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  1. Here's a link to all the goodies. https://www.fireballmodels.info/ His products are impressive and his service is outstanding.
  2. Easily among the best builds of this kit. Nice work!
  3. You might be surprised at just how bright a red will be if you shoot it over their pink primer.
  4. Have you tried shooting that red over Tamiya's Pink Primer?
  5. Agreed. I'll keep buying their products, I'm sure.
  6. Wow! There's Land Yacht and then there is this! Killer work! I had a 1984 Fleetwood once (was my Granddad's). I thought it was long. We used to joke that once you were out of the drive, you were half way to your destination. I love what you've done here.
  7. Sure thing! customerservice@moebiusmodels.com From the https://www.moebiusmodels.com/index.html website
  8. It does look good. I reached out to Moebius and they are sending replacement parts for those that were warped in my kit. I've heard others say that they, too, are due to receive replacement parts. I think they're trying to make things right.
  9. Wow! Beautiful work, and photography!
  10. All done. I elected to ignore the engine for the purposes of this build. Here's the finished product:
  11. Finished! I elected to not correct the chrome trim between the front and rear side windows, for fear of doing more harm than good. I tinted the side and rear windows, but not the windshield. I felt it looked better this way. Achieving the bright top was done by using a base coat of Alclad II Chrome between the primer and the white paint. I'm not sure I recommend this, but so far, so good ... All colors are Tamiya Lacquers, and all "chrome" and "aluminum" finishes are Alclad II. Side shot, showing where I probably should have tinted the wing windows. I'm still learning about this hobby ... At one point, I had added the kit's fender skirts (not seen in the movie). At first I liked them, but over time, I felt the car looked better without the skirts. The bright red was achieved by spraying over pink primer, a first for me in terms of an actually finished model. I think it turned out pretty good. The phone camera does whacky stuff with reds, but in person it looks right. At least to my eye. Underside details. This adds to my Cars on Film collection:
  12. It looks good to me. For what it's worth, Moebius is working with folks who have warped parts in these kits. Seems they do care about the situation. I did pick up one of the kits and am looking forward to giving it a try. I think what you've done looks good so far.
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