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  1. dudo added a post in a topic Kenworth K500 scheme with dimensions request   

    I need drawing with dimensions of truck, or send me a link lead me to do it easier because I am from Europe and I can not speak good english. She'd helped me by.
  2. dudo added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Kenworth K500 scheme with dimensions request
    Hi everybody,
    I have one request to built up model of this truck. I m looking for scheme with basic dimensions of wheel base, chassis and posibble lay outs of wheel bases /6x4,6x6,8x4 etc./. Basiclly I looking for type with single tyre on rear axles /ballon tyre/. I m from Europe and it is nearly impossible to find this infos about american truck here. Thank you for your help.
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