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  1. Fairlane added a post in a topic Air-Trax - Resin Kits of many British and German Cars   

    U can get those by sending an e-mail to: raurata@yahoo.com . But i don`t know that do they send the models to UK/USA,and how big are the posting.And how can you pay the model.

  2. Fairlane added a topic in Under Glass   

    Triumph TR3-A `58
    I Finished this today.It was a month long project.Unfortunetly,i messed up the window with glue,so thats why it is not on

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  3. Fairlane added a post in a topic Triumph TR3-A `58   

    I finished this today.I put the pictures to the Under Glass too.Unfortunetly,i messed the front window with glue

  4. Fairlane added a post in a topic '41 Willys Gasser   

    Hi Niko! I regonized you of the avatar and the "picture studio",you had the same avatar at FCMA Forum
    Nice model! Don`t forget to put some pics of the Black Widow,in here!
  5. Fairlane added a post in a topic Air-Trax - Resin Kits of many British and German Cars   

    Ok,here is some pics.Now i have 120 euros so i can order an resin model

    Building and interviewing an Anglia kit
    Building an Saab 96 kit
    Interview of Volvo Amazon kit
  6. Fairlane added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Revell Ford Escort III XR-3,has enybody built this model?
    Well,i bougth an Ford,and i am waiting it now.Has somebody built this model/or have it and could tell what kind of quality is it?
    Thank ya!

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  7. Fairlane added a post in a topic Emergency vehicle build   

    Very interesting project!! I didn`t know that there is an model made of an new Crown Victoria. Cool! Cool!
  8. Fairlane added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Air-Trax - Resin Kits of many British and German Cars
    So,Air-Trax is a two man firm.They do some resin models with their own molds,which are home made ones.The makers are from Finland,they are Tapani Rauramo and Juha Airio.Here is a building topic,in FCMA Forum,don`t mind about the Finnish language
    Here is a list of some models what they`re done and what you can order:

    ""'62 Ford Anglia, 80Euros, curbside

    '65 Ford Cortina, 90 Euros, w. separate hood, conversion parts for Tamiya Lotus7 engine

    '61-'64Ford Taunus 17m, 90Euros

    '63 Volvo P1800, 90Euros, separate hood, engine castings

    '73 Volvo P1800ES, 90Euros (Newest)

    '61-'64 Saab 96 Sport

    '69 Saab V4 90Euros+complete detailing set in resin50Euros

    '79 Saab V4, as above

    '59-'66 Triumph Herald, 70Euros, curbside, 2 separate tops (saloon&coupe), and a possibility to build a convertible. This is an early product, so accurate, yes, but expect a bit lower surface and detail quality...
    also, still possibly available

    '61 VW Typ 3, 40Euros, early(our first) mold, needs a Japanese Beetle kit. You'll get one if you insist!

    Ferrari PF Coupe, 105 Euros, with photo etched details

    Ferrari PF Convertible, 105 Euros, with photo etched details

    Triumph TR4, 75 Euros, with photo etched details, needs a Gunze or possibly Minicraft TR3 kit for donor.

    Triumph TRS, 75 Euros same as above TR4, but has a correct wheelbase frame.

    Volvo 131 Amazon 100 Euros, separate hood, engine castings, photo etch detail sheet

    MG 1100 4-d saloon,80Euros, needs a Tamiya Mini Cooper kit for donor

    '56-57 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Berlina,80Euros, use parts from Revel/Italeri/Protar Giulietta Spider kit.

    '62-'66 Alfa Romeo 2600Sprint, 65Euros, needs a Tamiya GTA and you lenghten the chassis+add 2 cylinders!

    '62 Dodge Lancer SW, 95Euros, with photo etched details, needs some Mopar kit parts.

    '79 Talbot-Sunbeam-Lotus Rally car, very complete with over 100 parts or as more simple curbside, 100 Euros curbside,150Euros detailed kit with underhood parts etc.

    Unless otherwise stated, our kits need parts from parts box, that preferably has stuff from Tamiya Lotus7, Tamiya Morgan, Aoshima/Airfix MGB, and use of imagination. We do not supply parts plated or windows in the kits.

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  9. Fairlane added a post in a topic 79 scirroco   

    That new paint is even better that the old one !!
  10. Fairlane added a post in a topic Triumph TR3-A `58   

    Ed: I just painted the body with an cheap Motip Color.And the green body what is in the last picture,it is the same body,before painting.And i don´t know,was that blue color in the colour map of TR3. jbwelda: I don`t know is it the same kit what Gunze had.
  11. Fairlane added a post in a topic Triumph TR3-A `58   

    Oh,i forgot to put a link for the other pictures,click
    here!And if you have some questions,just ask!
  12. Fairlane added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Triumph TR3-A `58

    This is my slowly project goin` forvard.It is a beautiful car!
    I ordered the model from Teppo Saari (Model Car Import) last month.It cost 24 euros,but i got it 22€.
    I painted the model with an Motip Color,light blue.
    Now the project is in my basement,because i had a little pause of this hobby.Now,some pictures:

    The project will go on!!

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  13. Fairlane added a post in a topic 69 olds w-30 442   

    Nice project .I have build an MPC kit,it was an W30 Cutlass too.I`ve never seen this kit before.

    You can look the pictures of my Olds here
  14. Fairlane added a post in a topic 79 scirroco   

    Wow! I like that! The wheels are fantastic and the colour too! Is it the old AMT`s kit?

    Nice project
  15. Fairlane added a post in a topic 78 dodge truck/78 chevy truck short beds   

    Wow! A 78 Chevrolet! I Can`t believe my eyes! That is a wonderful car.What manufacters kit is that?
    Very interesiting project.Is the Dodge made from AMT`s Red Little Truck?
    PS: Sorry for my bad English