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  1. I have a sealed 90s chevy impala ss with the lowrider stuff and I think a 53 or 54 chevy with lowrider parts
  2. do u have a tall t coupe can u send me a picture
  3. gray07

    mpc vette

    John thank you for the offer let me check and see if I need that one too.
  4. gray07

    mpc vette

    iam looking for the one in picture
  5. gray07

    mpc vette

    what are you looking for
  6. I have a think a 67 firebird built
  7. I thought I seen on one of the model sites on facebook someone has 2 different styles of grills
  8. I been buying the trucks at our Walmart, the Toyota, Nissan, Datsun, they also have a lot of cars and planes and boats, most r 24.95 or less,
  9. I have newer jets if interested I just cant figure out how to post pics here
  10. I have a 61 or 62 cadi, its plastic its a promo or atoy don't know but its a 1/24 or 1/25
  11. I found one like this its molded in red, I don't have any clue what model it came from, but if u want it, I will give it too u for free, send me your address in a message. I don't know if 1/24 or 1/25, size is almost 1 3/4 wide and 2 long
  12. gray07

    Lots to trade

    I have a dually but its the body, interior, and frame, I also have a extended cab promo, iam interested in 55,
  13. I like the fords, but why not do some dodge those years or even the 50s.too
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