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  1. I just picked up one of these a couple of weeks ago. A guy on our hall in college had one and it was such a cool/weird car (truck? ute?). My kit has major warpage issues with the body, however. Hopefully, I can get that worked out when I build it. Nice work, by the way.
  2. I love this build. I never knew about the car, or that race really. Really cool build.
  3. Tangent to the topic at hand, but how did you do the leaves?
  4. Even so, I'll pickup a couple of copies of this kit. (pickup! haha)
  5. Along those lines, I'd like something that looks more "solid" in terms of wheels (the Packard pictured is being built out-of-box; I'm planning/thinking about the second one that I have that I'd like to do something different for...) Something like this poor screen grab ...
  6. It's not RED! Awesome - it really looks sharp in silver.
  7. This is why I love this board - post a question and the creativity just happens. Still not sure if I'll try this, though.
  8. So, I've been working on the old (and I think well done) Monogram Packard Boattail Speedster. Looking at the lines - two seater, long hood, short tail - got me to thinking, what would this look like if it were hotrodded? Using a second kit, I'm thinking of ditching the fenders (think High Boy); leave the hood off. Can I find any parts to dress up / hop up the Straight 8? What could I use for wheels - these are 19" or 20" wheels, and pretty narrow, as one would expect. Any thoughts? Creative ideas? (is this a dumb idea?) thanks
  9. Would love to progress pics. Here's mine, straight from the box. Well, I worked up some sorry plaid decals for the seats. But, yeah, completely improbably engine, wheels, etc. - so it seems like a blank canvas to me.
  10. That really looks great! Nice work.
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