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  1. Nicely done! A guy I went to college with had one almost exactly like what you've done here. Except his looked worse for wear
  2. Nice clean build. Almost looks like promotional photography.
  3. Nice work on a rarely seen model. Nice photography, too.
  4. This certainly looks interesting. Really like the wood work.
  5. Oh man, that is cool! My Granddad had one that was Beech Firemist, I think. Sort of a metallic brown with a tan vinyl top. What a car!
  6. Nice build. I love these little trucks - still see a few around town; although not in as good of shape as yours.
  7. This may be the best headlight treatment I've ever seen for this kit.
  8. Seeing the thread title, I thought, "No way! Surely that wouldn't be right!" WOW! That build looks perfect! Nice concept and execution.
  9. That's gnarly! Very cool
  10. Bringing this thread back from the dead. I found the Banshee in my stash today and was thinking of building it - your work on this old kit is impressive. (Yes, I know this was nearly a decade ago!)
  11. The Tamiya 2nd Gen (FC) is a great little kit. I'd certainly look forward to seeing what you do with it.
  12. This is an amazing build - and seems pretty plausible. At least to me. Really eye catching!
  13. The Turbine engine seems perfect.
  14. Oh man - this thing is cool! I can't believe I missed this earlier. Really like what you're doing.
  15. I'd really like to get a copy of these decals. I picked up the kit years ago, without decals. At the time, I thought that'd be fine, since I wasn't so interested in the markings. Now that I'm about to build the kit, I think I'd really like these (or similar) decals! 🙃 I've seen similarly marked cars called "Itasha". The kit is Fujimi's RX-7 FD3S, but repackaged by a company called "Kotobukiya". Thanks for your help!
  16. Can't believe I missed this earlier. What a killer build!
  17. Looking forward to seeing more of this one ...
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