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  1. Thanks! I'm close to wrapping up this Earnhardt kit. Hopefully.
  2. I'd certainly buy another one or two, even though I have a couple in the stash. My Dad had a 4.3 S10, the square body. He sold it around 250,000 miles because "it smokes a little bit ..." The guy who bought drove it for many years after that. I've seen a variety of engine swaps in these over the years. Anyway, it's a fun little kit and I hope it comes back.
  3. Wow! I never knew this kit could be built so nicely.
  4. Man, that's one ugly car! I'll need this kit.
  5. I wish it would be reissued - as stated, it is a really great kit.
  6. Nice work. Favorite source for either Detail Master or Pro Tech hardware?
  7. What do you guys do for seat belts and racing harnesses? Particularly 1980's forward? Thanks!
  8. Jonathan

    An old build

    Wow, that's nice!
  9. Thanks. I had some trouble with the front; but I think I may have learned a thing or two for the next build.
  10. Kenny Schrader's 1985 Rookie Ride, built (a term I'd use lightly in this case) from the Monogram Rookie of the Year Combo kit. I think most stance and finish errors were of my own creation. But, it's done. Lessons learned to be applied to the next build ...
  11. Possibly this belongs under another part of the forum but: 1) Does anyone have a review of the MPC 1978 Dodge Dart, kit 7826; especially the funky custom bits. 2) What are the odds this kit might be reissued? Picture from scalemates.com https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpc-7826-1978-dodge-sport--944504
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