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  1. You must be goin to Viena cause i dont know of a Wal Mart in Marietta... I was born in Parkersburg, WVa. Oh nice build BTW I have one in the works also.
  2. Oh yeah i remember checkin out the first one some time ago.This one came out great!!!Front wheels looks great, what brand are all the wheels?
  3. So I havent worked on this for a while and am tryin to get back at it so hopfully some progress soon.
  4. Well it must be for hauling somthing LLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG with so much frame to it.Maybe for hauling Props they use on those modern windmills?, or sumthin.
  5. Hey Highway I completely forgot you were doin this one,lol!So your paint issue, Im guessing that things swimmin by now but Im curious, this paint is it like a chrome paint?The duplicolor chrome paint does the same thing.Ive had my first 378 I built for almost 3 yrs now and still it is not dry.
  6. Well thnx guys.And of course Hyway thnx for the info.Ill be callin on ya for more help Im sure.This truck has gone a complete diff direction than planed.Its not done yet so, hopfully more soon.
  7. Wow that looks great.The chassis for the trailer looks killer.I cant wait to see the rest finished.
  8. Well I didnt really know why I wanted to add it I just thought it might look good.Now Im not sure I want to add it at all.Would a truck have only one chain hanger?Would the hydraulic tank be a bit smaller and why would a truck have it?Sry for the questions.I really need more help here thnx guys.
  9. Ok so here is my issue, I decided to try n add a third tank but its a tad smaller round and Im gonna have to cut it down a bit.Any ideas are welcome Im stuck.
  10. Forget the tires it looks like this trailer may have some brake issues as well....I wouldnt hookup to it if I were you!
  11. Super nice of course.Im always waiting for the next update on your pages.
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