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  1. nitrorules added a post in a topic WIP 84 Candies&Hughes funny car 1/24   

    Great work so far. I'm working on almost the same project. I'm building the War Eagle from the same era.

    Bob Strait
  2. nitrorules added a post in a topic Black Snake Cuda question   

    Thanks Guys

    Bob Strait
  3. nitrorules added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Black Snake Cuda question
    Does anyone know what color the chassis was on Don Prudhomme's black 72/73 Cuda F/C?

    Bob Strait
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  4. nitrorules added a post in a topic great Ivo decals   

    Wow, that is beautiful! I have the decals, but where can I get the body?

  5. nitrorules added a post in a topic Don Prudhomme Black Cuda "Hotwheels" F/C   

    Beautiful work. I've been wanting to build that car for a long time. You say you used Slixx decals, but what did you use for the Snake 3 logos on the side of the car?

    Bob Strait
  6. nitrorules added a post in a topic The Hawaiian Charger '71(?)   

    Just thought I'd post a picture of a late '71 & '74 Hawaiin Charger F/C that I recently finished. Hope you enjoy the pics. Can't wait to see some progress pics of your model.

    Bob Strait