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  1. I'm very glad to hear you are ok.And you know we love your builds so hang in there.
  2. Little bump back up.I hope every thing is ok.
  3. David this is going to be a fantastic build when finished. Your eye for detail and fit is superb.
  4. This is just wild. Make me think of a open wheeled corvette bullet. Great job.
  5. Wow love the detail and clean too.............way to build man. Thanks for sharing.
  6. The name of the movie is Hot Rod and another version is called Rebel Road.But bought are the same movie. Great build you killed this one.
  7. Me too but they are hard to come by,well unless you very wealthy. And I miss that by a long shot.
  8. We had one it was green with a 302..........man that car would run. Great build.
  9. Sounds good I love the gassers. I was thinking about that movie.It was a primerd up willys coupe.And they were at the drag strip.Im going back to find the rest of the movie you posted the link to.But that wasn't it.
  10. Great build. The picture at the begging of the post reminded me of a old movie I saw. It had a primer gray gasser in it.They blew up the motor and stole one on from some where.Dang I can't remember where or the name of the movie. This will be a good one when your done.I wish I could think of the movie so you could watch it.
  11. This will be a killer build when you get it finished bill.
  12. grayghost

    1978 z28

    Fantastic build..............I owned one just like it. Man I wish I hadn't let it go.
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