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  1. you can get one off ebay or find guys who willing to sell or trade them
  2. thank you very much as that trailer with the cars you have on is the exact one I am getting.
  3. ok I heard that revel usa peterbilt one new one is a bad kit and the new revell kenworth 900 with lighting bolts is not to bad of a kit both are 1/25 I just wanted the italire t900 austraian hauler kit which is a 1/24 kit is a very good kit and I love that look to and I know revell makes this kit to as a 1/25 scale but have not heard if any good
  4. cool thanks because i love the itarlia 1/24 t900 australian hualer truck I know revel makes one 1/25 but cannot find how well that kit is
  5. Yes i have been watching them on ebay all are 1/25 scale do you know if 1/24 scale semi will look alright with a 1/25 scale trailer or if 1/24 car will fit on the 1/25 scale trailer?is that one by revel a 1/24 scale and do you know what it is called or kit number to look at it plz
  6. Yes I can get a 1/25 car trailer one but cannot find any companys who build a 1/24 scale one and would a 1/25 scale trailer look alright on a 1/24 scale semi. do you know which company might make them if you think some do? or where i would get the tires and rims for a 1/24 scale to build it as i do have lots in my cars and trucks I have over 115 kits just no semi or haulers lol
  7. hello and thank you to all who will tell me i know some companys make a 1/25 car transport trailer but does any company make a 1/24 scale on or can 1/24 scale cars and trucks fit on the 1/25 and look right because there is a semi I want bad that is 1/24 scale and i want it to look right together and work any info here would be great plz and thankyou.
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