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  1. Never released. A friend of mine used to go dumpster diving at IMC in the '60's '70's claims he saw a test shot with no rivets on the body. Mysteriously disappeared right before TESTORS bought IMC. They did a artist sketch on in the catalog.
  2. The rear deck pieces were on the Caliente & Cyclones. Convertibles only came in the Caliente trim, these pieces were on the convertible as well. They hide the seam on the tulip panel
  3. Check HARTS PARTS or there was someone named Harper's Bazarre. I think
  4. Story is Bill Mitchell caught a Mako Shark while fishing in Florida & had it mounted. When the car was built, he wanted the paint to reflect the color scales of the Mako Shark. After numerous times all rejected by Mitchell, the painters stole the fish from his office & painted it to match the car. He was ecstatic that they finally got the color of the car correct.
  5. Jeff is a great guy to deal with. Super quick shipping & responses. Molded in white resin
  6. Kevin at missing link resin does the turtle deck for the Little T & Gooche does the decals
  7. Anyone have problems fitting the windshield without chipping the paint? Killer kit tho & defiantly worth the wait
  8. JIMMY FLINTSTONE. Older offering when he was doing the TESTORS HSO stuff
  9. YEP!!!! Dan is a class act!!!
  10. BEAUTIFULLY molded body of a very cool car. Keep up the good work Kevin!!!
  11. COOL!! Bring one to the next meeting Jeff. Might get my but i gear to finish.
  12. On the side of the box it says TAMPO PRINTED TIRES. What Happened? the white wall decals look ridiculous, MOEBIUS to the rescue!!
  13. They do show up on EBAY from time to time. I think his buddy is selling them.
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