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  1. Thanks a lot Gents. I see a couple of shelf units being put together in my future today. Kinda like big ol' Lego sets.
  2. I thought they might be boneless......... Enjoy your time no matter what you're doing Brother Chris.
  3. Nice changes and add-ons. I look forward to more.
  4. Hello Again Pholks !!! I've been a very busy boy these last 2 / 3 weeks. The house is slowly getting squared away. Actually, I spent 4 days lining the kitchen cabinets and drawers. An amazing product is Contact Zip N Fit shelf lining. It can be ripped in 1/4" segments, strips, blocks, whatever. It might even be a good material for model display bases when a mirror just won't do. I included a pic at the end. Aaaaaanyway, I started putting the hobby room together. The desk to the far left and the table on the right are new. The table is going to get a hole cut out for a downdraft airbrush station. A TV will go above the dresser between the other desks. On the opposite wall ( where the contents of my room are currently still in boxes ) will be two 5 tier shelf units for kits and a cabinet for storage of materials and paint bombs. Next to that will be another matching table for photography. That oughta cover it for now. I wonder where that Charlie Allen build got off to? Enjoy the pics.
  5. Tim, you forgot to warn Brad about the......oh, wait. He's gonna read this. Never mind. Best of Luck Brad
  6. There you go again Tim. The detail and time you've put into those batteries is shocking. I'm amazed at the power you have to jolt us with those juicy intricacies. That's positively powerful stuff and I can't find a negative thing to say.
  7. I likes it Brad. New tip for me using the craft wire. I've been using solder, but I like that look a lot better. So ya' know, I'm still a couple of weeks away from getting back to the bench. Not to mention it's hard to find my desk in this cluster. Worst of all, most of my Minions bailed on me. Something about, "Nothing evil going down right now." Or whatever, "Cheereet kindo meleface waawaa!!!", means? I've sent one loyal follower out to track them all down. Actually, I got all the stuff to make it from Build A Bear during a mall sidetrack. Finally, for informational purposes Brother Mr. Teresi, it took me about a half an hour to compose this one. That'll be $30.00. P. S. I had to edit this. That'll be another 10 bucks.
  8. Since my hobby room currently IS an unbuilt model, at least I can still contribute with a previously built one:
  9. ....and I am not so patiently waiting. Until I get my room up and running, I have to get my fix vicariously through the works of others. Hup-Hup Mister. My happiness is totally dependent on you. No pressure, but now would be good. Tim, I checked the pics you posted carefully for funny comment material and I got nuthin'. I'll try harder next time.
  10. I'm all about that Karma thing Brother Tim. I've made a lot of sacrifices over the years, both personally and professionally, making every attempt to please others and assume responsibility for their happiness. My turn.
  11. You got it my Brother. It won't exactly be the first party thrown though. I got invaded. Thank Gawd they don't take up too much room and they'll sleep anywhere. The pool is awesome Gene. Man, I gotta hit that thing as often as possible. I've been basically dormant for the last 6 years and it's time to whip this old piece of, uh, stuff, into shape. That's the main reason for my insistence on one when I was house hunting.
  12. Ray, I've never known you to be wrong. It will be a great place to build and my motivation is redoubled when I think of the builds that will escape my evil laboratory of HoK chemical combos. I'm all over that Bob. Still a lot of items that are higher on the priority list, but I'm gonna' use a Dremel to grind 'em out.
  13. This installment of The Chronicles of Zilla is entitled Uptown Funk because that's the video I used to christen my first night in my new diggity digs.Then I listened to the Minion version. I pulled the final stuff out of the old joint yesterday. Then this morning I christened the pool. No, not that way, by swimming in it.I just bought a vacuum so excuse the greenery in the water. Mmmmmm, algae. As you will see by the pics, the hobby room won't be up and running for a day or fourteen. I've got shelves and storage cabinets to buy and a counter top for the photography stand where the blue shelves are. The front yard is a blank slate, landscaping-wise. Might take some of that dark rock and put a Batman logo in the middle. Seriously. It should reflect the personality of the resident, right? Can you believe that all of this was in a one bedroom apartment? Just because I'm that kind of guy, I want to say that none of this is intended as rubbing it in anyone's face. I simply want to share my happy news with my MCM Family. Enjoy the pics y'all.
  14. This is just what I needed. I'm busting my butt packing for tomorrows move, decide to take a break, sit down take a deep breath, click, I see my bud Tim has an update and THERE IT IS!!!!!!! A hair clip being used for a clamp. My man, you are The King of Construction Improvisation. I'd bow and bend a knee, but I couldn't get back up at this point. Break's over. See ya' in a few days.
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