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  1. Hexagram added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Removable hubcaps/dog dish caps
    Just something I came up with for a build I'm working on, couldn't decide between open steelies or hub caps. Thought I would share.

    Using some small magnets I found at a LHS. I drilled a hole the size of the magnets in the centre of the rim and added some tube type evergreen to the back of my desired "dog dish". Then pushed the magnets into the hole, and locked them in place with some thin Tamiya glue. Make sure you have the opposite poles facing so the magnets stick


    The tube styrene holds the magnet in place

    The magnet in the rear rims are flush with the rim face, the magnets in the front rims stick out abit, kinda like the dust cap on the hub

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  2. Hexagram added a post in a topic Lets See Your Replicas of Yours/Your Families Cars   

    Unfortunately, I procrastinate so nothing is finished. But that will change..... eventually

    02 s10

    92 roadmaster wagon

    72 camaro

  3. Hexagram added a post in a topic Camaro Wagon *Update 8/31 w/ finished model from c.c.racer*   

    As a wagon and camaro owner id love to see this, heres a link I found that has some 1st gen camaro wagon concepts gm was working on back in the day. Theres also some pre 67 camaro drawings aswell

  4. Hexagram added a post in a topic Slammed truck   

    Thanks saved me from buying every nascar kit i could find
  5. Hexagram added a post in a topic Slammed truck   

    I like your rims which kit did you get them from, been looking for a set with the 8 holes. I like the truck too, to much short beds. The long boxes need love too
  6. Hexagram added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Sold my S10 for something sportier, drove it all the way to the east coast, rides like a cloud. miss my baby back in ontario tho

  7. Hexagram added a post in a topic '74 Camaro   

    Nice big bumper Im a big fan of second gens I have a 72 in the garage and about half a dozen on the work bench in scale. Good luck with the resto of your 74, if you havn't already you should go over to NastyZ28.com its another time consumer for me, the have every thing you need to know about 2nd gens. You using the the new round 2 version or an older kit.
  8. Hexagram added a post in a topic !970 Camaro   

    Really like the car and love the scale version, it looks great! Early second gens are my favourite, if i could find the D80 spoiler from the baldwin kit i could finish the model of mine a, 72. You on NastyZ28.com also?
  9. Hexagram added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I'd like to ad to the S10/sanoma craze. This has been my daily driver for the last 2 1/2 years, Ive racked up more then 95000 km, it takes a beating and asks for more. By the end of the month it will be replaced by a more fuel efficient and free 92 Passat,

    02 Chev S10, 205k, 4.3 v6, 4l60 auto trans and fuzzy red cuffs

    And to scare the local tuners my dream car, a 72 camaro 350 sbc, auto with cross eyed stripes (original owners fault), currently being duplicated in plastic form.

  10. Hexagram added a post in a topic Junkyard cars   

    In the past I've used cellophane or saran wrap folded over its self and wrinkled to make shattered windshields, and I just cut some of the bottom of the tire and melt the rest with a flame to make it deflated looking.
  11. Hexagram added a post in a topic Something a little different...   

    That is too cool I used to have on of these till some one bent the frame jumping it, very nice to see a scale recreation of it nice job.
  12. Hexagram added a post in a topic 96 Chevy Dually   

    Sorry for the long wait all my projects are currently on hold for a wile as I'm stuck in the barracks in CFB Borden. I make to much of a mess when building and we have inspections every so often. Thanks for the comments I'm vary eager to get back at this build.
  13. Hexagram added a post in a topic Interests outside of model cars?   

    Snowboarding, playing paintball, building things, my s10, my Iroc, Demolition derby and drinkin' Dr pepper. I have too much hobbies that cost to much money
  14. Hexagram added a post in a topic A-Team Van   

    Looks like you got some fun times ahead, I see what you mean about the glue on that moon roof, and right side as-well as the grill.
  15. Hexagram added a post in a topic 96 Chevy Dually   

    Yup the U joints and drive shaft were all built using styrene tube, and aluminum tube.

    I've never been to dave's farm but I'm a fan of his loopy creativity.