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  1. Thanks for the pics mark. So who made the black sportbike in the middle pic on the left? I love that bike. I could see that in the pickup bed of a couple projects i got.
  2. I went by the local Hobby Lobby after work yestday and found that they did have a couple of the Maisto 1/24 scale harleys. I bought 2 diff ones at $6 each. Came home to check em out really good, the detail is pretty good and they are about the same exact size as the bike in the HD ford kit. They have alot of mold lines and need to be detailed a bit more. SO out came the pliers and tiny flathead screwdriver. These bikes are completely held together with small metal pins. Pull those out and everything comes off in layers and you can mix and match parts from other bikes. Im gonna clean em up, rechrome it, detail and repaint it to match what i need. Also looked on Ebay and theres a ton of 1/24 diecast bikes on there. In fact I ordered 2 sets of 6 diff bikes. So I should finally be able to piece together any combo of bike I need. And I have that Lindberg 1/35 buick if anyone wants to trade for it.
  3. Thanks. Yeah I meant to take some pics of the hood when I was building it. The viper hood is much longer than the magnum one. So i had to cut out the whole magnum hood so i only had 3 sides left and then start piecing in the viper sections. 1st the center scoop and intake was glued in, then i had to cut the vents off the side and slide them forward to get them to fit, if not they wouldve been up near the windshield. lots of gluing, putty and sanding later it looks pretty good. wasnt gonna have many body mods on this so i needed the hood and front grill to be point on.
  4. Hey i got NO PROB giving props to good work. Ive gotten resin before that wasnt even useable. If you do a chop drop me a pm and I'll scoop one of those up from you too.
  5. I saw this on Ebay and thought it looked awesome so I grabbed it. Got it in the mail today and on first glance this conversion looks GREAT!! clean lines, great detail (you can even see the headliner) and super smooth. It looks a bit thin in some areas, you can hold it up to the light and see though it pretty easy. As long as I dont get happy with the sanding it should be ok. The kit comes with the cab and floorboard/ running board area. I got it a bit cheaper than the website has it. I only wish it had a slight 3/4 inch chop. I'll grab a donor kit and start on it pretty soon. Maybe go with a 53 ford dually Extra cab custom hauler with a matching show car in tow. This company has mostly Big Rig resin parts but does offer a few car parts. Anyone else ever get anything from them before?? http://www.ppvintagekits.com/RESIN-WORKS/RESIN-CAR-PARTS.html
  6. HUmmmmmmm ? Good question. Im pretty sure i used the engine in the merc kit, but i changed the heads to use diff valve covers for the flamed parts. the air cleaner was a long oval 2 carb style so i found an old highrise manifold, glued 2 carbs on it, made a "filter" outta white plastic and glued on the photoetched cover. Found some small parts box headers and went with it. I didnt even plumb or wire the engine. Thats how low key this build was to me.
  7. I posted pics of this Camaro some time ago. 69 pro touring with LS1 power and late model camaro rear 4 link, Ive added the stripes and its almost done. Need to get the rear bumper chromed from smoothing it and removing the bumer guards and finish the intake on the motor. But shes in the home stretch.... Up next is my 49 Merc. this is as "low key" of a build as I do. I NEVER do box stock or factory, but I tried not to get to crazy with this one. I wanted the paint to be the main draw of this build. Flush mounted the rear skirts, added bullet tail lights, Tan & brown interior with orange piping, added the front roll pan and made a custom split front bumpers (on my chrome tree to send off) trimmed down the front grill, to stay with the flame theme i added the photoetched flame steering wheel, valve covers and air filter all with orange painted flame areas. Wheel tire combo had me thnking for a long time on this one...I wanted Big wire wheels AND wide whites..good luck finding that combo anywhere, so I made my own. Used the wires from the Monte Carlo street burner edition and painted the wheels with cheap white folk art paint. Spread a thin layer of paint on a foam plate, lay the tire on it, and gently turn it. dont try for total coverage the first time. let it dry and do it again and again. 3 times worked good for me and I was happy with em. Now the paint.....Started with testors lacquer Inca Gold fading into Root Beer, polished it and had it smooth as glass. added 2 sets of decals, I wanted LOTS of flames on this car. So I added one set an inch back and 1/2 inch down from where the other set is. it looks like layed flames that run nearly the length of the car. then came the clear...6 coats of Tamiya clear Orange, polished then 3 more coats of clear pearl. Honestly the pics dont do this pant justice. it looks dripping wet and a foot deep. Once I put the front bumpers on its DONE!! Hope you all enjoy. ALL comments are more than welcomed. Thanks JJ
  8. Ok i usually dont show builds till theyre 100% done, but at the rate Im going it'll be 5 years before its all done. 1st car is inspired by the old SAE Sketchpad drawings back in the day. OK when did Lindberg come out with the 61 Impala? This is a 61 impala with a 67 chevelle roof. All the trim and chrome was smoothed and trunk was filled. I lengthened the rear qrts to line up with the new rear valance with exhaust cut outs. I built this main body 15 years ago AT LEAST, but i didnt put the cowl from the 67 onto the 61 body, so I could never find out how to get the front glass to fit. So it got put in a box and forgot. But i dug it out put the cowl from the 67 on it. Repainted it (it was originaly Boyds Sunburst orange) and got it going pretty good so far. You can see that Im using a complete Corvette Z06 for the rest of the car. Engine, chassis, interior.....everything Z06. I had to stretch the chassis 1/2 inch between the wheels, and more behind the rear axle to fill in the Impala bottom side. See the factory length in the foreground. Lengthened the trans axle, and now have to combine 2 interior tubs to make that work too. Also have flush mounted tail lights, split bumpers, and large Aoshima wheels. Thinking about the "Chevala" name...still playing with it. next is Inspired by the Cannonball Run CBP. You gotta have a car that is roomy AND hauls tail. Whats better than a twin turbo V10 Magnum?? Shaved & smoothed the door handles, added a challenger style fuel door (opposite side Oops), opened the front grill up completly and Im building a actual steel woven mesh grill to fit in there, and used the Viper SRT10 hood on the magnum. this was a major pain in the sitting area. Had to cut out the whole center of the hood and fab in the srt10 hood in 4 seperate pieces to make it work and look right. also hand fabed headers and turbo piping out of solder. Squeezing a V10 AND 2 turbos under this thing was horrible, plus intercoolers, piping and exhaust. Plan on painting it GTS blue pearl and running the double white stripes all the way down it. Not set on those wheels but they do look pretty good on it. Hope ya enjoy the pics all comments are welcomed. JJ
  9. the wall is showing because i traded off/sold probably 40 kits. I do have a wants list of 15 or so new kits but I told myself Im not buying anymore, only working trades for the one I need now.
  10. Finally took time to put my kits in some kinda order, it took a while but was well worth it. And got rid of a bunch of stuff that I was never gonna build (see my trade list). Whats bad is I have this many kits and probably only like 5 fully built cars I'm proud of. I start a kit and say to myself "ok build this simple, change the wheels, paint it and get it done" 6 months later i have a fully chopped, channeled, slammed, twin turbo, smoothed, frenched model still waiting on that "one special part" to finish it. I think I have a problem....
  11. yeah there was a chavy 4x4 van kit that had a dirt bike, trailer and an "odyssey" go cart type thing. the mpc monte carlo also had a mini dirt bike. Im looking for street bikes mostly, something I can easily turn into a chopper.
  12. OK all you guys on here seem to know a lot more about past produced products than myself. SOOooo Was a 73 Buick Century ever made in 1/25 scale by anyone?? And I'm also looking for 1/25 scale motorcycles.. I have the Harley thats in the Ford Harley Davidson Truck combo....But where else can I get street bikes from???
  13. I want some small stuff cast in resin (blowers, intakes, filters) and have ZERO experince in this area. I was wondering if someone would cast these products for me and send me a few copies of each item then they could keep the molds to use to sell the products later. Or I could pay to have a few copies of each made. Ive never done this before and dont really know how this works. Any help would be great, thanks JJ.
  14. theres a guy on emodelcars.com that sells stinger style hoods to fit several diff cars. he may have what you want.
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