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  1. Little progress. Step boxes and battery/ storages boxes built on both sides .
  2. Added side slats and center spine . L stands for logger , W stands for Worthington , one of the founders of KW. This truck will be an oil field winch tractor.
  3. Frame cut, radiator mount built along with cab mounts, Radiator , hood and cab pretty well aligned. No permanent cross members but now I has something I can build to .
  4. Rebuilding truck I started many years ago which was badly damaged. Currently rebuilding the cab. Steel hood . 132BBC cab.
  5. Mixer looks really good. Learned a lot watching it come together. Makes me want to build another one.
  6. Swirled the drum. Got some touch up to do, but it may turn out ok .
  7. Mock up with more paint. 1st color on the drum , going to try and swirl some stripes.
  8. This truck is base on photos, specs and details from a vocational fleet of mixers and dumps based in Ontario.
  9. 63" cab . Added small rear window and enclosed right safety window, opened the bottom of the cab to accommodate steps. Relocated water tank. Drilled out and pinned chute and adder to function better.
  10. DD 8v92 and rack Allision AT. Cab rack air cleaner, air dryer , tilt mechanism and oil everfill.
  11. Trying to clear out WIP since I am stuck on several projects. Mid 70's K 100 quad axle mixer. Chassis fabricated from 7/16 fine line channel including kw crossmembers, fuel and air tanks, hydro pump oil cooler and box bumper. 72" waking beam rubber block and 72" torsion bar front which KW offered as a nondrive front . Fabricated front axles.
  12. Photo of rear drive shafts. Jifflox connected to tractor
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