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  1. just the smell of nitro and burning rubber
  2. pt 2 currently working on two pro mods now
  3. Moved house towards the end of last year and have had trouble getting on here since. But there's the new drag stuff since last July PT 1
  4. looking good Joe, guessing I'm gonna have the same fun when I start my Goeske Roadrunner next year. Hey at least the cockpit assembly is easily enough moved in these Polar lights kits, imagine if it was a Revell chassis ,
  5. Todd, yes from the 2nd release special edition version I think, it has these and the stock rims and tires. Thanks again fellas
  6. cheers Dale, but not my style ????????????? I try to be rather diverse in what I build, from mild customs to all out full detail pro mods and 70's funny cars to the odd tuner or old lead sled then theres a tractor puller finished just after a F1 styled 32 coupe. Guess I'll have to try harder !!!
  7. brett

    49 Merc

    Thanks guys appreciate it
  8. or decal hell, depending on your experiences with them , very cool Darryl, love your builds man !
  9. brett

    Mr Brau

    thanks guys this one came very close to the 1st model smashed, there's a reason I havent seen a lot of these built over the years and now I know why. the diff and all 3 engines have to go in almost simultaneously not the easiest task with only 2 hands, add to that hopeless instructions............... Would I build another? funnily enough yes but it wouldn't be the same as this (I have an Alison sitting in a box around here somewhere)......
  10. thanks guys appreciate it. Not really any issues though the headers are a bit tricky to get lined up. The colors are HOK transparent blue and yellow concentrate, mixed for the green. Mine was a second hand kit just missing the playing card decals. Wouldnt mind doing another with different colors though
  11. brett

    Mr Brau

    not too sure if if fits in here but ...... it does run supercharged alcohol burning engines and runs in a straight line but I digress, the old AMT tractor/puller nearly box stock (only deviation was the injector hats) Paint is candy yellow faded to candy orange then back to yellow. not the easiest kit to put together as all three engines and the diff need to go in together almost similtaneously
  12. Box stock build while playing with candy paint,
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