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  1. Are these diecast, I never think about redoing a diecast, your trucks turned out great.
  2. I wish I could find a 53 gmc panel, I have a real one in my driveway that iam going to get started on
  3. what kind of car is that, looks cool
  4. I seen someone else is making this body style impala, I see it posted on one of the model sites on facebook
  5. maybe u could use an emblem off a real car for a sign, if that's what your using it for.
  6. u did a great job, sitting in my driveway I have a 1953 gmc panel truck that I wish I could find a diecast or model of.
  7. I will look thru all my magazines and see if I have them
  8. can u post a picture of one of the magazines u have, I might have some of these, ive got 1000s of car magazines
  9. I would trade but don't have what u looking for,
  10. if u look at the 73 mustang boxes the front park lights go up and down, not like the 71 box go side to side, I love these mustangs, in 1983 I drove a yellow and black mach 1 to school everyday including winter, lol.
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