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  1. I have this kit - never have I seen a built one, though. Beautiful work!
  2. Jonathan


    Epic work. Really enjoying seeing this come along!
  3. Wow, nice work on this old nugget!
  4. Nicely done. Really like the wear and tear. Looks like the owner at least put tires on it recently.
  5. Cool! We had a 1986 740 Turbo - "The Flying Brick". It was a blast to drive, when it worked. Looking forward to your build (wish this was reissued by someone ...)
  6. Excellent. I have a goal of building all of the Cartoon Network cars; so far - I've completed zero. Your build is perfect.
  7. Yeah - me, too! This is a beautiful build! Are the wheels and tires from the kit, or aftermarket?
  8. Oh, that's cool! You have my attention ...
  9. Ohhhh...... That's nice! Here's one I built when the Pro-Modeler kit first came out. Your build shows beautiful paint skills.
  10. Wild! I never such a beast existed. Really, really cool.
  11. Late to the party - are the Earnhardt Olympic and the Gordon Chroma Premier still available? I'll send a PM....
  12. I dunno. We give the guy some grief, but I'm kind of envious of his job. At least it's probably fun.
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