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  1. what is the model that says pollyglass on it
  2. wasn't there one called Monza mouse or something, I remember one with a mouse.
  3. will they ever do these bodystyles. dodges
  4. I checked its a 1/32 1909 cadilac 30 touring made by life-like hobby kits, and its still sealedl
  5. I have a 1909 cadilac I think it was 1/32, I just cant remember who made it.
  6. I have a sealed 90s chevy impala ss with the lowrider stuff and I think a 53 or 54 chevy with lowrider parts
  7. do u have a tall t coupe can u send me a picture
  8. gray07

    mpc vette

    John thank you for the offer let me check and see if I need that one too.
  9. gray07

    mpc vette

    iam looking for the one in picture
  10. gray07

    mpc vette

    what are you looking for
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