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  1. ogarfield added a post in a topic "Holy Grail" Models?   

    My one most wish to find & build holy grail is, the AMT Funny Gremlin F/C........This car has eluded me forever....The one I had as a kid got destroyed along with others like this one during the hard times my mom & I spent moving house to house after my dad died. It seems I know a lot of good folks that collect models, but no one here, where I live has one.
  2. ogarfield added a post in a topic Another '65 Galaxie   

    Thanks guys! A lot of thought & work went into that little Ford......Tom
  3. ogarfield added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Another '65 Galaxie
    I just finished this car after starting it a couple years ago. Paint is the new MM laquer midnight orchid. Lots of aftermarket parts & pieces. Hope you guys like it! Tom

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  4. ogarfield added a post in a topic Shifters:   

    Thanks fellows, It's help like this that makes me happy I joined this forum...Tom
  5. ogarfield added a topic in General   

    Would anybody know were to find a skull shifter head? kit or aftermarket? Thanks ...Tom
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