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  1. I think these have always been curbside kits. That is, the entire series. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-cc-9-porsche-962c--188762 They can look great on the shelf; but they really are an exercise in paint and decals.
  2. So very cool. Nicely done! Sure wish I had an unstarted one ... *sigh*
  3. Hello All I recently picked up the reissued AMT (Round2) USA-1 Monster Truck. Like so many kits, the sidewalls of the tires have no text/script. Is there an aftermarket set of tires that would be appropriate that include the 'Goodyear' lettering? Or, maybe they aren't Goodyear - but that is what I assume....
  4. This is beautiful and really looks as if the factory might have churned these out. Since you asked, I actually like it better without the fender skirts; and I think fender skirts are really cool in general. Regardless, this is an epic build! Really love seeing this take shape.
  5. Nice work. I've always thought these were beautiful cars. Looking forward to seeing your work...
  6. Bumping this to the top - I like your build. The white on the decals looks nice and opaque - you used just the one sheet that came with the kit? (besides adding your own sponsor decals, as you mentioned?) It looks great!
  7. I just ran across these, and was thinking of purchasing. Has anyone used this product? (I am not affiliated with them in any way whatsoever) Flash Master flash removal blades https://flashmasterhobby.com/
  8. Looking forward to seeing this build. Very cool!
  9. Hello All. Seems to be the best place in the world to ask. What would be a good source for dually wheels, tires (and axle, even!) if I were looking to convert any of the AMT early Chevy or Ford pickup trucks to a dually? Like, for a camper or hauler, for instance? Not the tandem wheel setup of the reissued Racer's Wedge, but side-by-side dually. thanks!
  10. Cool. They came with the kit, or you made them, or you got them elsewhere? 😎
  11. It looks quite sharp in that color!
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