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  1. StepsideC10 added a post in a topic Real or Model #116 FINISHED!   

    Lots of detail, wearing headliner, lots of oddities. Has to be real.
  2. StepsideC10 added a topic in Auto Art   

    A couple of my drawings
    Just a couple of my more recent digital drawings.

    Done in Corel Painter Classic with a wacom stylus.

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  3. StepsideC10 added a post in a topic Utter newbie; tons of questions   

    Yeah Dave, the 1:1 is spring front, and by the time it's done, it will have slightly dropped spindles. I've never tried to modify a model kit's suspension, so if it looks like it'll need a slight drop, I'll surely be here with another slew of questions.

    There's also a very messy engine bay, with lots of hoses and wires all over the place. I would love to recreate it as well.

    I'll end up scratchbuilding a oil cooler with some round styrene piping and a piece of an old radiator (I have a bunch of old NASCAR ones that would work). I might end up cutting the mesh out of the '65 grille if I can find (or make) some suitable grated mesh (wide rectangles) to replace it, to make it transparent and show off the oil cooler. That'd be pretty awesome.
  4. StepsideC10 added a post in a topic Utter newbie; tons of questions   

    Wow, thanks Dave. All I saw was the '60 "street machine" kit with the big window--but the '60 "custom fleetside" you linked does have the small window. The '60 chassis, cab/fenders, and interior with the '65 grille, hood, bed and wheels would make my truck PERFECTLY with almost no scratchbuilding.

    The rest of the parts-gathering is going to be for the engine bay.

    The finished product should look amazing in a display case on the dash of the 1:1 product at car shows.
  5. StepsideC10 added a post in a topic Utter newbie; tons of questions   

    Wow, great advice. I hadn't heard of the '60 kit but that sounds a lot more foolproof. And if I have both the '65 and the '60, I'd have the '65 cab to practice the small rear window conversion on, so when it comes to trying it on the '60, I'll know what I'm doing.

    The Evergreen site says they sell clear and white sheets in different thicknesses--sounds awesome. I'm guessing (since I'm no expert on free-handing) I should get a good picture of the 1:1 truck's back window, scale the image to be 1/25 the real one, print it at that scale, trace it onto cardboard to make a stencil, trace that onto the clear sheet with a sharpie, and cut it out of the sheet?

    Then, to actually make the filler sheet metal, trace my new rear window onto the white sheet, cut the hole in it, sand it open to fit, and fit it to the cab. This is sounding very... doable.

    The other trim sounds pretty easy too, if i have sheets of thin plastic to play around with. It looks affordable enough to give me some practice, too. I'm guessing this stuff can be heated and bent?

    What are some good tools for cutting, etching, carving, sanding, trimming, and otherwise manipulating this "stock plastic"? If possible, I might be taking bits of the '60 dash to be more '63, but I'm sure I'll need to scratchbuild more.
  6. StepsideC10 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Utter newbie; tons of questions
    The sum of my questions are probably going to be remedial for you, so bear with my inexperience.

    I'm eyeballing a '65 Chevy C10 stepside 2-in-1 kit.

    I'm so interested in it because I have a '63 C10 stepside that I'm restoring right now.

    So, naturally, I would love nothing more than to re-create it. The '65 is a good base because 98% of it is the same.

    Key differences:

    --The kit is a large-rear-window cab, my truck is a small rear window cab.
    --My '63 has a wraparound windshield, forward-leaning A-pillars, and differently-shaped window wings than the '65.
    --The '63 and '65 have different grilles.
    --They have different dashboard configurations, gauge clusters, glove boxes, and a lot of inside detail.
    --I believe the model kit includes no kind of "cab trim"--that is, the little aluminum details behind the side windows. I also have those aluminum window covers so the windows can be cracked in the rain.
    --The wood decals the kit has are a little too light; I'll probably be using walnut or a dark-stained light wood for my bed.

    So much, however, is good--I'll probably be replacing the wheels on my truck with Torq-thrusts, the '65 kit comes with a V8 that I can dress up to look like my 454 BBC, and there's plenty of chrome (just like what my truck will come out looking like).

    The other good news:

    --I will be replacing the grille of my truck with a '64-'66 style grille.
    --I have an AMT '55 Cameo Carrier 1:25 kit with the windshield, pillars, and wings that I need.

    So, my first volley of questions:

    --I've never kitbashed before. Call it a hunch, but I don't think it's going to be just as easy as cutting the A-pillars out of the '65 cab, cutting the donor pillars out of the '55, and gluing them into the '65. What can I do to make the fit natural and smooth? How would I fill in the lines where the new piece will be glued in? I have Testors contour putty but I have very little success with it. When I go to sand it back out smooth, it's just so crumbly, it comes right back out.
    --What would I do about this back window situation? A.) What am I going to use to fabricate the replacement metal to fill where the big window goes? B.) What would I use to fabricate the small window to go into part A's filler?
    --What would I use to fabricate the trim pieces?

    I have a few sheets of print-your-own decal paper and an inkjet printer, so I think I can make my own new wood in photoshop.

    I'm guessing, somewhere out there, I can just get pieces of stock plastic to tool around with for my fabrication questions, but I would have no idea where to find it and I certainly have no idea how to manipulate it. Even trickier would be finding and manipulating clear plastic for the rear window.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  7. StepsideC10 added a post in a topic '65 Chevy Stepside Pickup 2 'n 1   

    Hey guys, utter newbie here.

    I would consider myself a model-building novice, but when I heard about this kit coming out a couple months ago, I got really excited.

    I have a '63 C10 I'm currently restoring.

    So, given my newbitude, I've got a bunch of questions for the Questions forum that I won't bother with here.

    As far as this kit goes, could I get a picture or two of inside the cabin? Being a '65, I know I've got a bit of kitbashing and work to do to convert it to a '63, but the more info I can get before I buy, the better.

    Thanks guys.