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  1. I would say I come across model car parts around once per month. I visit twice a week. The funny part is watching me dig for them. See when people before me dig through the bins, the boxes wind up opening up... and all the parts wind up inside the bin. so I have to dig to find all the tiny little parts. Which I dont mind, what sux is when you are looking for one part you know is missing never to find it. It most likely wasnot in the box originally so you have been digging for something you will never find
  2. Hey all- Thought I would share. I have a Goodwill outlet near me that I get model stuff from quite often. For anyone who doesnt know wha a goodwill outlet center is, basically they have huge bins in the building and you walk around with a trashcan on wheels. Fill it up and pay $1.19 per pound no matter what is in the can. finding a big pile of models there is actually what got me back into model building. Anyway Todays score was a complete "Spawn" vinyl Model kit, A 1/24 Ferrari model and 10 clear plastic cases that fit 1/24 models in them perfect. The spawn kit had what looked like some mildew on the parts. I scrubbed em with soapy water and an old toothbrush and everything cleans up fine. The Ferrari is missing the rims and a smally part of the motor- Nothing I cant find on my parts bin. I picked up a few other non-model things and the total for all of it was $13.00 I sure do love m Goodwill!
  3. The mold making stuff is Alumilite but the resin is generic stuff they sell at hobby lobby. where do I find the polyol resin?
  4. Hey guys I want to try casting some car bodies. I have cast stuff before using hobby lobby supplies (Alumilite). Every time I cast something it comes out hard, but sticky. I have tried heating up the mold, tried keeping a heat gun running on the mold while it hardened. I tried more hardner, less hardner and it always comes out sticky on the surface. On past things it hasnt been a big deal- i sand it off and then paint but on a car body which is already thin I think it could be an isssue. Is it the cheap-o resin from Hobby Lobby or am I doing something wrong?
  5. Thanks Man. The Zombie started life as a WWE wrestler. Walmart sells these little 3 packs of wrestler guys for about 7 bucks. They are not hard resin, they are kinda rubbery. basically just did some small mods to him and painted him. gotta finish his legs...
  6. Sorry I gotta actually put some info into my account- I live in Laurens, SC It just seemed odd because I took apart a truck and dunked the cab and it ate the paint within 2 days, but the fenders and bed have taken over 1 week in new PP. So I will bring it in and hopefully that will fix it. I did find that the clear rustoleum spray doesnt come off in the PP..... Oops.
  7. Thanks! It came from a model Tank- I glued the two halves together and adjustedit a bit to fit the front of the car. Ive been working on some others and really need to get back to this one.
  8. I did think maybe it died so I did buy a brand new bottle and tried again.... Same result. Im gonna bring the stuff in the house and see if it improves.
  9. I had bought some purple power from Walmart when I heard it was used to take off paint from models. The stuff worked great on a bunch of built models I found at the Goodwill. But now it seeams to have slowed way down taking the paint off parts from the same car that it easily stripped other parts from the car. The only change has been the temperature. Any Ideas?
  10. Im new here- Havent build alot on many years but here is one I started along these lines. I was building the mustang into a Post Zombie apocalypse vehicle and havnet gotten much done. The zombie is almost finished though.
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