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    As an aside, I bought a previous issue of this kit from a discount store back in 1987 or so (I think it was on clearance for $3.19). It has the same "Street Rods" box art as this new reissue, but it has the AMT/Ertl logo and is stock number 6550. It's molded in red, and has exactly the same plastic parts as this new reissue, including the 327 and fuel injection set up (even the two groovy helmets). Mine came with a "supplemental instruction sheet", which was one page, and has instructions for building the 327 and the fuelie option. It also shows how the rear wheel arches need to be radiused for those monster slicks. It also has text explaining how the 427 was available for 1967, and it has the Dyersville IA Ertl address on it. The body on mine does not have the 1967 back up light, and the seats are molded into the interior bucket. My decal sheet is a generic AMT set of numbers and sponsors (think Modified Stocker series). In looking at mine, this is a really nice old kit. Glad I didn't complete it as a kid and destroy it! I may pick up a new one to build as a drag version though- that new decal sheet looks great! Just thought I'd let folks know that at least some of the previous reissues of this kit came with both engines.