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  1. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic 1959 Ford Custom 300/Tennessee Highway Patrol   

    I love POLICE cars.............especially the Trooper's supervisor cars, most were two door post cars unlike the regular trooper cars being 4 door.
  2. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic 1959 Ford Custom 300/Tennessee Highway Patrol   

    Sweet tater man.......I can hear that 352 POLICE Inerceptor rumble right now!
  3. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic Making your own "wide 5" racing wheels/hubs   

    Well presented, thanks for sharing........
  4. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic 1946 Airfloat   

    Very nice work, I have had one similar on the drawing board for a couple of years...yours is awesome and needs a resin '49 Buick wood sided wagon with a straight 8 towing this puppy.
  5. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic Revell 48 Ford   

    Absolutely perfect stance.....great HOT ROD
  6. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic 62 Catalina   

    Any of you out there remember "HANK BORGER" ? He built this Poncho for me as a gift from a friend back in 2009
  7. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic 62 Catalina   

    My Poncho build.......
  8. Mark Box (421sd) added a topic in General   

    Looking to split motel expenses for Atlanta NNL
    I am looking for someone going to Atlanta on Nov. 11 & 12 for the NNL East event to share a motel room one or both nights at the Galleria Inn (old Holiday INN) host hotel. I already have the room reserved for Friday and Sat. nights with confirmation.
    I am a U.S. citizen, non-smoking, w/m , 60 years old, never been arrested or in jail, been building models for a very long time. Here is the catch. READ CAREFULLY!


    Don't even think about sharing a room with me unless you snore, AND DO NOT SMOKE, IN THE ROOM. Others have tried ear plugs. They never came back. Some left in the middle of the night. So.......
    if you snore, WON'T SMOKE IN THE ROOM, can pay your half of $55 PER NIGHT and think you can handle my SNORING, maybe we can share these two nights, saving us both $$$
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  9. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Black Widow convertible - follow up   

    That is one fine build. The best trophy out there is putting something on the table no one else brought. You nailed it bud!
  10. Mark Box (421sd) added a topic in Where's Waldo?   

    RE-Where's Waldo
    Just for those that really want to know, Waldo, Fl. 56 miles north of Ocala on highway 301 is the "speed trap" that generates the dollars for community. Just cruize thru there anytime 1/4 mph over the speed limit and look for that "plain Jane", unmarked, Hemi, Dodge Charger in your rear view mirror with the blue lights in the grille......'Deputy Leroy Jessee Pusser (grandson of the late Buford T. Pusser) from Mcnary Co. Tn. will come 'splain the Waldo speed limit to you, southern style and you won't talk your way out of a ticket.

    I reside in Ocala, Fl. not to far from Crazy Jim over in Citrus Springs..........
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  11. Mark Box (421sd) added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Vintahe SCCA Corvette #12
    I left off the master cylinder and shocks so it could still qualify for "On the workbench"

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  12. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic Vintage '57 Corvette road racer wip   

    It is actually a kit that has been out for several years. AMT ERTL, there is a stock one with red car on the box and the pro-street one with green car on the box. It is pretty much right out of the box except for resin wheels and 4 Revell left fronts from their sprint car kits. I wired the engine and the rollbar is solder. I replaced the factory door panels with sheet Evergreen. It will be finished soon.
  13. Mark Box (421sd) added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Vintage '57 Corvette road racer wip
    Here is a quickie build to give me a break inbetween old stock cars...............it is fictioucs and is suppose to represent a vintage race car actually racing today. I will post again when it is done.
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  14. Mark Box (421sd) added a post in a topic New Oldsmobile Ragtop kit   

    Guess I got so excited about the new release, I failed to think............I went to the new kit review link and checked it out right after I posted.........anybody thought about AMT's '66 Olds 442 convertible kit? It comes with an uptop.
  15. Mark Box (421sd) added a topic in On The Workbench   

    New Oldsmobile Ragtop kit
    Hello all,
    Just joined this forum this morning. Can someone tell me if the new Revell Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible kit comes with an up-top? Does it come with the 400 cu in motor only?

    Thanks, Mark Box (421sd)
    Ocala, Fl.
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