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  1. Rodent- Scale Equipment Ltd. may be who you are thinking of the: the Chrysler wheels. They made some really nice wheels from all the manufacturers, like Pontiac Rally IIs, Chevy Rallys, etc. I seem to remember them making Olds SS IIs as well, with and without trim rings. Not sure if they are still around.
  2. Hope to be there Sunday. Always a great show, and it's been a year or two!
  3. I plan on attending, with my two sons. Always a great show, and I would expect a big turnout this year with last year off!
  4. Looks just like that classic Monogram box art! Nice build.
  5. I took a chance and was able to grab a copy last week at the LHS that used to carry MCM years ago. I grabbed one of the last two, which I took as a positive sign. After getting a chance to review it, all I can say is thanks to Larry and Gregg. From where I am sitting, MCM did not miss a beat. Gregg has always put out a top notch magazine IMHO, and I loved Larry's articles/reviews back in the "old days" of SAE (yes the E is intentional!). Looking forward to the next issue. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to something that some of us look forward to.
  6. Agreed. Always a good show. Has grown every year, and nice to have something near us in CNY. Unfortunate situation. Maybe it can be rescheduled for a ways down the road when things calm down? It could be the "Early Summer Heat Wave!" Sorry, just trying to find something positive here. You guys do a great job.
  7. I hope this isn't too far off of the original poster's intended topic, but it seems like a good discussion of 80's Monogram 1/24 kits in general. As such, here is the aforementioned 1969 Talladega. Sadly, although I thoroughly enjoyed Monogram's kits of this era (and still do), this was not their finest hour box art wise!
  8. To add to the list, I believe the 1/24 Monogram 69 Ford Torino Talladega may actually have come out after the 70 Buick GSX. Might this have been the last Monogram new-tool 1/24 muscle car kit? It was a nice one, and has been reissued a few times (in Revell boxes). In response to an earlier post, if I recall correctly, the Revell 1990 Mercury Cougar was 1/25 scale and molded in black.
  9. Great show as always. Lots of nice builds on the tables, and plenty of deals to be had. Ironically, light snow in the air - gotta love CNY in April! Looking forward to next year.
  10. Looks like Casey beat me on the Revell Fairlane/T-Bolt rims! Those sure do look like the Johan Mopar steelies to me. Good find with the 50 Chevy pickup. My guess for the deeper AMT is the chrome one may be from the old tooling 57 Chevy hardtop, and the other could be from one of the 51 Chevies or 58 Impala? I do believe that the old AMT 49 Mercury had some decent steel rims too.
  11. Glad I could help! I personally find the Johan Mopar steelies (I have seen them in the 68 Fury police car and 68 Chrysler 300) to be absolutely gorgeous renditions of their 1:1 counterparts. Of course, they are hard to find and pricey now. I also seem to recall the Revell 64 Thunderbolts having pretty decent open wheels, as well as the AMT 62 Chevys (1990s tooling). Interestingly, I have seen them in the drag versions, as well as the stock Bel Air and even the Impala convertible.
  12. The AMT 51 Chevy Hardtop circa 1986 or so (copper colored car with flames and Keystone mags) was molded in light blue, if I recall correctly. It had an inline 6 and a racing exhaust header as well. It also had some decent steel wheels.
  13. When I built mine, I taped the front and rear bumpers on (loosely, so there was a gap) so the paint would match without losing the panel lines as Erik mentioned. I also made little styrene tabs so there would be a better (easier) gluing surface. If I recall correctly, I installed the front before the chassis, and the rear after. I have to say, everything fit like a glove on that model. I was quite impressed with Revell's engineering. Now if they would only update it to the current body style, and make a Hellcat or Demon....
  14. The noses were definitely different between the two bodies, with the Newman 2004 and Coors Light 2003 having a split grille (body color divider bar in the center). The Elliott 2001 and 2002 Coors Light (as well as the 43 Pro Finish) had the earlier, open grille area. Other than that, I don't think there was any difference. Hope this helps.
  15. Very cool. Revell 1968 Firebird kit may be a better source for a 1/25 Pontiac engine.
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