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  1. Hi all, Life got in my way and I am picking up modeling again after a long break. A few years ago someone shared the article/file Unraveling the Snake Pit with me and I’ve since changed my ISP and the file was lost. I also had it on a long dead laptop. I was wondering if anyone still has the file/articles and would be kind enough to send them to me? They were about the Hawaiian specifically but provided tips that can be used on all builds of funnies. I would be greatly appreciative. Dave
  2. Hi All, It's been awhile since my last visit. I'm getting ready to break out the two car Mongoose and Snake kit pack and want to try my hand at adding details to the cars. Someone was kind enough to send me an old article on super detailing that was based on the Hawaiian Funny and there are others I beleive. I lost these references when I changed ISP's, so I'm hoping someone here will have a link or a copy I could get my hands on? Thanks in advance folks. Dave
  3. Thanks for posting Ray. Looking forward to seeing more.
  4. Nice work Art! I'm loving this. Where can I get some of the valve cover breathers like you used? I need some for a flopper project to make it look right. Keep up the good work!
  5. Nicely done! Very clean and I have to say you haven't overdone anything in a taseful way. Thanks for sharing your work!
  6. I loved those Tom Daniel kits when I first saw them years ago. Funky yet cool hot rods. Has anyone done the Paddy Wagon around here recently? How about Tiajuana Taxi? Nice work there man!
  7. Love the old school dragsters and those are nice examples. Thanks for sharing your work.
  8. Hope you feel better man! Here's to more progress in your health and your project.
  9. Any updates on this? looking forward to more. Thanks.
  10. The 70 T/A is one of my favorites! I'll be checking in on this one. What color are you going to use? The blue with a white stripe? Fire it up Shane!
  11. Wow Tye! That is really well done. You guys amaze me on these boards!
  12. Very nice Chris! What size wire did you use for the plugs? Thanks and keep it up!
  13. Hi Folks, this has probably been asked before so forgive me if it has,but I couldn't find anything while searching the forum and the web in general. I DID find some hit or miss pics on the web, and some of the great work here, but I was wondering if any of you guys have any pics/schematics of how the lines went from the enigine to the tanks, oil, etc. I admit I'm a novice but I love the old funnies and need to gain some insight and you guys are the best I've seen, so your opinions and help are greatly appreciated. I'm getting ready to start my first project in the realm of funny cars and the subject will be the Mongoose and Snake Duster and Cuda that came in a combo pack. Thanks and i look forward to your comments.
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