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  1. A bit of a progress update. Got some paint laid on and am now heading towards final installation, plumbing and detailing on the chassis and engine.
  2. Looks great so far. The small details bring it to another level
  3. Finished up the engine detailing and put some paint on...still have to second coat the silver and put the fan belt on but I'm stoked to be able to finally add some colour
  4. Hey all, its been a long while since I have shared anything on this forum so I thought I'd share a few pics of my project. It's a 1951 Corbitt Tall boy. I've been slowly making all the bits and pieces for the last twelve months and I'm finally almost at the point where I can start painting her and adding d
  5. Thats looking sweet!! Look forward to seeing more.
  6. codie27


    Thats looking super clean so far.
  7. Awesome!! I'll be following this build, this is gonna be cool!.
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the interest and comments,its much appreciated. If I knew how to cast it in resin I would gladly make a few since theres enough interest!! Anyway, heres a few pics taken since spraying on the primer,its really taking its shape now..hope you like. As always comments and suggestions,good or bad are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  9. Hello again all. Thought Id stop in and share a progress update on my Buick project. Ive finally finished both taillight housings and shaped the fin behind them to closer resemble the Buick rear. Ive also added evergreen strips around the side window openings to represent the stainless steel trim and made up some quarter vent windows,extended the doors by rescribing the panel lines and also laminated the decklid to give it that slight hump and longer lid length the Buick has then rescribed the gaps to be nice and deep. Hope you enjoy the pics. Any comments or suggestions, good or bad are welcome.
  10. Looking at the last pic Id say youre right on!!
  11. This has been one of my favourite recent build threads lately!! Ive gotta say I really like the two you were trying, but the way youve decided still makes this one awesome beast!
  12. Look forward to seeing more pics, great work so far.
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