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  1. Spread tandem rear. AMT extended leaf spring combined with Plaskit 72" walking beam and added detail.
  2. Early eighties WS tractor. Fabricated chassis. fuel tanks , battery box, air start tank, hose carrier, tire carrier ,pneumatic unloading system , 5th wheel mount and carriage, tire chain hangers. Storage boxes and sanders from AITM. Wheels and tires from Jamie. Cab is italeri and hood is updated and widened AMT hood.
  3. New air shield, battery box, quarter fenders and L10 Cummins, some progress.
  4. 20190426_160815_zps0xm0ajtb.jpg FLA1 (1).html 20190426_160815_zps0xm0ajtb.jpg FLA1 (5).html
  5. 20190426_160901_zpsy62idny3.jpg FLA5.html20190426_160815_zps0xm0ajtb.jpg FLA1.html
  6. Update. Continuing to work on the cab update to a 1991 and conversion to LCF.
  7. I think my cab is too big a mess to work with in any reasonable amount of time. Maybe work on it some down the road without time constraints.n Everybody have fun. i'll be watching.
  8. LCF Frieghtliner tank truck/trailer combination similar to western supertankers, Starting with repurposed 63 inch Frieghtliner cab . Other parts will be fabricated and come from various kits and aftermarket sources.
  9. I plan to build a LCF Frieghtliner tank truck and trailer , A Western super tank. My starting place is this repurposed 63 inch freightliner cabover. The remainder of the parts will be fabricated and come from various kits.
  10. I would not try and shorten the axle. You are left with all kind of tie rod and steering rod problems. I would work to get the tires off. The good news is ca is brittle and sometimes it breaks easily. If you get the tires off I would hollow out the center of the tires with a dremel tool. If these tires are like the old RNK tires, I think they are actually identical, there is rim detail on the back of the tire. If you grind out the tire to that diameter it will leave an edge for the wheel to sit on and you can shim out from the steering back plate to get the tire clearance closer to where you want it. The problem becomes steering rod and brake can clearance. Wide tires are always a problem. Warren
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