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  1. Thanks Ben, a friend had one stated away that he will give me Thanks Gregg
  2. Does anyone know where I can get a body for a box truck (like a Ryder rental)? prefer a 26' body but any size would do. I would build one if I could find build thread somewhere. Thanks for the help. Gregg
  3. Ok guys here is the photo that I was refering to in my first post.the other two were taken with my Iphone and the color is wrong. but I was just mocking it up to get an idea about how it would look, I am making this on box stock just to get over the hurtle. would love to do a Volvo 770 as that is what I drove as a driver trainer. Thanks again Gregg.
  4. Hi guys, I have been doing different types of modeling Railroads, R/C cars and boats but I am new to truck modeling and need some help. I have started the Revell (Snaptite?) Peterbilt 359 and need some advice. I am painting with Tamiya acrylic paints and was needing to now which color you would use for the Cat engine. I painted the cab and hood Lime Green and the frame black. but the hold up is the engine. Also does any one make a reefer trailor? found a photo on the internet of a Light green 359 and trailor comboand though I would try to copy it. Thanks for the help Gregg.
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