember if I ran into this issue with the Plymouth Fury that I built a couple of years ago. I put the wrong wheels on the front spindles which put the wrong wheels on the rear axle plus I needed to add a spacer to the rear axle for proper spacing. This entire operation took me about 1 1/4 hours to assemble, take apart and re-assemble this mess. Along the way, I broke the tie rod which I fixed with a piece of styrene that was on the bench. Hunter will return...
  9. Happy spouse, happy house!
  10. Thank you Carl! This is a very satisfying build!
  11. Thanks David and Mike! Today has been one of those "can Honey do" days. Can Honey do this? Can Honey do that? I've been busy most of the day and now that I have the time, I can't pickup the sandpaper. Maybe tomorrow...
  12. The Build My newest project is one that I have designated a model year for...2010. There is no model year on the box and for all I know, this is a 2006 model. This has been in the stash for quite a while and I am building it for a Facebook site group build. I am using the Testors/Lincoln Mint Dodge Charger and my paint will be Dupli-Color Forest Green Pearl with a grey interior. I plan on adding some Police bits and pieces to the mix and a change of wheels from the Dodge Charger Police Car kit. I am including a McNally, Boston PI story called "For A Day". The Story It is around 1 AM in the morning and the young man drives his car slowly in a parking lot just across the street from Fenway Park in search for a parking spot close the baseball institution. Suddenly a car backs out of a space and the two cars collide creating minimal damage to either car. The young man gets out of his car to inspect the damage as the owner of the other car gets out of his and he is very angry. They both look at where the two cars hit each other and the owner of the second car reaches into his jacket and pulls a Walther PPK 9mm pistol and shoots the young man. The young man falls to the pavement dead and the man gets into his car and drives away. At 5 AM, Lt. Det. Adam Troy gets up from bed and he goes into the shower to start his day. After he showers and towels off, his wife Natalie knocks on the door and presents his cellphone to his. Dispatch reports a body was found in a parking lot next to Fenway Park and night detectives are responding. Lt. Troy has Dispatch call Det. Darvell to respond to the scene. McNally will return...
  13. This looks really good, John! Excellent work!
  14. It has been a while since I have actually worked on the '71 Roadrunner. I have been trying to decide if I should strip the lousy paint job or sand it. Tonight I chose to sand it. After sanding, I gave the body a bath and it looks 100% better! Tomorrow, I sand the hood so it will match the body and then wash it. Then, when everything is dry, I will repaint the body and hood. More Roadrunner to come...
  15. Looks great Mike! I've built 2 Revells and 1 AMT over the years.
  16. Thank you Bill and Larry!
  17. Thanks Joe! I find that Yodel was a different sort of model manufacturer. Probably more interested in battery powered models than anything else. Accuracy wasn't a big thing for them and the size...probably closer to 1/22 scale than 1/24 as it says on the box. This thing is huge!
  18. Thank you Anton! Good luck with your version of the Impala!
  19. Thank you Carl and Tony! Tony, go for it! I find that these 1/24 scale kits are easy for detailing. You'll probably enjoy it!
  20. Exellent build John! I have built so many of these over the years including the different Shelby versions.
  21. I was schooled in the correct spelling of Fred's name...Dryer. Fred Dryer.
  22. I got the wheels and tires assembled, but I'll have to trim the rear wire axle since it is too long. I made a backer for the front bench seat and I detailed a lot of the chrome with a black wash by Tamiya and the parking lights where detailed by using an orange Sharpie. Hunter will return...
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