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  1. Decisions .... I'm leaning with the Ralley Wheels, as opposed to the AMT S10/Sonoma wheels ...
  2. Wow! This is a super cool build. And all of those 30's vehicles with fender skirts - I want to build them all! (But your skill is a whole 'nother level above mine).
  3. Coat of gloss, polished. Looks better. I think. In the 2nd and 3rd pics, you can see where I dropped the cab. It bounced behind my bench and now I have a little dust/scratches to deal with. sigh....
  4. That looks really sharp! Very nice work!
  5. This is very true. Can the included 4x4 parts - transfer case, etc. be used to make a 4x4 S10, as opposed to an All-Wheel-Drive (fictional) S-10?
  6. Son of a Gun - that looks nice!
  7. Thanks. I hope the Dull Red looks less ... hmmm ... poo with a coat of gloss ... I might should have used a brighter red.
  8. I think this is from the Waverider release, but maybe it is from the later 3-n-1 release. I have several of the earlier issues of the Monogram Chevrolet S10, all stored in one box. I don't recall exactly how or where I acquired them. My original goal was to build an extended cab to replicate my Dad's 1988 4.3. Hopefully, I can do that one day. Anyway, rooting through the box, I've started putting one together. Here is the kit so far - body painted two-tone red/silver - it'll be covered in a gloss clear closer to final assembly - hopefully Tamiya Dull Red will shine up with some gloss. Interior is done - box stock, with the exception of some flocking added to represent carpet. Show here just kind of tacked together. Tamiya paints and washes throughout. Please excuse my high quality phone pictures ...
  9. I suppose the Syclone was really just an all wheel drive S-10.
  10. Wow! This looks like fun!
  11. Nice! One of my favorite schemes! What paint did you use?
  12. Anybody know who made this early S10 grille (grill)?
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