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  1. So good to hear Rich! Jill's been keeping me posted ? Too bad the world is crazy right now and there are no model shows...but time will heal YOU and the world! We will get together as soon as things normalize ? Take care my friend!
  2. Looks SWEET Roger! Great work as usual ? It's been a long time, hope all is well! ?
  3. Well that's just cruel for those of us who like to sleep in on Saturday mornings! Lol
  4. Ugh...this is worse than waiting for Xmas morning! Site NOT up yet
  5. This is gonna be AWESOME Casey, nice work so far! Keep it going...
  6. Aww, I thought we were going to see a build of this :
  7. WOW, nice work! Any photos of the 15 parts prior to assembly?
  8. RIP Dan... Wow, this sucks... the ONLY American to win an F1 race in a car of his own construction...
  9. VERY nice Chuck Hope the therapy is helping to get you healed up...
  10. Cool... Have you compared it to the AMT '67 in styrene yet size-wise?
  11. Looking forward to this! Gonna be difficult to top the Castle Shannon location, but hopefully the Monroeville hall will be good as well
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