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  1. Dante added a topic in General   

    Anyone make decals for 'Little Hoss'?
    I thought this would be a fun project. Anyone make a set for this one?

    Dante in KCMO

    Took these at the Super Car Reunion '02 at Mid-America Raceway, Wentzville, MO (torn down to make way for a new subdivision )

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  2. Dante added a topic in General   

    Which 70 Chevelle SS is better?
    I built the AMT when I was a kid, but I have never seen the Monogram out of the box

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  3. Dante added a topic in General   

    Hello from a new guy
    Hello all,

    New to the forum, new to car modeling. I've built models all my life, 1/48 aircraft almost exclusively. I've decided to start building 1/24-25 cars. I am particularly interested in 60's-70's muscle cars, S/S drag cars, and gassers.

    Can anyone steer me towards sources for aftermarket decals, resin, PE, etc for these?


    Dante in KCMO
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