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  1. 85firebird added a post in a topic MIcheals Clearence   

    The micheals here always have kits on clearance. They usually do it when they get new kits in. Ive yet to see them make the modeling section smaller. Its usually just new inventory.
  2. 85firebird added a post in a topic Model Cars being built on youtube   

    Theres one of a 1/20th tamiya F1 car that was very detailed and had many parts to it. I find these videos quite informative.
  3. 85firebird added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Scored these today at a flea market in Florida.

  4. 85firebird added a post in a topic Has anyone built Tamiya's 1/12 "Lunch Box" van   

    Nope they are 1/12th. I built an RC version of the midnight pumpkin which was the same kit with different chassis. the bodies from these RCs are quite nice. I think using detail parts from a 1/12th camaro or soemthing would be sick.
  5. 85firebird added a post in a topic WHere is Dukefan69?   

    Not sure why the bashing on Dukefan even started to begin with but I am sure glad that school is out for the summer. I hate waiting for the yellow school buses in the morning while sitting in my car. Now I can leave the house later and still get to work the same time.

    EDIT: LMAO at Marks gif. ^^^
  6. 85firebird added a post in a topic Can you use one coat laqers over duplicolor primers?   

    Ive used it a few times. Just make sure the primer is completely dry before you apply the paint or it might crack or bubble.
  7. 85firebird added a post in a topic New to the hobby   

    Id just start with a level 2 kit. Both AMT and Revell offer a bunch of kits that are american muscle and whatnot. Maybe you can start with making a replica of your 1:1?
  8. 85firebird added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby- Lots of Clearance Model Kits!   

    Im pretty sure its just called hobby lobby. They are a craft store similar to micheals or AC moore. Heres their website:

  9. 85firebird added a post in a topic What's Your Favorite Looking Domestic Engine   

    for me itd be the 427 chevy which was equipped in the copo camaros.

  10. 85firebird added a post in a topic Beach diorama base - DONE 6/26   

    Someone didn't check the post date...
  11. 85firebird added a post in a topic Cuba Cars   

    Im pretty sure the sale of those old cars arent forbidden. You can actually view some of them for sale on Cuba's craigslist.


    EDIT: I also found a knockoff jeep. Thought it was interesting. Apparently it has a Nissan engine in it.
  12. 85firebird added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1969 Super Bee
    Thought Id start on this project. This is like my 3rd model Ive built so here it is. Comments are welcomed.

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  13. 85firebird added a post in a topic 69 Camaro   

    Who said you cant roll paint on a car?

    Sure it aint no show car but, cant beat it for 15bucks. I actually still have 2 coats of paint left to put on it, and buff the paint.
  14. 85firebird added a post in a topic Ghost Ride the whip   

    Heres another thats pretty crazy IMO. I consider them lucky they didnt hit someone and kill themselves or something.

  15. 85firebird added a post in a topic Pro-Touring '70 CUDA AAR   

    Sweet can man. I think the proportions look a lot better now. It reminds me of the challenger they had on overhaulin.