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  1. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic High HP diesel engine   

    When I worked for a re-man center, we were rebuilding transmissions that had the ability to hold up to 2200 lb-ft of torque. Can't wait to see what the next few years brings for engines. I have a feeling that as things get tougher, the people designing and building these engines will figure out ways to bump up the power!
  2. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic Pete 362   

    Very nice! Always love seeing a classic cabover that is done up tastefully. This is no exception.
  3. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic 1976 GMC Astro/95 Done   

    Sweet! I love me some vintage semi trucks! That has the right vibe goin for it!
  4. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic AMT Flatbed (new release)   

    I drove a covered wagon for a few months when I did OTR driving. I used a combination of bungees on one side, and rope tied around the eyelets at the tarp, then tied to the trailer at the bottom, on the other side. Here is what I did and how it worked: The driver's side had the bungees. The bungees are easy to to connect, just pull, and hook, and its tight. This way, you can do and undo the tarp quickly on one side, roll it over the top of the trailer to the passenger side, and remove yours sides, supports, and bows, and get loaded/unloaded. When you are done, you simply (HA!) roll the tarp back across the bows, pull until the strings tied to the other side are tight, and hook it back in place.

    Bungees can be used on both sides, but rope was preferred since it wouldn't slip out of the eyelets in the tarp, when it was 'loose'/rolled over the bows for unloading/loading.

    Tarps can be any color, and a lot of trucking companies will have their name painted on the tarp, using a stencil. You could add a "side kit" holder underneath the trailer to store the side kit, although, I just used the bulkhead to store mine. If you have panels/sides at the back of the trailer, mine were about half the height of a regular side panel, so as to gain access into the trailer to check the cargo en-route.

    Hope that this helps, but from what I see, it looks great! Keep up the good work!
  5. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic Sbfa General   

    That grey/red/black Astro isn't too bad looking. I'll have to see if I can scan a pic in a book that would go with this. Its an Aero-Astro w/a penthouse sleeper on top. Kinda funky looking.
  6. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic New AMT White Freightliner release   

    Looks good! I'm going to paint mine black and red, I think. Definitely a good job! I will also be using the Texaco tanker w/mine as well
  7. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic New AMT White Freightliner release   

    For me, when I build models, if I can't figure out what they are talking about either A) its a process of elimination while putting it together or it just gets eliminated totally from the build
  8. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic New to the Trade! (and it shows)   

    I'm no pro, but I've always had decent luck w/the rustoleum spray cans. I usually try to lay down nice even coats, and do at least 2, maybe 3 as needed. Just my two cents, and thats all its worth!
  9. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic Quadzilla   

    Old school monster trucks rule!
  10. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic Western Star and Detachable Neck Lowboy Trailer   

    Looking good!!!
  11. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic New AMT White Freightliner release   

    All I know is that I'm looking forward to building my Freuhauf tanker and flatbed, and the AMT White/Freightliner cabover, but I won't be able to till after Christmas.... girlfriend is holding them hostage!
  12. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic New AMT White Freightliner release   

    Thanks for the info. I just bought one of these kits myself, as I liked the looks of them. I don't think it will be too big of a challenge to get it together, and I'm still trying to decide what color(s) to paint it, not sure right now. I'm thinking it will have the Freuhauf Texaco tanker trailer attached to it.

    As far as the cab and interior tub go, and I'm sure I'd have to look at the kit itself to fully understand (but g/f won't let me until I open them at Christmas!!!!), where and how much do you have to sand the interior tub? 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", more? Just wondering so I'm prepared when I get to it!

    The pictures I see here look great though! Hope I'm able to do this well with it!
  13. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic 359 peterbilt   

    Reminds me of a few customized Petes I saw out on the road. Lookin good!
  14. Steelgears13 added a post in a topic Diamond Reo   

    Sweet looking truck! Keep up the good work!
  15. Steelgears13 added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Newbie Here, saying hello
    I first of all want to say hello to everyone. My name is Gerrit, and I live near Grand Rapids, MI. I have always had a love for trucks since an early age, and even though unemployed at this time, love to drive them for a living. In the time that I have been laid off, I decided to build a model, and selected the Revell 1/25 scale Peterbilt 359. I recently have acquired the Freuhauf Tanker kit and Flatbed kit, along with AMT/Round's Freightliner "Dual Drive" cabover. I hope to put more detail to the next three kits than I did the 359, which I basically shot with a black semi gloss spray can, and assembled. Here are some pictures of that model here. I know my skills are way way under what anyone else's here are, but I do this for fun, and to keep me out of the girlfriend's hair. Hope to meet some new and like minded people here!

    Sincerely, Gerrit

    P.S. I apologize for the crappy quality of the pictures. I didn't have a good camera around when I took the pics, so I used my cellphone.

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