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  1. That is awesome! It's definitely a beaut'! I took an ASA camaro and turned it into a 'fantasy street stock dirt car'. I used to have a 91' camaro that I wanted to build into a racecar and race at my local track but rules wouldn't allow it so here's what I believe she'd look like after a tough night.
  2. Thanks guys! For the weathering I just used a black wash... Let it dry a little ... Then I lightly wet a brush and went over it... Then wiped off excess water and wash... I think it took me a couple of tries before I was satisfied with my work. Hope that helps! And for the floorboard covering I used masking tape, painted it white, then went over it with a black wash
  3. Since this is the 1963 impala, it had the Chevy 427 "mystery motor" big block Here are a couple reference pictures I'm using... However this one doesn't have any breathers.... I was mainly using this as a header reference .... These are of the actual car
  4. Thanks guys! I hope my work can do this car justice, and live up to your expectations. I just got some more pictures of my latest work. I'll also probably be posting the reference pictures that I'm going off of also. Here are some of the scratch built roll cage, weathered seat and dash, rear trunk work, and floorboard covering.
  5. Ok so here is a project that I am very excited about! Building Junior Johnson's 1963 Holly Farms Impala. I took a 63' impala kit and am pretty much building the racecar from the ground up. I don't have too many pictures yet of the progress but here are a few... This was my first ever attempt to cut a door off anything. Some progress on the scratch built roll cage
  6. It's beautiful, simply beautiful. Great work!
  7. Thanks everyone for the warm comments! I'm getting back into modeling after a little hiatus.... Just wondering what is the best 'Free' site to link pictures to on the forum these days? Or is that something they allow you to do anymore? I'd like to post my current WIP that I'm excited to show you guys and would like some encouragement.
  8. RacinRay88

    T Bird

    Beautiful! This one is on my build list.
  9. Very nice! It seems like a lot of the old school cars are coming back. Taking us back to our roots haha
  10. why have I never thought to look for 'non frosting' haha I figured it was the nature of the beast. Thanks a lot
  11. Well it's not NASCAR but its what a lot of these guys cut their teeth doing. I gotta say I underestimated this kit, I'm used to doing NASCAR kits and this one was actually more of a challenge but I enjoyed it! I've never used decal set or decal sol but I really wish I had it for this kit... The decals on the wing was a challenge. Thanks for looking
  12. Hi all, for my models I usually use a fast setting model super glue 'Extreme Power : Thick' but it causes a "frosting" effect which is a problem on painted pieces... Can anyone point me in the right direction for some good quality glue that won't frost on painted parts? Thanks a lot -Ray
  13. iiiiiiiii'mmmmmmm baaaaaaaaack!!

  14. just a quick build of Dale Earnhardt's 1988 Goodwrench Chevy some parts were missing in the kit but it didnt turn out too bad!
  15. very nice build jose! great detail. i especially like how you added the coolant overflow pipe at the base of the passanger windshield, very cool!
  16. man you guys have built some awesome cars!! amazing work!! here is one of my first dirt trackers
  17. I'll never get tired of seeing those black #3 cars. Beautiful builds. I'm currently working on Dale Sr's 1988 goodwrench car. After that I've got the 81' , 86' , and 01' cars. Can't wait to see how your wrangler cars come out!
  18. ok im building a few old Earnhardt Monte Carlo's.... one is from 1988 the other is the 1981 and 1986 combo kit from 1993.... any tips on applying old decals like that...or better off trying to find aftermarket decals?
  19. what is "future" that sounds like a great idea. the windex wont hurt the paint finish?
  20. Yah! its very aggrivating! my last Earnhardt car i did had the most beautiful smooth glossy paint job with great detail....but the decals wouldnt stick....what good is a nascar model if the stickers wont stick......its just a plain black car then.... Since it is the 10th year since Earnhardt Sr's death i bought 2 new kits both are late 80's early 90's... and im afraid if i dont find a solution im going to be disapointed
  21. Hey Everyone. I've ran into some problems in the past with older model kits... i built a 1990 dale earnhardt car but the decals didn't want to stick once applied...they just kind of flaked off. the most recent car im building is a mid 90's F1 car. i applied the goodyear decals to the tires but once they started to dry they just started peeling and flaking off. i was wondering if decal set or decal solvent whatever it is would solve this problem or if anyone had tips on how to stop this madness!!! thank a lot!
  22. Beautiful color. Nice build!
  23. Very nice job! i bet your dad was proud! Beautiful paint job
  24. Hey everyone, i've had this kit for a while now but just decided to finish it tonight!, had planned on detailing the motor but i liked the way it looked with the body down better. first time doing a candy paint job, fun build. thanks for looking
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