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  1. Jo-Han vs Revell... I want to stick with the Revell body. I don't care for the Jo-Han kit much... A few AMT kits come with a nice hemi to start with but the Revell kit is 1:24 and the AMT kits are 1:25... I'm concerned that if I use the AMT motor with a resin intake, carb, and air scoop, the scale difference might made it look funny... Do you think this will be a problem?
  2. Are you sure about this? Disc breaks were a required package and not an option on all Superbirds according to "Mopar Muscle: 50 Years" by Robert Genat. That might have been for the street versions but I can not see the street versions having disc brakes but not the race cars. Doesn't make sense to me... but hey I'm not a nascar guy, I'm a muscle car guy.
  3. Ok I'm getting way ahead here sorry. Okay so lets talk motor. I need to find a 426 hemi that would be correct and most of all, have the right intake and air cleaner. Anyone know where I can find one? Ross Gibson Engines has an interesting RGE-204 Rat Roadster hemi that looks close, but not quite right... Also, if anyone has any pics of the cages used in 1970, please send them to me and I'll attempt to build one.
  4. Looking over the Monogram and the Jo-Han I am lost... There are parts in the Jo-Han that monogram doesn't include like the steel wheels, fire extinguisher, racing style dash, roll cage, etc... Many of these can be fabricated and look better then the Jo-Han kit. The Jo-Han offers decals, but I've seen better decals online. The Jo-Han also looks to be a smaller scale. Jo-Han's tires are wider then Monograms... Everyone loves these kits, but honestly, the body on the Jo-Han really bugs me. Something looks all wrong with it. A lot of the parts are inaccurate. So my question is, why is this such a sought after kit? Monogram's 1/24 Superbird is pretty basic as they come. Looks like a 440 ci, so no hemi. The top would need to be sanded down and the weld seam simulated somehow or another. I feel that this is an important detail on the superbird that is often overlooked. The vinyl top was only there on the street counterparts to cover up this ugly seam where the flush mounted window was installed. Also that reminds me; the interior seems to be the 70 GTX's interior. I'd wonder if the panel lines are correct for the Superbirds interior. Both kits would need a lot of custom parts and plastic surgery to look right.
  5. A lot of things look funny about it, but I thought it was still a new looking build. The wing looked funny to me too. The cage is not correct, but to be honest, I haven't seen a single photo of what the cage is suppose to look like. All the photos I have collected are of the actual car on the track and you can't see anything or they are the museum cars which are not accurate replicas.
  6. Rick, The 70 SS454 isn't too bad. I can't decide which I like better, the AMT or Revell. The AMT's block looks too small... The Revell kits Air cleaner (at least on this issue) bugs me. But either Chevelle can easily be turned into a beautiful kit. I'll have to try out the 67 GTO body on the 67 Chevelle chassis. I am curious now. Yes, the unplated grille inserts are accurate, but I thought they might look much nicer if I could made an actual grille from correct sized mesh. If I can find some that is. Thanks for the compliment! When I can find them under $10, I jump on the kit. Oh, the 1970 Charger is horrible... (The Fast & Furious one) I'm a muscle car fanatic and not really into that stuff. I wasn't a fan of those movies. But I loved the Charger in the film so I wanted to build on for my collection. After opening the kit, I think I'm going to just build a Revell Charger and all my own roll cage, blower, and front grille and super detail it with some photo etched parts. I think it'll look cooler then the AMT Charger kit.
  7. This guy on Flickr did a very sweet looking Petty SuperBird from the Revell/Monogram kit. Monogram Petty SuperBird build I just wish I knew where to get the right cage and hemi like he used.
  8. Fascinating. I have the "Fast & Furious" Charger kit. Wasn't a fan of the movie, but I loved the car. The kit is horrible. I decided I would just get the Revell Charger and all the blower, cage myself, and other mods myself.
  9. Well, I wish I would have asked these questions about the Jo-Han and Monogram Petty SuperBird kits before I spent the money. Well, if anyone wants them I'd love to get some money back.
  10. I'm bringing this topic back. I haven't had much chance to build any kits for a few months. We have moved into a new place and I still have a lot of things packed up. My fiance is pregnant and I am proud to announce that I will have a new baby girl in July. Unfortunately I haven't had much time to build with everything going on. After looking over the two kits I like the AMT kit less and the Revell kit more. So how can I convert the Revell 66 GTO to a 67 GTO? The front bumber would be easy to modify in the Revell it, but the tail is completely different on the 66 and 67. I could cut the tails off both and graft the 67 to the Revell kit, but this might prove pretty challenging to get just right... Other then the tail, the rest of the kit would be pretty simple to change a few things around to get it to look just right, but the interior lines would be wrong... Also, to get the grille I thought about using mesh or metal window screening for the grille inserts. Anyway, going back to the tail; Any crafty ideas? Please share.
  11. My plan is to build a 1969 Dodge Charger 500, not a 68. I might try building the AMT kit first to see how bad it is. I know some of their other Charger kits aren't the best tooling...
  12. Bluesman Mark, Interesting Richard Petty facts! Did you see my topic on making a Petty #43 Superbird race car? I can't wait to start working on that one! I'm normally not really a NASCAR fan, but I love muscle cars and hotrods. In the December issue of Scale Auto, Clay Kemp made a really nice build of a 1980s Monte Carlo Aerocoupe. After reading the article, I became excited and wanted to do a 70 Petty Superbird using a lot of the same level of detail. There are only a handful of muscle cars I'd like to add to my collection. The 1969 Charger 500 is one of my must haves, but after buying a 69 Charger kit by AMT, I was discouraged. It's at bad at their 67 GTO kit. I plan on extensively modifying the 67 GTO to get it to look right. Back to the Charger 500. Do you think the resin kit will work on the Revell 69 Daytona kit?
  13. Yeah, that's right. Dodge come out with the Charger 500 in 69 and it still hasn't what they wanted with 18 victories versus Ford's 30 at the time. So back to the engineering shop and out rolled the Daytona Charger. I don't believe there was a 68 Charger 500 other then maybe prototypes. Well, I will pick up an AMT Charger 500 if I can find on. I have a 69 charger by AMT and the mold is as back as the 67 GTO kit. And to answer my own question, Decon makes a resin kit that works with the Daytona kit Decon
  14. What about the Johan kits? I hear they are pretty nice. Do they come with the roll cage? How about the correct racing hemi intake and air cleaner?
  15. No no, you're very right. The 69 Daytona has the same flush-mounted rear window as the 69 Charger 500. The cars are VERY close. According to my Mopar Muscle and Muscle Cars, Kings of the Street from the Golden Era books, the 69 Charger 500 & Daytona are the same cars. The 500 wasn't successful against Ford for superspeedway supremacy so they added an 18" aerodynamic nose and tall stabilizer to increase down-force. The Revell Daytona is a very nice kit so this is why I thought I'd use it as a nice 69 Charger 500 starting point. I just need the correct grille. The book says it was a Coronet grille, but what year, because 69 Coronets do not look like the Charger 500's grille. -brent
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