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  1. Got the AMT 1936 Ford wheel covers from Casey, a while back. Just posting this on here to thank him again for his generous and thoughtful gift. W.I.P. AMT '39-'40 Ford Sedan
  2. Outstanding ! Thanks Mark. Just checked Bob Black Fotki page. It's the Dean Jefferies edition. Thanks again y'all.
  3. Hey y'all. I need help identifying this chrome tree. This one caught my eye because of the Lucas light buckets. What also has me wondering are the wheels...hmmmmm? I'd appreciate the info
  4. Custom with a "K" or "C" ? Sectioned and chopped AMT Forty Ford.
  5. Thanks Al. The gas cans are from the Fujimi garage and tool set. I added the carry handles and used rub on letters from Woodland Scenes.
  6. None of the above Tùlio. This is in my kit stash. Ziplock baggie Testors edition 1948 Ford convertible complete with mouldy instructions. Out the door price 5 buckaroos. http://images16.fotki.com/v258/photos/9/1617219/12552359/20150517_1810351-vi.jpg
  7. http://images15.fotki.com/v246/photos/9/1617219/12552359/20150509_1252401-vi.jpg The (shudder) price.
  8. http://images43.fotki.com/v61/photos/9/1617219/12552359/20150509_1253071-vi.jpg http://images43.fotki.com/v60/photos/9/1617219/12552359/20150509_1253111-vi.jpg http://images43.fotki.com/v60/photos/9/1617219/12552359/20150509_1252311-vi.jpg http://images57.fotki.com/v81/photos/9/1617219/12552359/20150509_12523511-vi.jpg Original IMC 1948 Ford photographed at Mid-Atlantic NNL.
  9. Stunner ! Thanks for posting/sharing Gerry.
  10. Resin Jimmy Flintstone piece. W.I.P. Body only ...no glass, chrome, chassis or hood. Turned the side body reveals into scoops and added styrene spears to mimick the front fender trim.New hood made and a parts stash screw bottom ('58 ?) X chassis modified to fit.Scored a '60 Elkie interior. Ordered glass from the Modelhaus.
  11. The sedan is gorgeous. Thanks for posting / sharing Tùlio.
  12. Testors 1948 Ford convertible. IMC/Union 1948 Ford convertible (ex-gluebomb)
  13. Get your order in for some '59-'60 vacuum formed glass at the Modelhause,rumor(if true) has it the owner is retiring soon.
  14. That project turned out great ! There is absolutely no angle that you didn't touch. Thanks for sharing your work in progress too.
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