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  1. sorry I forgott to post the final pictures of the beetle Enjoy !
  2. Thanks for your kind words guys ! I'll keep posting in a few days Denis
  3. I hadn't enough free time to work on the beast but here are some pictures of the WIP
  4. here is my new project built from the box - no spectacular modifications here not finished yet of course but it's just a question of time
  5. today I fond the time to finish the exhaust system and the front lights I think I'm done with this little deuce... (sorry for the pics, they are too "red", just don't know what happened)
  6. ordinary? I thought that putting him in flat head was too basic...
  7. the end is not so far I still need to correct the chrome part of the windshield and finetune the connection of the exhaust system This will be done for the next update
  8. let's go for my Monday evening update (yes, here in Belgium it's 9.5 PM) front axle is glued in place all the rest is just a mockup (not glued yet) to see ho the body fits on the frame I need to finish the rear axle and connect the exhaust system (not dry yet) any comments are welcome
  9. Small saturday evening update here. Things are going on, but very slowly, sorry I'm nearly done with the front axle. I've worked on the details and hope everything is ok The biggest part of my recent work was done on the small block. I did some wiring here and it was not the easiest part Here again I hope I haven't done too much mistakes. by the way, I have a small question: I wanted to work with a small oil filter (see last picture) located on the firewall but is it correct with the kind of engine I chose? And if corect, where do I need to connect it on the engine?
  10. Thanks for the comments and the information Hope he will be healthier soon
  11. This is only my second topchop and i'm not a pro you know but if I can help so please be my guest thanks for the tips I'll take a closer look there!
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