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  1. brett

    zaps rat

    Thanks for the reply's guys, really appreciate them. Alan thanks especially for the added info
  2. Thank you all gentlemen
  3. cut the body up a bit stuck it back together with some extra bits then cast it, then built it. Only kit parts are the tunnel ram and front wheels. Everything else is brass, resin or scratchbuilt
  4. brett

    zaps rat

    just realized the finished pics weren't posted here,made the body starting with a 72 gto, everything else brass, resin or scratch built apart from the wheels and tires (pro sportsman)
  5. beautiful job, superbly done and paint is killer
  6. great looking builds Gentlemen 👍
  7. Thanks Ron G scale ( I think) so close to 1:24th/1:25th railway figures from ebay. Few Tamiya and Fugimi in there as well
  8. they're just the kit decals from the Revell pick up gasser last issued a few years back
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