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  1. Thanks for the reply! I actually picked up a set this week, but I'd be interested to see what people have done w/ them. I'm wondering what color to paint the car if I were planning to use the group of running horses.
  2. Has anyone used these decals - the ones designed for the Mustang?
  3. I just picked up the Boss 302 - I'm a sucker for box art. Any thoughts on painting the blacked-out hood? I know there's a template (sort of) in the instructions; but it assumes the black paint will match the black trim decals.
  4. King Cobra drag car

    No matter; your build looks great.
  5. Jet Rod Community Build

    Did a tiny amount of work. I haven't really been at the bench much lately; and I'm not really sure if I'm liking this thing or not. My thought is to have the front "engines" suspended by some sort of connection back to the front wheel well. The rear wheel well will probably be boxed in, or maybe something like a fender skirt. I'm not sure. The square tubes protruding from beneath the rear are supposed to be the rear exhaust/engine "stuff". But, I'm not sure I like that either. Was thinking I'd put louvers across the entire original engine bay, with some mesh and odds-n-ends beneath that. The tanks I found in my spares. I may abandon this and return to "normal" projects.
  6. Ferrari 308 with a story

    Few cars look so great in yellow. Very nice build (nice pizza car, too!)
  7. Wow! That should be the box art car!
  8. Reissue Wishlist

    My wish list: AMT Chevrolet S-10 (newer style) Revell Chevrolet S-10 (old, square style) Revell GMC Syclone (basically the kit above) Revell (or was it Monogram?) Chevrolet LUV AMT Ford Ranger (the 80's compact pickup) (STX, Splash, etc.)
  9. King Cobra drag car

    Nice! One of my favorite kits and one of my favorite cars! Looking forward to seeing more!
  10. Jet Rod Community Build

    I like that idea! But, I'm already heading this path ... perhaps to disaster, I dunno. Baby steps. The car does (mostly) sit over the chassis at this point. I'm fashioning the jets(?) from some tube styrene and wheels from a junkyard Mini Cooper. I'm leaning with tinting whatever glass remains in yellow, as a nod to Classic Lego Space; which had a great impact on me as a youngster.
  11. 1964 corvette nomad

    Yeah, super cool! Both of these look nice. I had the Scale Exotics resin conversion once, but sold it. It was well done...should you ever run across one.
  12. The 2001 Ford Meteor (as seen from 1957)

    This is excellent! Well done!
  13. My parent's 1960 VW Beetle

    Beautiful work. Where do you get the Corian? Scrapes from Lowe's / Home Depot?
  14. Yeah. $70. I might could find a real S-10 ...