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  1. I'm looking for a place online to purchase resin parts such as engine blocks, turbos, brake rotors and stuff of that sort. Anyone able to point me in the right direction? Thank you.
  2. Well got a little bit of work done to it today and decided to snap some pictures. I actually went out today and picked up a tube of glazing putty and I will say that I am very happy with the results. I got the wheels and rotors glued up and ready to be mounted: Here is my little jig to keep the rear suspension straight while it drys: Got the body primed and then put some glazing putty on it where it needed it, got one side sanded and still have the other one to go as you can see: Here is the sanded side and on the other side is the top where i spread some putty to cover some casting dimples: Thats all for now, gonna let it all dry over night and then work on it pretty much all day tomorrow so look forward to some more pictures coming soon.
  3. I found the link to it, watched the video and it looks like what I'm looking for. Now I just need to find a good airbrush and compressor and I'll be all set. Here is the link if anyone is interested in taking a look: http://www.modelexpo-online.com/product.asp?ITEMNO=HSE420
  4. Thank you for all the kind words and advice guys, keep it coming. As for the answer to the question above, I am thinking about scrapping the top and building it into a roadster. The only think I would have to do is cut the rear fenders flares out of the bottom half of the body and mold them into the chassis.
  5. Well this is my first build in a little over 16 years and believe me when I say I am rusty as hell. These pictures are the ones that I have taken over the past couple of days of working on the kit. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions feel free to share them. These pictures were taken with my cell phone because my camera is MIA at the moment. This the frame of the car plus the front steering: A little detail I have been working on for the brake rotors: This is the main body, I'm working on "shaving" the door lines. I am using Squadron Products White Putty and it sucks, I am looking for something else to use but here are the pictures of it up to this point: That is it for now, I am working on this project almost every day so I should have new pictures up quite frequently, as I said let me know what you think or if you think I could do something a different way don't be afraid to share your idea with me. Thanks.
  6. I hate to dredge up old topics but I am currently using the putty that the OP was talking about. I hate it, I noticed that someone mentioned using bondo, what bondo do you use? How do you mix it up for such a small project?
  7. It's getting colder outside and I won't be able to paint any bodies outside, does anyone have any ideas for creating an indoor paint booth? Right now I will be using spray cans to paint but soon will be investing in an airbrush and compressor. Thank you for any help you guys can give me.
  8. Right now I am living in the Phillipsburg area. Yeah my pics right now are pretty bad, I just tried shaving some body lines off the car. Not turning out so well at the moment.
  9. Just wanted to stop in and say hello, name is Corey, been away from the hobby for almost 16 years and now I'm back. I have a love for hot rods so you'll probably be seeing me build mostly those. I am currently working on AMT ERTL's Boyd Coddingtons American Hodrod 1932 Ford Coupe, just basically started today. I'll post up some WIP pictures as soon as I have some substantial work done. Well that's about it from me for now, glad to be here and I hope to see you guys around.
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