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  1. Great little project You've shared here Thank You I was thinking Zappa too on the figure 😄
  2. I agree with the rest of the Group, You definitely have the "touch" for rust Sir! A most impressive lot of distressed automobiles there. Thank You for sharing with Us here. I look forward to seeing more Later Russ
  3. Alan I am deeply in awe of Your work on this subject, absolutely fascinating! You have spark an idea for a Thames Panel I have on the shelf. Thank You for sharing with Us here, I am looking forward to more of this project. Cheers Russ
  4. Beautiful A Great build Thank You for sharing Later Russ
  5. This is one "Killer" of a project I like it a lot! Thank You for sharing this with Us I am really excited about this Watching this "closely" Later Russ
  6. Totally awesome work Man! Thank You for sharing with Us here Watching Later Russell
  7. YEs indeed, very nice I like Beetles Thank You for sharing Later
  8. Preview looks Awesome Dann Looking forward to more Thank You for sharing with Us here I've been collecting parts for a super-detail myself Later Russ
  9. Such Beauty!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sharing this build with Us here Steve I had been wondering what a stree version of this little fellow would look like.......... Now We know!! Looking forward to more Later Russ
  10. Very nice build subject Bob (I have several of these mopar body types to build in my stash) Very impressive work on the engine bay You convinced me to try some Fireball parts with your preview of tires, Thank You again I am looking forward to this build very much Thank You for sharing with Us here Later Russ
  11. I am in awe of that engine build Sir I am going to use Your build as referance as I have two of these kits to build one stock, My Father hsd one several years ago and I am going to do a Stinger type build as well Thank You for sharing with Us here I am looking forward to more of Your build Later Ruuss
  12. Hey Don, Yes, Yes that is very true, I will build it the best way I can, but,then on the other hand, watch the "info-master-experts" come crawling out of the wood work ? Thanks for the encouragement I will strive for the best build I can Later Russ
  13. Thank You Guys, But, I have those pics and the websites, was hoping to get some interior and engine shots not too many of those out on the web
  14. Tim Thank You for sharing the history and the build with Us Really do appreciate Your skill Later Russ
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