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  1. cazxr2 added a post in a topic 'Snowball 2'   

    Oh my god. I've not been on mcm for ages and I pop in and see the snowball is on the move. I'm NEVER going away again lol. Can't wait to see pics.
  2. cazxr2 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Track day special
    Hi all I know this is a diecast but I did this as a break from the plastic. It started life as a rally escort cosworth

    I then stripped it repainted it matt black redone the interior flocked the floor removed the passenger light to make airflow easier for the engine. And here she is now ready for a blast around the track at the weekend

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  3. cazxr2 added a post in a topic 1/18 diecast make over   

    Finished and under glass

  4. cazxr2 added a post in a topic 61 impala SS 409   

    Looking good am following this for sure.
  5. cazxr2 added a post in a topic Countdown To Heart Surgery #3 "UPDATE"   

    That's ace. Just take it easy. And ask for help from the family and friends they are needed in times like this. Our thoughts are with u.
  6. cazxr2 added a post in a topic Why Do We Build Models???   

    Seeing as how everybody is posting why they got in to the game. Here's my story. I told u why I build. I've only been building for 2 years. I've always liked cars as far back as I can remember my most vivid memory is of me and my mate playing with what I think must of been about 1/12 or 1/16 general lee on my neighbours well. We would make jumps for it. It was diecast and man that got some abuse lol. So when I got a job (at 15) I bought a cheap mini (old style) and we used to rag it round the farmers field. It was just 5 minute walk away. So when I turned 17 passed my driving test. Bought a road legal car. And from then the cars have just come and gone 35 in total and I'm 32 years old. My favourite car being a Tuscan grey Renault 5 gt turbo. (not to be confused with a turbo 2) it was a machine 1.4 turbo'd engine, which the previous owner had spent a small fortune on. This car was amazing it was small but extremely fast. It would keep up with a scooby wrx. The car was my pride and joy. But it came to a sad end. After only owning the car for 5 days, some twat in a 4x4 nailed right into me. Luckily the car was fitted with full harness seat belts. I was unhurt but my pride and joy written off. fast forward ten years and I'm hoping I can recreate my pride and joy in either a model kit. Or simply modify a diecast.
    I only got into models by chance as I used to be an rc man. And while I was on the rc forums I spotted this forum and thought I'd pop In for s look. Seen some awesome cars and thought I'd give it a bash. That was 2 years ago in November, look now I sold all my rc stuff, converted my tool shed in to a "man cave" and have a loft full of unbuilt kits. So my thanks goes out to gregg for having this site. I wouldn't have this amazing hobby without spotting this place. And thanks also for the builders like rommell who not only build amazing models. But also help out the noobies like me
  7. cazxr2 added a post in a topic WORK BENCH SATURDAYS!!   

    This is my bench I know it's Tuesday but it's been like this over the weekend from left to right
    Volvo globetrotter I broke while taking it apart, then it's a scania "cool fruits" cab dark blue, then a scania ?????? Light blue. In the corner is a merc recovery truck, then a eddie stobbart. All in need of restoration. Then there's my 1/18 escort cosworth. And above on the shelf what's that more trucks in need of TLC lol I'm going to call it Craigs truck stop haha .

  8. cazxr2 added a post in a topic 1/18 diecast make over   

    Cheers mooneys well I've flocked the interior and I'm starting to detail the dash with pink so will have to wait and c how much pink there is first. But I'm loving this build it's going in my wee girls room. Maybe add a BMW at a later date. stay tuned
  9. cazxr2 added a post in a topic 1/18 diecast make over   

    Hi folks did a bit more on this here's a wee mock up how it is

    Here's what I started with

    I've got the interior back out I'm planning on painting the seat belts pink and embossing powder on the floor. And then adding few more bits of detail painting but this is just a side project when ive got a spare few minutes. Any comments welcome
  10. cazxr2 added a post in a topic Stripping glue bombs????   

    Cheers Steve yeah there in fair to good condition. Some need fully restored. Do I take windows out before it goes in freezer
  11. cazxr2 added a topic in General   

    Stripping glue bombs????
    Hi guys I've acquired about 15 built up truck and trailers. The trucks are all complete as far as i know and all have instructions, the trailers are in good order. The question I got is for the trucks themselves, I want to strip them and rebuild them my way. What is the best way to do that? Cheers Craig ps here's a pic of the units

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  12. cazxr2 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got this today. Got it free in a deal. Well happy as I was looking for another 1/18 to modify
    Ps the puppy above well cute
  13. cazxr2 added a post in a topic Why Do We Build Models???   

    I build because I love ll things about cars. When I was younger I would "pimp" up my 1:1 cars. But now I have more sence. (a little mire sence) and less cash. I build models. I build them how I want them. Not what the box says. But what I say. I've only been building models for a few years now. Never had the space we used to live in a 1 bed flat. Now I have my own "MAN CAVE" and i love to see a model transform from plastic in a box to a car on the shelf. I think since joining this group on here I have improved my Skills.
    Here's my first model built in November 09

    And this one if my more recent. I owe all u guys on here a big thanks. Especially diymirage for all the help he's giving me over the last couple of years
  14. cazxr2 added a post in a topic 1/4 mile Harley Davidson : 1/12 scale Drag Bike   

    Wow that's all I can say........ You have so much talent u must have a house full of amazing builds.
  15. cazxr2 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Congrats on the wedding?