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  1. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic Any Florida Model Car Clubs?   

    It was nice meeting you guys at the Mopar Challenge which was held at Rob Lambin's University Dodge. This was the thread I was referring to.
  2. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic 1st Modelers BBQ at Ismael's   

    Carne al pincho, models, sunny days, great friends... What a great way to spend a weekend! Next time I come down to la Isla, we must get together. I am dying to visit the hobby shop in Caguas you guys are always talking about.
  3. BMC Tackle added a topic in General   

    Need Info Source

    I have been reading a lot of articles lately, and some make references to photo etched parts, flocking, and foiling. I want to find out more about these detailing options and how they are done. I don't even know where to begin, because quite frankly I have no idea what they are talking about.
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  4. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic What's a good place online to get hobby supplies?   

    I like Model Round Up, Tower Hobbies, and Fred's Resin Workshop.



  5. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic buffing finished cars   

    Man I love the shine on that bad boy. I use Tamiya Spray laquers exclusively. What clear do you guys suggest using?
  6. BMC Tackle added a topic in General   

    Anyone remember?
    Have any of you guys seen or may perhaps remember, a chevy panel station wagon with side pipes? This was a Monogram model and it came molded in orange. It had some Doug's Headers decals in white to complement the orange.

    I have seen a lot of older vintage kits such as the Garbage Truck, Scool Bus, etc. I have not seen the one I described above. Quite frankly I can't even remember what the name of that particular kit was.
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  7. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic Decal Advice   


    The middle one seems to be the ideal one. These need to be small, I am placing them in front of the doors. I have another one coming up. The second one is going to be either yellow, or my metallic blue/teal combination. The decal colors will go fine with both.

    What is thou looking for as far as trade goes? I have some stuff here, but it's not the mother lode, I just got back into the hobby about 6 months ago, but I must say I do have some interesting tires, wheels, distributors, netting, grilling material, etc. Shoot me an IM>
  8. BMC Tackle added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Monte Carlo Super Stocker
    I just put together this great model. The chassis and suspension on this bad boy is very versatile.

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  9. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic Decal Advice   


    What does LHS stand for?
  10. BMC Tackle added a topic in General   

    Decal Advice
    Hey guys. I need to get a set of flame decals for this version of the Lil Coffin. Where I am getting confused is on the size. I don't want to get something that is too big. Any suggestions?

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  11. BMC Tackle added a topic in General   

    Does ANYBODY have a legible copy
    I just opened a factory sealed Lil Coffin. I was amazed at the instruction booklet, it is a copy and an extremely poor one at that. Even with my power vision scope and a surgeon's light, I can't see the diagrams. I went to www.revell.com, and the website is as useless as the instructions I got. They ask for the model number, but due to the kit's age, they don't have them.

    I build this kit a while back (1969), but I can't remember any of the details. I would really be impressed with myself if I did remember, but I don't!!! Any ideas? Suggestions?
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  12. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic Lost metal axle AMT   

    AMT Kit is a Super Stocker Impala.
  13. BMC Tackle added a topic in General   

    Lost metal axle AMT
    Hey guys. I lost one of the metal axles from an AMT kit. Does anyone have an idea where I can purchase these on-line? We don't have any real hobby shops within 30 miles of where I live, so an on-line store is my only avenue.

    I have to assume that I am not the first one to loose one of these! All suggestions appreciated.
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  14. BMC Tackle added a topic in General   

    Aluminum Parts
    Where can I get the aluminum parts everyone is using? I need 1/24 and 1/24 scale.
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  15. BMC Tackle added a post in a topic White on White   

    As always great information. Thanks for the feedback. I have used the Tamiya laquer on bare plastic, no problems, however all of the cars have been in colors other than white. As suggested, I will start using the primer immediately. I just ordered some masking materials, so thanks for the heads up on the need for primer on those occassions where masking is going to be utilized.